Crawling down 485

Crawling down 485

14 Brave souls ventured out this morning for half-mile repeats as we crawled across 485.  Fitting considering how many of us spend so much time there in the afternoon, it only made sense to crawl across it this morning. 

As we started our short mosey past AAA for a quick warm-up, I was already hearing grumblings about the lack of proper disclaimer and starting prior to 5:15.  I guess my ultra-fancy Casio might keep time a little quicker than you fellas with the Garmin satellite’s on your wrist.  Nonetheless, always good to hear some initial complaints coming from Fire Hazard’s direction.  So once circling up, appropriate disclaimers for our seasoned out-of-town guests were made, and got to our brief warm-up:

15 mountain climbers

15 Imperial walkers

15 SSH

Knowing the direction the morning was going, I thought it to be prudent for an extended warm-up, so we (well I – this was not a democratic decision) decided on an easy suicide across the parking lot to ensure folks were actually awake before beginning that Thang.

Warm-up suicide

-high knees and jog back

-butt kicks and jog back

-side shuffle down and back

-sprint down and back

That Thang

Light mosey to the end of the parking lot past the office buildings and across from Potbelly’s and Cabo’s.  Started half-mile repeats down to the stoplight at Endhaven Lane.  To mix it up, upon reaching the bridge crossing 485, we lunge-walked across the outer loop and bear-crawled across the inner loop.  I always think bear-crawls are an excellent idea when planning a workout but was cussing myself before completing the first set.  Need to remember I hate bear-crawls – maybe not as much as burpees, but certainly neck and neck.    Back on your feet to get it down to the stoplight.  Finish off with 10 merkins.

30 second breather and same thing back to start.  Repeat loop 4 times.

Mosey back to launch for a couple sets up Mary before hitting our hour mark.

Solid work by all 14 guys there this morning.  Fire Hazard and Mario pulled out front and finished in time for some additional Mary before heading back to launch.  I thought Cam Newton had shown up for the workout, but after closer inspection, it turned out just to be Frehleys Comet sporting a leopard print headband a signature bar towel hanging at the waist.  I left feeling spent, so hope the rest of the Pax got as good of a sweat in today.  Certainly helped me justify my breakfast burrito on the way to work this morning.  PSA – if you’ve never been to the Shell station at the corner of Ballantyne Commons and Providence Rd, you’re doing yourself a dis-service.  Stop by one morning, say hello to the lovely ladies in the back and enjoy.  My go-to is the rice, beans, avocado and her homemade hot sauce – solid way to start your day when you’re feeling your inner Tarahumara.  Thanks to Saigon Sam and Yogi for joining us on their work travels. 

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1 year ago

Pretty sure Frehleys skipped the bar towel and fastened a full size bath towel under his belt this morning.

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