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Make up your mind

First, we moseyed over to the bus lot. We did 20 imperial walkers and 20 potato pickers.  Next, we went to the basketball courts and did a jack web of 1 push up and 4 air presses. Then  we ran over to the hill and did 1 squat and alternated 10 merkins. Then we went to the wall and did 1 air press and 4 jabs. Then we went to the basketball courts and we did a star with 10 burpees, 10 peter parkers, 10 imperial walkers, and 10 merkins in each corner along with 5 dimond merkins in the middle. We repeated this twice.  Then we moseyed to the field and bearcrawled down the field, doing 5 merkins every 10 yards. Then, we moseyed to the basketball court and did 3 suicides down the court, stopping and returning at every painted line.  Then, we went to the wall and did 4 air presses for every 1 donkey kick, up to 10 Donkey Kicks and 40 air presses. Finally, we moysed back to start.

COT: Rucking on saturday, Hooches son is in the hospital please pray over them.



With the summer season over and holidays approaching, 9 men enjoyed a solid AB and Merkin workout this morning.

The Thang

25 merkins followed by a quick lap in the parking lot

100 LBC’s followed by a lap

25 merkins followed by a lap

100 crunches followed by a lap

See the pattern….additional ab exercise were toe tap cruch, pistol crunch left and right, Chippy Cross, and side crunches

Fuzzy Monday

Ahhhh…. Monday! Flash is a great way to start the week. Usually a good number of PAX post on Monday to get their week started with some high impact work and to knock off the fuzz from the weekend. A particularly high fuzz weekend this time around as some of us (YHC especially) were still getting over the 1st Ever F3Waxhaw Holiday Party.

DiCCS were delivered and we were off.

Warm Up – Mosey around back of school to parking lot next to Transporter’s Shed (Mad Dog’s today) and performed 9 IW’s IC, 9 Merkins IC, Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Jimmy Dugan C/L/R and we were off to the stadium parking lot for…

As we arrived to the parking lot, someone suggested we do curb Monkey Humpers as we came up on the Ignition crew (doing some lame exercise on the curb). Not sure but it looked like they were just lying around doing nothing and didn’t really start doing anything until we came up on them??? Hmmm #ignitiongate?

The Thang – 7 of Diamonds (Not modified today with no rain) Start at bottom corner of lot and run to each corner and do(repsXsets) 7X4 Burpees, 14X4 Merkins, 21X4 LBCs, 28 X 4 AHs, 21X4 Flutters, 14X4 Sq, 7X4 BH’s Moseyed back to Transporter’s Shed for 50 air presses IC and 25 air jabs IC then AYG to COT for Namorama!

I think we were several seconds late but no one seemed to mind much.

Shout Outs!

Big 10 – Made it through the entire workout! Keep pushing! High Hat – Stepping up to lead some MARY while we were waiting on the SIX during 7 of Diamonds Dana – Wearing a vest for most of the workout.

Sorry for the lack of creativity in the Weinki between Friday and Monday. Changing up the venue a little bit and not having stairs to climb, however, made for a little different dynamic. We did get in some miles (3+) and we will definitely feel it in our abs and legs tomorrow. Always great to lead these guys and looking forward to the next time.


Dana – November 23rd Ruck for F3 Cape Fear – Toby, Leaving Hickory Tavern in Ballantyne at 8:00 AM Bring a backpack with 20 lbs of weight and walk the route. Drinks will be provided after. In the United States, one person commits suicide every 12 minutes.

Dana – Potential for a Christ’s Closet AO to have more regular folding and sorting parties. More to come on that.

Sausage Party owes Kid Rock $$ for Shirts

Thanks to Moneyball for taking us out.

I triple dog dare ya…

Wednesday morning at Dromedary, its gonna be a cold one, temps really dropped overnight. Who can I dare to stick their tongue on the flagpole?? Maybe Recalc– I mean he was crazy enough to show up in a short sleeve shirt. I think it was right around 27 although I overheard someone say actually feels like 17 with the wind. Dasher and Goodfella finishing up their pre-run as I pull into the parking lot. 20 pax showed up to brave the cold this morning, more than I expected. I dressed warm enough with plenty of layers but I intend to keep the group moving so the rest don’t get too cold.


Mosey around the parking lot, circle up

  • SSH IC 20
  • IW IC 15
  • MT Climbers IC 10
  • Plank hold, down 6 inches hold, repeat twice

The Thang

Mosey over to school entry driveway, at every light post 5 bombjacks, 10 merkins all the way down to globe

Mosey over towards lane by tennis courts, alternating between 10 speed skaters and 10 dry docks at each light post till the end past middle school

Mosey to covered awning at middle school, partner up. one partner runs half lap, other does reps. 150 derkins, 150 dips, 150 step ups

Grab some wall, 11s of Mike Tysons and Donkey kicks. Find out this is a bad idea after getting to 7MT/4DK, audible to odd numbers rest of way (5/6, 3/8, 1/9)

Mosey long way back past mobile trailers pass track, back towards bus parking lot, wait by buses for the 6, (another bad idea sucking in bus exhaust fumes). Head back toward high school parking lot.

Grab some pavement for some ab work.

  • 25 LBCs
  • 20 gas pumps
  • 20 Rosalitas
  • 20 box cutters
  • 20 Heels to Heaven (Goodfella’s choice and count)
  • 20 Freddy Mercurys

Three minutes left, Brain to frozen to think of what to finish up with, audible from weinke, run as many laps as possible up to top of parking lot and back to start before times up.

Announcements- Holiday party on Saturday, Gladiator on Saturday

The Moleskin

It was great to see 19 other guys out this morning to join me in the cold weather. To be honest, I probably would have fartsacked in these temps if I wasn’t on Q, so I admire the dedication by the other pax to keep posting whether its cold, hot, rainy etc. I’ve been slacking off a little as well as my knee is bothering me, but that’s no excuse, I can always start hanging with the Mash unit. I can’t remember who took us out, I guess thats what happens when you write a backblast 5 days after the workout. Good thing I wasn’t writing one for the Floater.

Black & Blue

20-PAX showed up at 5:30AM in 40-degree rainy weather with a forecast for Pain. Some of the PAX may have stayed up to watch the Browns – Steelers Brawl, but knowing what was in store, this Q had to get his rest.

The Thang

Not trusting the weather, we made our way to the parking deck for a little warm-up exercises on the first level of the deck.

SSH x 20 – Jimmy Doogan’s – Walk it out to a Plank – Calf Stretches – Bring Right Foot to Right Hand Stretch – Merkins x 20 – Imperial Walkers x 20.

Mosey to the second level and circle up. Q has a board with 10-exercises and asks ALF to choose a number between 14 and 16, not following instructions, ALF chooses 16. (That’ll teach this Q to call on ALF again.) So 16 is our number of reps.

The odd numbered exercises were in BLACK ink and the even number in BLUE ink. After each Black exercise, it was followed by a single lap around the deck and after each Blue exercise, it was two laps.

Merkins, Jump Squats, Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Chippy-Cross, Mike Tyson’s, Lunges (each leg), American Hammer, Heels to Heaven and Burpees.

With 5-mins to go, it was a Backwards Sprint up the incline and back to the launch for the COT.


Jobe & Ice 9 did a great job working through the Board of Pain. I appreciated Otennenbaum on setting the pace for the laps. Thanks to Chipotle for demonstrating the perfect form on the Chippy-Cross. It was also great to see Goonie back out in the gloom. A special thanks to Snow Flake for naming this backblast after describing the board’s color contrast of Black & Blue as a subliminal message of pain.

It was a pleasure leading these men today.

Thanks for the Tacos Daddy!

Thanks to the 12 PAX who posted for the first ever F3Waxhaw 2nd F Monthly Lunch. Hence forth to be held on the 3rd Friday of every month.

Thrilled to see this bunch outside the gloom. Have to admit, did not recognize a few without sweat dripping down their face and that look of exhaustion we so often have during and after workouts. Also have to admit some can clean up pretty well but others should consult their stylist before leaving the house, YHC included.

No earth-shattering or meaningful topics were discussed during lunch which, I believe, was the whole point. Lots of banter and stuff-talking and not much else. Like hanging with friends you’ve known for years but really just for only a few months or years in some cases.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that’s YHC considers all my F3 Brothers as best of friends. The bond we share with our push to successfully traverse a workout together and encourage one-another to go harder than we thought ourselves capable. And not just with the workouts themselves but to get out of our comfort zone and do things in our daily lives we didn’t think possible before. That’s what friends do. That’s what F3 is to me. Iron Sharpens Iron. But more importantly, we support our brothers with whatever they need. Today we didn’t discuss any earth-shattering topics as I stated before but we are laying foundations for each other to open up and be comfortable sharing our darkest thoughts as well as our joys. Something our brother Toby from Cape Fear desperately needed. Unfortunately it was too late for him and his family is left to pick up the pieces of a life cut short in a moment of desperation. Let’s remember to remember. Let’s support one-another. Let’s be present. So often men try to do life on their own and don’t ask for help out of fear of projecting weakness or stupidity. Let’s admit our fears let’s ask for help when we need it when we can’t find the answer on our own before it’s too late. Too many people in our lives depend on us.

So… I’ll end as I began on a bit lighter side. If you weren’t fortunate enough to be able to attend the lunch today then let me just say you missed a free meal courtesy of Chain Saw (who now will be lovingly referred to as Sugar Daddy by YHC) and a heaping helping of fantastic, Fuzzy’s Tacos and apps.

Special thanks to Kid Rock for calling some favors from F3 Bouncer (GM of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop) who hooked us up with some free apps and coupons for free stuff the next time we’re out there. Please help them get the word out as an up and coming franchise. Their tacos were great and I would recommend you stop in with the family. Quick serve sit-down meal. Kids will love it too.

No one took us out and no DiCCS delivered but a good time was had by all!




Slow Texting

A forecast for rain and temps in the 30s caused many to not even set the alarm last night, even though there’s a parking garage at Centurion. It didn’t rain. But we stayed in the garage anyway…no need to get the hands or back wet when you don’t need to. Seems we live the soft life in the South Charlotte suburbs.

What We Did:

Mosey lap around the CCHS gridiron then into the garage for the Square of Pain: IWs x 15IC; LSSs x 15IC; MCs x 15IC; Merkins x 15IC; LBCs x 15IC.

Dora 1-2-3 up the full length of the garage ramp: 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs.

Run (with lunge walk on one level) up the short ramps to the top of the deck. Descend the stairs.

Merkin Plank Walk x 2 on the parking lot lines: 1 Merkin, plank to next line, 2 Merkins, plank walk back, 3 Merkins, plank walk back, 4 Merkins, plank walk back, 5 Merkins.

Run (with lunge walk on one level) up back short ramps to the top of the deck. Descend the stairs.

Triple Nickel on short ramp: 5 Jump Squats, 5 Burpees, 5 Times

Finished with some Mary, led by each of the Pax in attendance. COT

The Skinny:

30s and rain is probably the worst condition we encounter for a workout. So it was nice that the rain didn’t show so we didn’t even get wet before we headed into the garage. Still, the forecast kept many in the fartsack. Thanks to Bout Time, Brilleaux, and Snuka for showing up…and making me the slowest, weakest Pax in the bunch.

Mermaid showed too. Got out of his Forerunner, shoes still untied, cheeks full of Halls Menthol-Lyptus, with a full bend over to cough up his lung onto the teachers’ lot. He didn’t look good. Said he was about to text Margo but before he could type out the text using the buttons of his flip phone, Margo had used a fancy talk-to-text feature to let Mermaid know that he wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t make it. Slow texting costed him sleep and the gas he used to drive up. Such a dedicated Site-Q…but thankfully he decided to just go back home before pneumonia set in.


Bout Time noted that Jennings received a perfectly clean report in his latest visit to St. Jude.

The pond would be good for you

Like the President trash talking ambassadors, our Nantan, Alf, put the over/under at 3 for Joust as he touted the “perfect” parking deck at Cerberus. Ductwork came in on the under, saying coffee was on him if just 2 posted (me and him). I knew Hopper was going to be there though since he had told me several times this week that he would be (narrator’s voice: Hopper was not there). So I showed up with a plan and was pleasantly surprised to see six other guys ready to get after it. The rain held off, but there was still plenty of complaining about the wet artificial turf. Geez.

We did some stuff, including:
– AYG 400 (Smokey and Yeti gave at least 50% effort)
– Partner work at the base of Grandma with alternating runs up that beast (RIP Blue Door)
– Triple Nickel on the bleachers
– Burpee sets descending from 10 down to 1, interspersed throughout the workout
– An oldie but a goodie from a Tiger Rag Q circa 2013?: Line up on the goal line (abreast) in two groups. Group 1 sprints to 30 yard line and back, then group 2 goes. Repeat to the 30 4 times, the 50 three times, the other 30 twice, and the other goal line once. It hurts by about the second run to the 50 if you’re doing it right.

Topics of conversation:
– Smokey surveyed the crowd about Disney +. It sounded like most are in already. Hoover and Geraldo were SUPER excited about the Star Wars tv show.
– The Sugarhill Gang is not the same thing as the Apple Dumplin’ Gang (available on Disney +).
– During a People’s Chair/ Burpee thing, Hoover asked someone to “make it tingle”. We moved on quickly.
– Apparently The Charge is alive and well, drawing 15ish Metro guys every week using an email distribution list.

That bug had a really big…

The Thang:

Well how we figured out how to make 29 degrees feel like a good time is going to leave a little left to the imagination. Disclaimer I can not repeat what was said so you will have to ask pax in attendance as to the particulars.


We moseyed on for a little to give time to get the blood moving.

30 X SSH

30 X IW

30 X LOW AND Very Slow Squats

Mosey to the corner across from St Matthews. Plank for 6. Mosey to Elm make right and plank again while 6 joins and instructions given. Run to the Muderhorn and go down to rock pile. Select Rock for lifting purposes. As we collected our front runners did flutters until all in.

With our rocks of lifting we did a poor count of 21 based off of my lack of call on the counts. Or the lack of those who struggled to count to 7. 7 low 7 high and seven full bicep curls. 21 Thrusters and 21 Tricep presses were done. Leave rocks and mosey to the club house parking lot.

We counted off 2 teams and had them go to different ends of the lot and plank for about a minute. We met in the center and delivered and rated the efforts of the other team. As one Team together we did the equivalent Burpees to the ratings. See Moleskin for more detail.

Return to the rocks we left all alone we did another round of all 3 exercises and returned the rocks. The Pax were instructed to do 5 bigboy situps at each light on the way up the Muderhorn. We collected in the parking lot and Morning After was keeping things moving with American hammers and we all joined in for a nice 30 count.


YHC was impressed that so many showed up for the Q given the temperature and that I was on Q. In an effort to change things up, since it has been a while since I Qued last, I wanted to try including the mumble chatter into a workout especially since it was sub freezing.

The two teams had to plank and come up with a joke to deliver in the middle of the parking lot. We planked while the delivery was happening and then did burpees according to the total ratings for each joke.

Buckys team came in with a dad joke and of course my team brought the heat . After the PG rating came off the jokes got better. Thanks to all who indulged in a little off color workout. By the way War Eagle had good one and the punch line is the title of this back blast. Well mostly.

Call out for shoes and socks Church on the Street.

Call out for clothing and toys to go to Escobar.

My Weinke’s All Wet!!!

My first experience with Qing at Impromptu. The Friday workout for F3 Waxhaw held at the campus of Cuthbertson MS & HS. I have to say it is one of my favorite sites in the region. We post there at least 3 days a week and within those three days 4 workouts in which we can participate between Ignition & Flash on Mondays, Clyent Dinner on Thursday evenings and Impromptu on Fridays. The thing I like most about this site is it is spread out and there are plenty of obstacles we can overcome together while getting a solid F3 bootcamp style workout in during the process. There are parking lots galore, long streets and sidewalks where we can run to our hearts content, steady inclines (some less steady than others) and stairs we can work our legs to the bone. Walls, curbs and benches where we can bust our shoulders through our necks if we wanted to. Most importantly though, at least today, were the plethora of covered areas we could use to keep the weinkie dry. It wasn’t raining during the entire workout that I remember but the uncovered surfaces were all wet so we “modified as necessary” to keep the Pax dry. And so we went…

Warm Up Mosey to covered area opposite MS from COT and performed 9 IW’s IC, 9 MC’s IC, Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Jimmy Dugan C/L/R and we were off to our next covered area at the Gym Stairs at the HS.

The Thang 7 of Diamonds (modified since we weren’t in a parking lot or anything where we could do four corners) Start at bottom of stairs and run to glass doors at gym and back to bottom of stairs twice each circuit and do(repsXsets) 7X4 Burpees, 14X4 Merkins, 21X4 LBCs, 28 X 4 AHs, 21X4 Flutters, 14X4 Sq, 7X4 BBs each leg X1=1 so technically 14 but hey? Moseyed to the front of MS the long way around the MS bus line sidewalk to partner up for partner dips and inclined merkins. P1 runs long way around the drive in front of MS while P2 does dips on the bench. Flap Jack. Second time around only half lap. 2 mins left, hot mosey to COT for 30 secs of Butt Kicks and Done!

Shout Outs! Posse – Dude is crushing it. Led us most of the way with very few exceptions. I have not posted at the same workouts with him in a while and have seen a noticeable difference in his fitness level. Stay Crush Posse! Rockwell – YHC would like to thank him for the final push to COT. He always pushes me to be better and I appreciate the competition. It makes us all better!



YHC – F3Waxhaw Monthly Lunch today, 12:00 – 1:00 Fuzzy’s Taco Shack Waverly

Old McDonald – Appreciate the support and encouragement received from F3 brothers for his 2.0 Land Shark who will be running in the Cross-Country SC State Competition trying to get All-State recognition if he finishes top 15. Good Luck Land Shark!

Dasher – Needs to follow up on Football at Elon Park on Thanksgiving Day morning. Gladiator Competition to be held tomorrow, 11/16 at Cuthbertson MS at 6:30 and will converge with Coffeeteria at McD’s in Waxhaw.

Posse – Commitment AO is celebrating 5th year anniversary tomorrow, 11/16 Come out and support if you can. Soft Launch of (old) New AO at Weddington MS this Saturday, 11/16. Hard Launch to follow next Saturday, 11/23. Trying to bring in Pax from that area to join us.

No mention of Holiday Party but it will be tomorrow, 11/16 at 8:00 PM until 11:00 PM. Bring $$ or gift. More gifts = less $$ but still need at least $15/person to cover food.