Hitting the Greenway

Hitting the Greenway

Eight guys stood around in a circle listening to the proper disclaimer.  One came screeching in (Kirby) right as we were leaving.  We moseyed across N. Community House to sidewalk.  The directions were given to stop every third light and do five merkins until we got to the stoplight at Endhaven.  We did mary until the six arrived.

Next was ten merkins at every road until you hit the light at Johnston Rd.  You get the theme here of mostly merkins.  Did mary until the six arrived.  Then just a simple run from the corner of Johnston and N. Community House to the parking lot for the greenway.  Wait on the six while doing mary.  Two rounds of 20 dips and 20 decline merkins were called.  Mosey down the greenway under Johnston Rd bridge for some mary.  Continue on the greenway to the benches were we did more dips and incline merkins.  Run back to the spot under the bridge and do some mary.  We did this twice total.

Continue on down the greenway till the next set of benches only stopping once to do some more merkins at the 3.75 mile marker.  At this set of benches we did 20 CDD and 10 decline merkins.  Run back to the mile post and do 10 merkins then back to the benches to bang out another set of 20 CDD and 10 decline merkins.

Continue down the greenway and take a hard left to get to the back of Pikes nursery.  Sit down and do two sets of mary exercises AH and toe tap crunch.  Mosey over to the parking lot by large athletic gym (I forget the name).  We did two rounds of suicides there with the last round doing escalating merkins at each suicide stop.  A little plank while we let Kirby get a head start.  Then it was catch me if you can trying to catch Kirby.

Cross back over Johnston Rd and head home.  Stopping at every third light pole for 5 LBCs.  Got back on the dot.

Tried to find some new ground which is not easy now a days with Tuck and Wild Turkey always pushing the boundaries.  I have a few more places to try.  Wanted to see if we could get to Elm and back up White Oak hill but I think it would be too far.  Might be a good Devils Turn course though.

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