Charlotte Catholic Death Run – Part Deux

Charlotte Catholic Death Run – Part Deux

13 Pax gathered with the hopes of staying on campus and doing a light workout before getting on with their day. They were all mistaken and I am pretty sure Joker got wind of the plan last night because he left shortly after the pre-run.

Very short disclaimer with this veteran crowd

Circle up in place

  • 15 SSH 
  • 15 Merkins
  • 15 Plank Jacks
  • 15 Mountain Climbers

13 Pax each broke up into teams of 4 (I was odd man out), with each grabbing some of Alf’s holiday gear (concrete blocks, 45 lbs plates and sandbags). Each team instructed to run to basketball court at old Day 0.

Day 0 Basketball Court: 4 corners at the track, each Pax run to the corners and do curls (concrete blocks), overhead press (45 lbs plates), squats (sandbags) and Merkins (no gear Pax). Once the lap was completed, reverse the track and do additional lap.

Partner up with 12 hand-slap merkins back at b-ball court. It is noted that Voodoo left at this point putting the Pax in even groups.

Additional lap with entire Pax (minus Voodoo) no gear.

Re-group into teams of 4 (with dreaded gear) and head back to launch via Bevington Place, Elm and 51.

Completed with 1 minute of extra credit.

The trail of tears that was performed today was inspired by an Alf workout from a few years back. Although this workout didn’t end with a Charlotte Catholic parent yelling at the Pax. I appreciate the gear that he brought to help facilitate the misery.

A few observations from today’s Pax: Hopefully Hoover never intends to practice Hindu; he would make a good pack mule in his next life. Jet Fuel kept mumbling under his breath how expensive Christmas was going to be because of Miss Huntersville exquisite tastes. Looks like this will cost him another overseas trip to Bahrain to pay for his holiday expenses. Stone Cold needs a step ladder to get into his truck. I am sure he is on his way to Monster Jam 19 today to crush some cars. Alf: thanks for the gear, Jet-Fuel was very intrigued by your sleep over story. Hooper: did your athletic department donation to OSU go toward Chase Young steroids? That dude is a beast. Ductwork: you were a cyborg, I don’t think I ever saw you without a plate or block. Levi: good effort buddy, I know you are sore. IHop: good work today! Voodoo: It took us an extra 10 minutes to get back to launch because of you pulling the rip cord 30 mins early. We all appreciate it! O Tannenbaum: no you can’t sniff my ankle bra. Boerewors: Kid n Play called an need to borrow your hat for their 90’s hip hop tour reunion. Slingshot: didn’t think you were going to make it but you pulled through

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. 


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1 year ago

That. Was. Awful.

I loved the challenge but this old man will be feeling that for a while. Best line of the day when Duct Work spoke for all of us, “I didn’t sign up for this!” Amen, brother, Amen! I’ve paid my 10 year old daughter $1 already to give me a shoulder massage. I’ll be out $20 by the end of the day. Great leadership Bounce!

1 year ago

That was rough. Great challenge.

Simple but effective.

1 year ago

Oh yeah. Feeling that this morning. Trying to figure out the best way to carry a 45# plate is a great mystery in life. Nice work Bounce.

1 year ago

Thanks for leading, Bounce. I’m really glad that I bailed early and missed the “fun” of getting all that gear back to the launch point. I was feeling it in my legs when climbing the 100′ tower at the Whitewater Center for the zipline!

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