Monthly Archive December 2019

Prepping for Dryuary

Damascus texted yesterday morning just as I was really getting to the meat and potatoes of my heart felt apology to my beer fridge in the garage.  I was right in the middle of my “but the kids will come and store their juice boxes with you and maybe even their ice cream” when I looked down to see the text I need an emergency fill in.  Knowing Monday mornings are my kryptonite I decided to take the Gig to ensure my posting and keeping Zin from blaring his horn in my driveway at 5am.  I also need to kick start my Dryuary motivation into high gear because let’s be honest it’s going to be rough.  I think Clemson has a better chance of beating LSU in the Natty than me making it a month or DW has a better chance of not Qing in 2020 or Fuse has a better chance of doing a full burpee and not a Aussie burpee but nonetheless in the spirit of “what in the what did I just sign up for” let’s go do this thing!

8 guys joined me this morning for a mainly dry tour around the Wesley Chapel storefronts and into Wesley Oaks neighborhood.  It was a really fast group so we were able to cover ground pretty quickly and move from one station to the next.

That Thang:

Warm up: 20 SSH, 15 IW, 10 LSS, 20 Merkins and stretch

Mosey to Hickory Tavern for 50-40-30-20-10 Descending reps

50 Air Squats, 40 Walking Lunges, 30 Dips, 20 Merkins, 10 Burpees, When you finish elbow plank until everyone is done.

Mosey around HT and Brooklyn back to where we started for a TABATA Style 30 Seconds on, 10 seconds off, we alternated between Makhtar N’Diayes and Steps Ups, 2 rounds each.

Line up for Burpee Indian Run to Wesley Oaks!  This is always a brutal test especially when you have someone like Ice 9 that runs past the front guy by 50 yards in a full sprint.  I had the unfortunate role of of going behind him and it was awful.  Upon the call for recovery I couldn’t breathe and get out the next exercise.  Let’s do every light pole on the right and alternate 20 Bobby Hurley’s and 20 Speed Skaters, up to main entrance and back.

Mosey to Pets Mart for some Partner Work:  100 Donkey Kicks between partners.

Grab some wall for air presses and Jabs with heel raises and toe raises thrown in.

Mosey back to start for 3 minutes of Ab work and Done!



I was already really sore from a brutal Q on Saturday from Zin Man at Homecoming so this morning was tough to keep up with this group.  The descending rep scheme is something I wanted to try for awhile and it seemed to go over pretty well.  I always enjoy trying to throw something new into each Q, sometimes it works and other times it falls flatter than the beer in my fridge come February.  Props to Ice 9, that dude is a machine!  That Dude has one speed called Balls to the Wall!


Convergence tomorrow at Bushwood with Pushed back Holiday Start Time of 6:30

Convergence on Wednesday at Cuthbertson at 7am.

Dryuary starts the 1st.  Can’t Wait!



Matrix Today!

68 degrees, light wind out of the south–felt like summer!


Warm Up with SSH, IW, MC, Merkins (each set followed by 5 pullups on Monkey Bars).


High Knee holds in cadence 3 sets of 10


Plank Jack holds  3 sets of 10


Track: 4 laps and 100 LBCs, 3 Laps and 75 LBCs, 2 Laps and 50 LBCs, 1 Lap and 25 LBCs


Wall: sit on wall with air press and burpees


finish with Seated Arm/Leg Raises ( a more difficult version of v-Ups).


Quiet group. Good work.  Quill is taking son to basic training in Okla..Some are wondering about New Years convergence.


Happy New Year!

F3 Waxhaw Weight Loss Competition

All right fellas we will begin our weight loss competition this week  and it will run for 8 weeks.  The competition will have 3 components – individual overall challenge, team challenge, and weekly challenge.   We will have the scale at various workouts throughout each week to weigh in and we will do our best to announce on GroupMe day before where the scale will be.


  • Entry Fee: $20
    • Fee can be paid via cash, paypal, venmo
  • Register at following link – Registration
  • Competition will include individual/team aspect and weekly penalties
  • Initial Weigh In Dates: 12/31/19  – 1/10/20
    • No additional layers – what you weigh in start / should be same as final weigh in
  • Weekly Weigh In Required between Monday – Thursday (by noon)
  • Final Weigh In – must be recorded no later then 3/5/20
    • Weight will be registered either on Google Sheet or APP to be created by Deflated (thank you in advance)
  • Winner will be based on % total weight loss
  • Payout:
    • 40% goes to Individual Winner
    • 20% goes to 2nd Place
    • 10% goes to 3rd Place
    • 30% goes to Top Team
  • All rules and interpretations of rules are left to Commish (YHC) to decide
    • If you have complaints on format, we appreciate feedback and look forward to the 2021 competition you have taken the Q on


Individual Component:

  • Top 3 Pax who lose the highest % of weight from initial weigh in get paid based on % above.  Weights must be registered on official scale to count.


Team Component: (part where we completely confuse Damascus and need to answer 30 questions on Noush Anal (News Channel)  (helpless EFFEE plug #fusedit) :

  • The Commish (YHC) will determine team assignments based on registered Pax
    • Format TBD – random, XFL Style, or other way to improve YHC chances to win
  • Points will be awarded based on order of finish for individual score (ex: 20 participants – 1st place gets 20 pts, 2nd place 19pts…..20th place 1 pt)
  • Will drop lowest individual score of team
  • Will combine remaining scores for highest total team score

Weekly Challenge:

  • After each weekly weigh in, we will determine the individual leader board standings
  • Anyone in the Top 50% receives no penalty
  • Anyone in the Bottom 50% receives penalty as follows (must be completed prior to next weekly weigh in)
  • Fail to record a weight for the week you automatically receive that weeks penalty

Weekly Penalties:

  • Week 1 – 100 Merkins
  • Week 2 –  100 Bobby Hurley’s
  • Week 3 – 100 Speed Skaters
  • Week 4 – 100 Burpees
  • Week 5 – 200 Merkins
  • Week 6 -200 Bobby Hurley’s
  • Week 7 – 200 Speed Skaters
  • Final – 200 Burpees


Look forward to some friendly competition and banter and seeing who will win some cash.



Just another Monday morning at Flash

16 PAX met Monday morning at Flash after running through the possible options.  A dude’s sack on your back with Damascus’s possible burpee marathon (11 attended) at Ignition,  someone else leading a slightly earlier at Ass Island or the regular Flash beatdown.  Of coarse the 16 chose wisely. So let’s see how much we can get in in a normal 45 to 48 minute workout.

With such a large campus,  where do we even begin. Do we head to the wet grass and hills? No, eventhough MB and his A… Beads were not in attendance.  Do we run over to the possible homicidal pajama guy cabin to get the heart rate up? No, save that for Ignition guys.

After lapping the campus prior to the workout,  only a couple slight audibles were necessary to avoid the possibility of rolling around and in the crazy amounts of goose crap everywhere.

DICCS – Mosey to front of School- SSH, PP, Merkins, Plank, Plank Stretch

The Thang

  • Mosey – SSH, PP, Merkins, Plank, Plank Stretch
  • Light poles – 10 merkins + 10 Mountain Climbers – front come get the 6
  • Grab some wall at Rudy’s shed – 20 Press, 20 jab x 2 IC
  • Partner up and head to the corner with a rock
  • 25 curl to press/25 swings/25 Sumo while partner runs up steps and back x3
  • Head to the slingshot. Half speed to the circle- full back while partner does 25 Squats with Rock/25 Derkins,  rinse repeat
  • Head back to start with little time to spare


FNG Prime pushed it to his max after his buddy Shake selected the biggest freaking rock on campus to use. Way to tough it out. Thank you Shake for bringing him out.

Everyone pushed it really hard with minimal complaining and chatter.  Foundation wanted to talk about his nipples but no one would really bite. (on the conversation or his nipples)

When so many work so so hard each workout, it is becoming harder and harder to call out the studs of the morning. It has become one part that I enjoy when leading. It becomes a big happy, sweaty, funny group of men killing it, encouraging others, and finding fun in the pain and strain of the morning.  Makes me proud to be part of the group.

Thanks to Chicken Little and Rockwell for giving me the opportunity to lead.


Shout out to Coco Krisp attending in the area as he is from Raleigh.  Multiple Waxhaw posts in last week.

Convergence tomorrow at Bushwood led by Zin (dress code required)

Wednesday Convergence at CMS. Holiday hours.  Q TBD.

FNG KJ Davis stuck it out.   Lives Millbridge, two kids.  Works for Amazon.  First name shouted out was Prime and that is what we went with.



Those Who Can’t

Being a site Q for Asylum means that my Monday options are typically limited to Asylum or Asylum.  However, with Banjo set on Q and co-site Q Swimmers an HC for posting, I accepted Gerber’s invite to Q Ignition on this extremely warm December morning.

I’m guessing Gerber wanted an easy way to start the week by asking a fat, non-runner who has had very limited posts in the past 2 months to Q a running AO.  Add to that the fact that my only other Ignition Q was met with mixed reviews (7 miles, but very few exercises…), and our new local crazy guy who apparently loves his sleep, and you had the makings of a potential disaster.  Even so, I decided to accept Gerber’s challenge and lead this awesome AO.

DiCCS provided


  • Mosey around Middle School, back to the parking lot to circle up
  • 20 Merkins (civilian count)
  • Calf stretches
  • Cherry pickers
  • Quad stretching

The Thang

  • Mosey to Lawson entrance
  • On Lightwood – 10 Speed Skaters (2 for 1) at each driveway on the left (approximately 14 of them)
  • Mosey to Bennington Dr
  • Triple Nickel on cul-de-sac
    • Mike Tysons
    • Reverse Lunges (2 for 1)
  • Mosey to new club house w/ 10 jump squats at every intersection
  • Mosey back to Lawson entrance – Gazelles circle back for 6 at the top and end of Five Forks
  • Cobbler-led mosey back to start


  • Thank you for leading us on the homeward mosey Cobbler
  • Great work by everyone – I got 4.86mi as a Clydesdale / Gazelles got over 5
  • Thank you Gerber for the invite
  • We almost had an FNG (Prime) – He and Shake and Bake joined us for the warmup, then mysteriously disappeared during our mosey to Lawson – Thankfully, they showed up at Flash
  • LORD I need the weight loss challenge!!!!

Bloodied but Unbowed

10 PAX gathered in the moderate, overcast gloom at a large pink church located in South Charlotte for a Final 4 beatdown of biblical proportions.  We welcomed Fido to our merry band of punks, who was visiting from Down East, which means he is from the eastern half of NC to all of you non-North Carolinians.  Edenton, if memory serves.  Fido is a NCSU grad who is a practicing veterinarian (try spelling this word), in town for the holidays visiting his sister who lives off Carmel Road (not Car-Mel, as he incorrectly pronounced; that is a town in Cali once mayored by Dirty Harry himself – “You got to ask yourself one question:  Do I feel lucky?”).  An insufficient disclaimer was issued, YHC promised musical surprises in celebration of college football’s Final 4 notwithstanding Bama’s absence, and we moseyed into the vast asphalt jungle aka Calvary parking lot(s).

COP consisted of IW, Shoulder Tap Merkins, LSS, Staggered Arm Merkins, LS Jump Squat, and Runner’s Lunge stretch (bro-ga).  Good participation, strong cadence, solid start.

Moseyed on the Perimeter Rd stopping at each of the 4 speed humps for HR Merkins and Sumo Squats.  After Hump 4 (snicker), congregate at the bottom of the soccer field’s baby hill for Mary.

At this point, YHC pulled out the trusty iPhone and dialed up….a YouTube ad for Stitch Fix.  “Couldn’t sign up for the free trial of You Tube Premium, eh?”  – Gummy.  Full Disclaimer: YHC is a Stitch Fix customer, dutifully served by his Robo AI Stylist Kristi.  She just knows YHC….eerie, actually.  Anyhow, after the 5 sec ad, LSU’s fight song emanated from the speaker.  Mary until said fight song was over.  S-E-C!!  Voodoo was not there, so no Cajuns were present to enjoy it.

Triple Nickel – WA Merkins, Tuck Jumps.  YHC had no idea “Triple Nickel” was not ubiquitous in F3 Nation, so Hydra Site Q Gummy promptly explained its meaning to Fido.  Thank you kindly, sir.

Mosey to Courtyard and grab a spot on the Astro Turf.  Derkins, Leg Lifts, and something else.

Mosey to Rock Pile bordering 51.  Grab a lifting rock.  Let’s rock…  Curls, Tris, Presses, Thrusters, Squats.

Fight Song #2:   Boomer Sooner.  Hold plank on said lifting rock.  Since this annoying fight song is thankfully only 44 seconds long, a plank hold was not too painful.  Considering what LSU did to the Sooners Saturday afternoon, I would say this F3 musical interlude was the highlight of OU’s day.

Mosey to the parking lot with 8 medians for Median Suicides.  Alternate Diamond Merkins and Jump Squats.  Increase count by 2 ea. median.  3 burpees at starting point every round.  This was brutal, as mumble chatter quickly dissolved into “This is stupid” which is code for “This really hurts.”  Heard ya loud and clear, Semi.  Strong effort by every PAX on this one.  Trifusenik power was greatly reduced as even Semi pushed thru the pain.  At some point during this death march, YHC’s prodigious nose sprung a blood leak possibly caused by an overzealous snot rocket.  Unfazed, YHC pressed the advance and played thru the pain (actually, it did not hurt at all, but the sight of blood caused much angst amongst the PAX).  Rub some dirt on it, or in it.  Let’s go…

Fight Song #3:  Ohio State.  Sadly, Hopper was not in attendance to relish in O-H-I-O.  YHC was expecting him to dot the “I” if he would have been there.  YHC suspects Hopper and all OSU alums are still licking their wounds from the epic game Saturday night.  On the flip side, they could be sending boxes of spoiled cabbage aka Kimchi aka Korean garbage to the SEC official who called the fumble scoop 6 an incomplete pass.  Ouch.

Mosey to Hwy 51, take left, mosey to Calvary entrance, take left, congregate at the Hot Box.  Dips, Derkins, Step-Ups with and without flair, hot laps around garbage cans.

Mosey to launch point vicinity.  Time for the North Face.  2 laps.  Honestly, PAX was in survival mode by this point.  Hoover explained to YHC that 21 diamond merkins were a tad aggressive at the Median Suicides.  Point taken, lesson not learned.

Fight Song #4:  Clemson (ugh).  Marge and Gummy were ecstatic, elated, enthusiastic.  The ying to OSU’s yang, Clemson alums spent Sunday nursing joyous hangovers in celebration of their Final Four victory.  What a game.  It did this old SEC heart good to see some old school defense being played by both teams.  It was a shame that someone had to lose that one.


Announcements: New Year’s Eve Convergence in SOB land.  Check Twitter or Slack.

Forgot who took us out, but it was a theologically sound prayer that moved me to tears.  Or maybe that was YHC’s natural reaction after hearing the dadgum Tiger Rag again.  Are you listening, Coach Saban?

Thanks to Geraldo for handing over the keys.

Jet Fuel

Hitting the Greenway

Eight guys stood around in a circle listening to the proper disclaimer.  One came screeching in (Kirby) right as we were leaving.  We moseyed across N. Community House to sidewalk.  The directions were given to stop every third light and do five merkins until we got to the stoplight at Endhaven.  We did mary until the six arrived.

Next was ten merkins at every road until you hit the light at Johnston Rd.  You get the theme here of mostly merkins.  Did mary until the six arrived.  Then just a simple run from the corner of Johnston and N. Community House to the parking lot for the greenway.  Wait on the six while doing mary.  Two rounds of 20 dips and 20 decline merkins were called.  Mosey down the greenway under Johnston Rd bridge for some mary.  Continue on the greenway to the benches were we did more dips and incline merkins.  Run back to the spot under the bridge and do some mary.  We did this twice total.

Continue on down the greenway till the next set of benches only stopping once to do some more merkins at the 3.75 mile marker.  At this set of benches we did 20 CDD and 10 decline merkins.  Run back to the mile post and do 10 merkins then back to the benches to bang out another set of 20 CDD and 10 decline merkins.

Continue down the greenway and take a hard left to get to the back of Pikes nursery.  Sit down and do two sets of mary exercises AH and toe tap crunch.  Mosey over to the parking lot by large athletic gym (I forget the name).  We did two rounds of suicides there with the last round doing escalating merkins at each suicide stop.  A little plank while we let Kirby get a head start.  Then it was catch me if you can trying to catch Kirby.

Cross back over Johnston Rd and head home.  Stopping at every third light pole for 5 LBCs.  Got back on the dot.

Tried to find some new ground which is not easy now a days with Tuck and Wild Turkey always pushing the boundaries.  I have a few more places to try.  Wanted to see if we could get to Elm and back up White Oak hill but I think it would be too far.  Might be a good Devils Turn course though.

One Bite, Everyone Knows The Rules

So much asphalt at this campus and how would I use it? What can we get done in an hour and what will I even do after not Qing since Halloween you’re welcome. No costume planned, additional 10 pounds of holiday weight and I’m ready after spending a good full 30 minutes with my bidet this AM. .

I was running a bit behind writing my wienke on my trusty Piedmont Gas Bill envelope. It was a simple, constantly moving plan with pain in-between to keep that HR up! My 35th Q so far and I’m finally finding my repeatable pain groove and stride.

DiCCS given while tying shoes which surprisingly upset a few people. Bottlecap’s candy cane lipstick flavor only has a few days left but sadly he was nowhere to be found. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the entrance and back. Circle up for….

1. 35 x SSH IC

2. 12 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC (after Frack showed up I had to do his favorite exercise)

3. 12 x Merkins IC

4. 28 x Imperial Walker

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

Mosey long way out to main road and back to the school for Bear Docks! This asphalt looked nice but holy hell it might as well have been made of glass. My hands are actually sore. If you can complete the full exercise up to 40 bear crawls and 10 dry docks you have my full, full respect. If not, keep pushing because these Webb’s are a real test of your physical growth. Once you complete one of these it’s major milestone!

Mosey to school loop and pair up. Partner 1 does a hot lap, while partner 2 completes:

• 100 x donkey kicks

• 200 x big boy situps

• 100 x Bobby Hurleys

Let’s mosey to other side of the school. Grab some wall.

• 35 x dips

• 35 x Air presses with heel lifts

• 35 x Jabs with Toe Lifts

• 25 x dips

Mosey to front of school. Big Gas Webb. 1 Big Boy Sit Up. 4 Gas Pumps. 4 Hand release Merkins. 5 rounds.

Mosey to Entrance. Switch between 20 x Speedskaters and 20 x Monkey Humpers at each light.

Mosey back to the front of school. Big Gas Webb again to close out the last 5 rounds.

Split into two groups. One group hot laps while avoiding stepping in dog shit and the other does:

• Elbow planks

• Plank jacks

• Squats

Back to COT with 75 seconds left and it’s time for 10 burpees OYO. Finished.

Thanks Mad Dog for the fastest prayer in this history of all COTs. One little race with Gerber and dude’s heart was ticking out of his chest. Hahaha.

Great coffeeteria as well!


15 pax for a semi wet, no grass filled morning at this wonderful campus. Apparently I was a little too serious on Q this morning compared to my normal jibber jabber but I live by the mantra, “If you can’t do it, you shouldn’t Q it”. The idea is simple but if you as the Q can’t actually complete the exercise yourself then you can’t call it out. It should serve as motivation!

When I first started these Webb’s I felt like I was going to literally die. Merkins with air presses. Bear crawls with dry docks. Ab Webb’s. Lt Dans. They are great measuring tools for your growth and I can literally remember the exact day I completed each of the above Webb’s without a break.

Heading into 2020 it’s time to set BHAGs! Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Tell them to your friends and family to help with accountability. Write them on post it notes and put them on your bathroom mirror to serve as a reminder. I accomplished all kinds of absurd things this year and it’s because I put them out into the universe.

Today was my 25th Q out of my 204 total posts in 2019! I’ve covered 594 miles this year where 19 months ago I haven’t done that much of anything in 10+ years. If you aren’t cheering for yourself on you are missing out. Chase your friends, challenge yourself and succeed at new things next year. Just had a conversation last week with BC about how he challenges himself each morning. Same thing with Stase this morning! Those bros are in wicked good shape minus the the tennis arms and are still chasing after something. Why aren’t you?

I’m not intending to be braggadocios but it’s important to celebrate the milestones regardless if it upsets Posse. Cheers homies, see you all in two days!


Watchtower Convergence on 12/31 at Bushwood. 6:30 start time (i think) and I’ve got the Q. Get excited!

1/1 Convergence for Chiseled and Dromedary but meeting at Cuthbertson @ 7am. Q plan TBD.

Dryuary (boring) planned for all 31 FREAKIN’ days of January. Damn it Bottlecap!

Weight loss challenge hosted by Foundation! More details coming soon but I think the goal is to see more of your “member” in 2020. Not a bad sales tactic to be reunited with parts of your body you haven’t seen since high school….

Robot Virgin Asks Was it Good for You

Before my VQ I thought of how this BB would go.  I was prepared to begin with a quote from Steinbeck or Robert Burns about the best laid schemes of mice and PAX, but somehow we stayed on the plan as planned.  Beginner’s luck prevails.

Fortunately, the errors were mostly of omission, known only to YHC, the PAX were blissfully untroubled.  Full disclosure offered here for the record & for your amusement.


We kicked off from Chic-Fil-A immediately committing VQ Error #1: forgot the disclaimer (thanks Mighty_Mite for the reminder).  With that after-thought, I confess ignorance to everything we are about to do, and promise nothing, and remind the PAX they are all on their own, etc.

After a short mosey to the large parking lot, breaking all CoP norms (admittedly based on my limited experience), I buck the trend of jumping straight to SSH, IW, merkins and the like.

Instead, we start with stretching and mobility because I’m old.  Old that is, in my ways.  Even when I was in my 20s I was never flexible, but after holding those awkward poses, and loosening up, everything just flows better and feels more alive.  The PAX may have considered this VQ Error #2, but I’m the Q so they sucked it up with minimal negative mumblechatter.

  • Hip Circle, both directions x5
  • Reach high then down into a Plank
  • Holding Plank, elevate left leg up (stretching the quad)
  • Bring left leg forward, placing foot in line with hands (right leg stays where it started in plank)
  • Twist lowering left-elbow to ground (body supported by right hand and left leg)
  • Twist in opposite direction (left arm reaching to the sky)
  • Repeat this twist x5
  • Keeping feet planted, rise up and shift weight to back/left foot (right leg stretched to the side)
  • Lower down on left leg into a Cossack Squat
  • Rise up, shifting weight onto right foot, into a Lunge, while raising arms into Sun Worshiper
  • Repeat Cossack Squat to Sun Worshiper x5
  • Recover, and repeat everything for right leg starting from Reach high

(FYI, this warm-up is part of a personal favorite called the “Cal Poly Hip Flow”). Full disclosure VQ Error #2: forgot to start the timer that was to keep us on schedule for the whole workout.   It was diligently setup to beep at key intervals ensuring we stay on schedule.   No harm, no foul, and no one the wiser, we were sufficiently lubricated and proceed to standard CoP activity.

15 reps of each:

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Cherry Picker
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • da Vinci Cartwheel (an AO first!?)

During these reps, the most blatant VQ Error #3: embarrassing lack of ability to count in cadence.  I knew this would be awkward, but did not expect my voice to be so distracting while trying to keep the pace and not lose count.  It was weirdly surreal in the gloom.  Who knew I needed to practice counting to three.  Fortunately the PAX were patient and endured.

The Thang – in the Playground

We mosey to the plentiful playground offering many structures for fun and games.  The PAX grouped into pairs, and did a circuit of 10-15 reps each, for two rounds:

  • Supine Row @ railings on stairs (angled, for extra pleasure)
  • Incline merkin
  • Step up on wall
  • Mosey around the field to the playground
  • Pull up &/or negative PU
  • Derkin on wall, repeat

Fun Fact, another first for me was using this area of the AO.  I’m not sure why it is so often overlooked.

VQ Error #4: have to ask the PAX for time check, we were on schedule but had to get moving.   While we mosey across to Elevation Parking lot, I not so stealthily divert my 2.0 minions to the task of unloading some toys while distracting the PAX with some more mosey in the parking lot (all numbers are completely fictional):

  • Mosey 150 yards to speed bump (don’t stop)
  • Sprint  50 yards to stop sign (don’t stop)
  • Mosey 150 yards further to stop sign (pause for slow pokes, i.e. YHC)
  • return, following same pattern

Upon return my robotic 2.0’s Johnny5 & T1000 have setup 3 olympic bars for the PAX to partake in geared good times (95#, 75# 65#). VQ Error #5: not being more clear with 2.0s on where to put the bars (On the wet grass! Really?!  Dad-mode OFF, keep your cool in front of the PAX).  Six more steel plates also available for other interesting activities (2 each: 45#, 35#, 25#).

The Thang – with Toys

Again divided into pairs, we have a moderately complex rotation of 4 movements.  After hoping I’ve demonstrated and explained the rotation sufficiently (doubtful) with partner, alternate 10-15 reps each pair of exercises:

  • Deadlift w/ bar & partner holds Side Plank   (2 rounds)
  • Overhead Squat w/ plate & Fire Hydrant   (2 rounds)

With pairs of pairs working on pairs of exercises for a couple of rounds I’m not sure why anyone would get confused.  But with any luck, everyone got in two sets of each.  After that round, we did the same with 4 new exercises, or rather, two more pairs:

  • Clean /w bar & bw Squat
  • Lunge w/ plate & Superman

I had an extra round ready in case we got ahead of schedule, but it was not necessary, probably because of the time lost when I babbled on about how to perform the following exercises or rotations.  VQ Error #6: not being more prepared on how to explain a complex rotation.  Next time I’ll bring a white board with pictures showing the order – just kidding.  We had just enough time to mosey back.


With only a couple of minutes remaining, not shy at all, we lay on the sidewalk next to drive-thru line and squeeze in some Mary with 20 Rosalittas and box-cutters (which isn’t as hot as it sounds).


Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, VQ Error #7: not starting these in proper order.  VQ Error #8: forgot to record names and announcements risking my BB doesn’t give credit where due (thanks to Mighty_Mite & War Eagle I think I have everyone).  Announcements included two upcoming convergences on New Year’s Eve, one at Bushwood, another at Bagpipe (sorry if I forgot others).   Before wrapping up we were interrupted with the gift of free coffee and water by the best coffeetaria of any AO in existence.   Taken out by YHC giving thanks for the fact we all have the strength and commitment to keep showing up, supporting and challenging each other to do our best, with prayers for guidance as we prepare for the new year and all it brings.

While it may have been my first time, it was good for me.  I hope it was good for the PAX & I look forward to our next time.

Jitters Are Good

I still get excited when asked to Q.  The feeling that another man believes in me enough to ask me to step up is a good feeling.  I still get the night before and morning of jitters…did I plan enough, is it hard enough.  The what if’s roll through my head.  What if 30 people show up – how will I adjust.  What if only 4 show up.  What if its all Gazelles and I’m the 6.  I replay the workout out over and over in my head the night before often keeping me up much later than I would like.  I’m almost 2.5 years into F3 and I hope I never lose the excitement of being a Q.  The excitement of planning out something that is going to suck and hoping my fellow pax enjoy the suck as much as I do.  I hope you still get jitters before a Q.  Jitters are good.

14 men decided to join me on a beautiful, but foggy, Saturday morning.  I arrived early to get a head start on the mumble chatter.  Such topics as “Why is Wedding Singer still here?”, Chainsaw looks creepy walking up in the fog with car headlights from behind, and warning the FNG that he will get a name at the end and it could be as bad as Twinkle Toes.

6:29 Diccs were given.  FNG didn’t leave so we didn’t scare him off to bad whipping out the Diccs (will that joke ever get old?).  6:30, lets go.


Mosey to cul de sac.  I wasn’t short of breath yet and it looked like a pax coming in late, circle back to pick them up then back down to cul de sac.

  • 20 Merkins
  • Potato Pickers
  • 15 Merkins
  • Calf Stretch
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 In/Outs
  • 5 Merkins


Two groups – Clydesdales and Gazelles for Indian Runs.  Gazelles for the long route on the trail, to the road, and back to club house parking lot.   Clydesdales with a shorter route up the shortcut to the play ground.  Clydesdales arrived first and completed 15 gas pumpers waiting on Gazelles.

Partner Up.  Partner 1 Run a lap around the large island.  Partner 2 in same direction do inch worm dry docks.  Complete each 3 times.

Active recovery towards other end of the parking lot with 50 over head t claps.  Thanks to Twinkles Toes for keeping me honest counting for me.  Mosey to Bridge.

Partner 1: 1 legged step up.  Partner 2: run to club house entrance and back.  Recover when each partner has done each leg once.  Due to height of the step up cars coming in, many of us changed from road side to sidewalk side.

Partner 1: 1 legged lunge.  partner 2: run the other direction towards the next road on the right.  Do two burpees and return.  Recover when each partner has done each leg once.

Active Recovery: 50 T Claps walking towards the road.

Leap Frog Sprints.  Partner 1: reverse walking lunge.  Partner 2: Run ahead to first tree on the left then start doing a reverse walking lunge.  Partner 1: Sprint past partner 2 to the second tree.  Keep leap frogging each other until the end.

Rock Work.  Partner 1: walk with rock in one direction doing an exercise.  100 curls, 100 presses, 100 tricep extensions.  Partner 2: runs opposite direction around the wide school parking lot.  When you meet your partner switch.  Go until the last group finishes their 100’s.

While we waited on runners to get in when last group finished with rock, we did rock squats.  Carb Load asked if he could modify to rows as his legs were dead.  I have to admit, this brought a smile to my face.

Partner 1: hold rock over your head and walk with Partner 2 while he does walking lunges.  When you can no longer hold rock over your head, switch.  We walked about half the parking lot before I saw we were running out of time.  Recover and Rocks up.

1 minute left.   Everyone foot on a curb.  Clydesdales get a 1 tree head start.  If the last gazelle beats the last Clydesdale, Clydesdales do 5 burpees.  If Clydesdales beat the last gazelle, then gazelles do five burpees.  To no one’s surprise, Wolverine passed every clydesdale, but I’m happy to report that the Gazelles were actually the ones that did burpees.  It came down to one lone Gazelle trying to catch a Clydesdale, but in the end he didn’t quite have enough.  Good effort by everyone here and a great way to close out the work out with our heat rates at their peak.


Thanks to Rubbermaid for asking me to Q.  The pants have felt a little snug lately (too many holiday client dinners and Mom’s cooking for Christmas) so I wanted to get the heart rates up today and run a little more than usual.  We logged 3.25 miles.  I burned just shy of 1000 calories which is one of my higher calorie burns.  I’m not sure if that is due to the workout, or that I’m more out of shape so the heart rate was higher than it normally is.

Legalized brought out FNG Munchkin.  He works for Krispey Kreme and hated the idea of being named after a Dunkin Doughnut… of course we did.

Good meeting Deep Dish today (Kotters).  Dude pushed hard coming back out after some time off.

Hoping some good bets will materialize today between our lone Clemson guy Posse and the multitude of Oh State pax.  Looking forward to seeing some burpees on group me later today or in person at Monday’s workouts.

Now for the Zinfandel Soap Box portion of the back blast (I figure he won the effee so it should be named after him).  Every year for 20 years my new years resolution was to lose weight.  This will be by third New Years since joining F3 that I will not have weight loss as a resolution (yes I’m up now, but its temporary holiday weight that will come off).  Its a great feeling as a big guy to not have to have weight loss as a resolution having done it so long.  My guess is you have a friend or neighbor that will have that resolution in a couple days.  Be proactive in inviting them out.   They may not realize they need F3 – I didn’t.  After the new year we will have 15 workouts to fill up over a 6 day period – that’s a lot.  We all need to be proactive in getting FNG’s out, and some guys that have stopped coming out.  Be proactive in asking new guys and checking up on the guys that don’t show any longer.  Don’t take no for an answer but also don’t be annoying about it.  (Zin can confirm, but I think I talked to him for 6 months about F3 before he came out).

Thanks for the Jitters.



Watchtower closing this Tuesday to converge at Bushwood.  Holiday hours: 6:30 start.

New Years Day Convergence: Culbertson Middle School with extra special Holiday Hours –  7:00 Start.  This will be a mix of Dromedary and Chiseled workouts.

FIA getting started up again.  Workouts will be at Millbridge Clubhouse at 5:30 on Tuesday’s.

Twinkle Toes being extra ballsy and inviting pax over to his house for tonight’s football game before asking the wife.  I highly suggest showing up unannounced just to see how far into the dog house we can get him in.