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Urologists & Audibles

What a beautiful morning to work out in the Valley. Nine other guys started to assemble in a 50 degree Middle School parking lot to get some work done. Since my POS Q watch I purchased several years ago cannot tell time, I depended on 7 of the other 9 fellas to keep the time.

Stone Cold asked me if we needed gloves, and upon learning we’d be off campus, he asked about a headlamp. No to both questions my friend, and by the way, it was great to see him at a non-Ultimate workout.

Gave a solid disclaimer, and we left SCMS campus, out to 51. Davey Park was mentioned by some of the PAX, but oh contrare monfrare (sp?), we weren’t going there. Stopped at the light there to do some IWs.

Proceed SE? down 51 toward Arbo and stop at the next street on the right for some squats. It was about here that Slapper said he could easily mosey back home. Glad you stayed kid.

Keep going down to Raintree, and our recently neglected little business park down on the left. You know, the one with the dry cleaner, trucking company, Asian spa, financial planner, and psychic. Eclectic group.

Did some MCs prior to partnering up. Partner 1 would be running up the stairs down the second level path, back down the other side (watch out for that baby first step, it’s a doozy), switch out with Partner 2 who was doing the called exercises (R1 Merkins, R2 CDDs, R3 squats).

Did a little stomache to catch breaths, LBC x50, then repeato that partner work we just did. After those three rounds, get back down for some Rosalitas.

Mosey over to the wooded area at the base of the soccer field, find a picnic bench. Wait, no picnic benches?? Mercy, ok Omaha #1, go up to the field for some field work. Wait, this field that never dries is still wet?? Ok, Omaha #2, go back down to the street for more partner work up that street where the heroin addicts hang out. Warnings were given of the cars and the used needles on the street (Spackler), so we decided for yet another Omaha #3. For those counting at home, this was three Omahas in the matter of like four minutes. Might be an F3 record.

As things started to unravel, the PAX were all still behind me, and my mind was already thinking Raintree route, but Spackler cemented it (of course). We moseyed down to where Rounding Run comes into Raintree Drive, and stopped for some Peter Parkers. Another Omaha #4 to avoid a car, so let’s mosey down to Rising Meadow for some Freddy Murchisons #shoutout. Recover, and by my main timekeeper’s (Tulip) watch it was a little after 6am, and I thought we still had time for a triple nickel on Rising Meadow. Tried it with CDDs at top and squats at bottom, but called Omaha #5 and cut it to three times up and back.

Mosey up Rounding Run, take a richard on Woodfox and stop at the street on the left. Spack got down for what he thought was more Mary, nah son, get that ass up, we ain’t got time for that. Stop at each street light on right and left all the way up Woodfox and throughout the bus lot and give 10 merkins. Still time for one gasser down and back.

Done, word is bond yo.


OMG, some knuckleheads decide to take picnic tables away from a very serene area, and all hell breaks loose. I’d say that after the third Omaha, most leaders would get as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but not this guy. No sir. Everything under control, STFU, and let’s keep rollin. Realities are, I really had no intention of touching that dark, dank, heinous place some call Raintree. Those hills are stitched into my brain. Some kids are scared of the thing in the closet, Freddy Kruger, Gloss’ car seats, IronHorse’s running shorts, but not me, I’m frightened of Raintree.

During Rosalitas, Spackler said that the exercise really hurt his vas deferens. I don’t know the full procedure of what actually happens at the “snip snip” doctor, but I didn’t think he still had one. Which led to Spack and Stone Cold having a convo about their respective doctor’s soothing conversation (during the procedure) about what they did on Friday nights, and if they were into cuddling after sex. They quickly surmised that they had the same doctor. Dumb luck that!

Smokey threw his hat at me when we were on like rep 35 of 50 on the LBCs. Truth is, I just really rock back and forth on LBCs. Could be core engaging or not, not really sure. I don’t think he liked them very much though.

Tulip was out front most of the time, and Jet Fuel and Leo were that steadying tide that raised all boats. See what I did there JF? Tide? Pun intended.

My fellow Mountaineer, Ironsides, is going down to the game at the upside down cockroach Williams-Bryce this weekend. As is Spackler who was calling for a crushing in the outset of the workout, then said it’d be a close one at the end. Raintree must’ve gotten to him. Pull em through Ironsides. “Today I Give My All for Appalachian State”

All in all a good morning, notwithstanding the audibles and entry into raintree. Death Valley is where I broke my F3 cherry (in a PAX of around 37 guys), and still holds a special place in my heart. #tear


I may or may not have promoted the pre-Thanksgiving holiday party. Go out to Cairo and take a left.

Thanks to Stone Cold for a solid prayer.

Double up

2 showed up bright and early for the 3 mile pre-run. GPS appeared off but it was good catching up with Chin. A rounded out full dozen braved the warmer than it appeared temps and clanked their bells in the parking lot. We began promptly at 5:30 following a thorough disclaimer…Here’s what we did. Warmup consisting of: 20 Swings – IWx15 20 swings -Merkin Right x15IC 20 Swings- Merkin Left x15IC 20 Swings- 10 Clean EA 20 Swings -10 Snatch EA Partner UP Like Bells: FARMER CARRY WALK DOWN TO BENCHES LOWER LOT P2 -10 DIAMOND MERKIN CHASER P1 RUNS AROUND MEDIAN P2 IS ON BELLS R1 – SNATCHES / R2 – TRICEPS EXTENSION / R3- ALTERNATING SWINGS / R4 DIPS / R5 STEP UPS PLANK AND HOLLOW BODY HOLD WHEN DONE RACK-EM AND WALK TO HILL – RAISE EM HIGH SWITCH ARMS ETC DOUBLES ON THE HILL: P1 RUNS THE HILL W/10 MERKINS – P2 IS ON DOUBLE BELLS R1 DOUBLE SWINGS X2 R2 DOUBLE CLEANS X2 R3 DOUBLE SQUATS X2 R4 DOUBLE PRESSES MORE PLANK AND HOLLOW BODY HOLD – BRIDGE FARMER CARRY WALK BACK TO LAUNCH – P2 10 WIDEARM MERK CHASER ELBOW PLANK AND HOLLOW BODY HOLD TILL TIME RAN OUT MOLESKIN: It has been a few months since I’ve posted at Skunkworks but it appears the wheels have been in constant motion with all regulars out there slinging iron. Good to catch up with the guys and put in some solid work. We got after it from the onset with 100 two hands swings in the warm up with an assortment of other upper body exercises. Tested the grip a bit on the farmer walk and saw some guys pushing the pace running around the median. Double Bells was the icing on the cake and I for one was running low on fuel by the time Presses were called. Hope everyone had good time and felt like they got their money’s worth this morning. It was a near perfect day for a cool sweat. Thank you for the opportunity to lead – I’ll look forward to the next time. Take care. Fletch

Scented Grundle Paste

A quick disclaimer and reminder that Giants QB Daniel Jones learned his craft (of throwing interceptions) on these grounds.

Mosey over to the Lax field for warmup (IW, SSH, MC all 16x)

Mosey to the end line for full field suicide with 3 merkins at each line (18, half, 18, full)

Mosey around the Latin Lake back side trail to the Ultimate field. In route @spackler suggested that we should have done a few more suicides.

Partner up and do 25 WW2 sit-ups per partner. Then each partner split off and ran opposite directions around Lake Latin, upon meeting each Pax did 10 burpees before continuing their lap back to Ultimate field. Partners did another 15 WW2 sit-ups each

Mosey down to the rock pile at the bridge. Partnered up in groups of 3’s and grabbed 1 running rock per threesome…. Mosey up to the track for some circuit work

  • P1 stays at bottom of the hill doing Merkins and Freddie Mercuries
  • P2 runs with the rock uphill to the top of bleachers and weaves up and down each staircase on the bleachers. Exit to the bottom and find P3 at the field house on the track.
  • P3 was doing Lunges and LBCs before running to handoff the rock to P1

I think we almost got a full lap in before people got scared of the dark bleachers and changed their route.

We then changed the routine course up and moved over to the curved hill by the tennis courts.

  • P1 stays at bottom of the hill doing squats
  • P2 runs with the rock uphill to handoff to P3 for the downhill run
  • P3 was doing (or kind of doing) burpees at the top

Mosey to the rock pile for deposits, and finally an ‘all you got’ up the hill led by @leprechaun to the parking lot for 90 seconds of Mary (Flutter and LBC)


In the gloom behind Lake Latin, @semi-gloss thought he smelled a uniquely Brut smell from the front of the Pax. I commented that it was my new grundle paste. The record should show that no grundle paste was worn today, but I am now accepting business partner applications to create a line of scented grundle pastes.

Speaking of smells, someone cleared the Ultimate field with something that was said to smell of straight lead…. Get yourself checked @whoever dealt it

Smells aside, this Clemson grad was just trying to bring some excitement to the morning with a rock atop a hill and running down after giving 110%. My view was limited, but I only saw 110% from a select few…. @hammer, @deepdish, @marge, @revlon. I wonder what they have in common….

Thankful for the opportunity from @hops and @hopper to Q this morning. Quality take out from @purple-haze

#For Toby Virtual Ruck

When 11/23 8am

Where Hickory Tavern Toringdon

What 12 +/- mile ruck

Why for Toby

The CDC reports there is one death by suicide every 12 minutes in the US. This past October it struck our brother F3 Toby out of Cape Fear. He was struggling with what it meant to be a HIM and had reached out to a couple of fellow Pax about meeting one a month to talk about what it means to be a High Impact Man (HIM). A few Pax enthusiastically responded about meeting. Unfortunately less than one week later F3 Toby took his life.

F3 Cape Fear started a fund which will go directly to his wife and kids. A few Pax have agreed to match donations up to $10,000 between now and November 15th. Cape Fear Ruck Club is hosting a 12 mile ruck on 11/23 in Wrightsville Beach. Please consider donating and for all donations received before 11/15 of $20.00 and more they will be sending a #for Toby patch. Donations to be made by Venmo @F3CapeFear, please include your name and mailing address with RUCKforToby in the memo.

We will participate in a virtual ruck Saturday 11/23 8am launching from Hickory Tavern Torrington off of Johnston Rd. We will cover the Lower McAlpine and Four Mile Creek Greenways. Once complete we will have a little 2ndF at Hickory Tavern.

**information received from Cape Fear Ruck Club Facebook.

F3 Thespian: The Affinity Trail

After Bernanke’s announcement about YHC being the lead thespian, 10 PAX at #F3Thrive definitely found their own affinity to the stage.

The Warmup

Everyone pulled up the F3UC Facebook page … clicked on Members … found 3 people they haven’t seen in awhile … messaged them.

Started by the cars. 30 sidestraddle hops, 9 potato pickers, hurdler stretches, & 10 hand-release merckens.

The Thang

  1. Ran to the memorial flags in front of city hall.
  2. Four Corners around circle in front of city hall.
    • 20 lunges (each leg)
    • 20 merckens
    • 20 side lunges (each leg)
    • 20 dying cockroaches
  3. Ran down Affinity Trail to the stage at Crossing Paths Park.
  4. Dora
    • 100 merckens
    • 100 side lunges (each leg)
    • 100 squats
    • 100 dying cockroaches
  5. Run back up Affinity Trail.
    • did some ballerina squats for the 6.
    • did some dying cockroaches for the 6.
  6. Ran back to launch. Sprinted to each tall light pole, 5 sec rest, sprinted to next.
  7. Ran to the wall behind the restrooms.
  8. Mary:
    • Wall sits … lift each knee to chest … I’ve called them skiiers.
    • Wall sits … extend each leg out in front for 7 secs
    • Repeato
  9. El fin.


Despite all the braggadocious threats about being able to summon bears from the forest, when we stopped on the forest trail for merckens, said blitherers were unable to perform. Not the first time they couldn’t perform on call.

Good to see Arsenal out with us. He ain’t kidding about that 50 degrees. We’ll see him again. He loves us, and we love him.

I’m taking suggestions for the name of a new workout. While doing wall sits and while sitting on the wall at 90 degrees, lift knee to chest, one at a time. Holy moly, it’s a good slow burn. Abs and legs. NAME SUGGESTIONS? Today, I called them skiiers.

El fin.


  1. Go to the F3 Union County Facebook page. Click on the list of members. Skim through to see who you know and haven’t seen in a while. Message them and invite them back. Go. Do it. For realzies.
  2. 2nd F opportunity = the SOB/A51 Annual Holiday Party. SIGN UP by 11/10!!! Dinner catered by Brown Bag. Beer, wine, soda, tea, and water. And of course, some of the best musical fellowship around.
  3. 2nd F opportunity = call up an F3 friend and plan a double date to come watch Bonhoeffer in the play AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. The last 5 shows of this legendary Agatha Christie mystery are next weekend … Wed 6th – Sun 10th … so get your tix now. There are many reasons this show is selling out … excellent cast really digging in … fantastic tech … gorgeous staging … chilling journey. What are you gonna do that’s more fun than this?! 》》》…/deta…/and-then-there-were-none

Circuit City!

Perfect morning conditions for F3. A pleasant 50 degrees greeted a big group – 21 Bagpipe & 18 Swift – most having been prepared for colder conditions. I ditched my hat when I got there, and wish I could have ditched the sleeves, to be more like Kirby #GunShow. VQ was really a “Pre-V-Q” for Circuit City, who started posting this Summer, and has become a regular. He did a great job…


-Warmups (Circuit City) of SS Hop, Squat, Little Arm Circles, Merkin, Mtn Climbers.

-Lock Ness for 15 Derkins, 10 Jump ups (both wall stops & picnic tables) (Thanks for the suggestion Mighty Mite). Plank, including that awesome yoga stretch with leg forward, hand straight up…really stretches back/glutes) Learned that 2 weeks ago from Big Tuna.

-Wooded Path- 10 pullups, 10 Jump squats (both spots), meet at exit for Mary (thanks Wild Turkey).

-Partner up- 10 Plank Derkins, 10 Leg/Ab/Throws, all you got up the hill (then same at top)

-Bull Ring- 10 Merkins, 12 Monkey Hump, 10 Superman (do at each speed bump around Bull Ring…6?)

-Mosey toward base, with quick Mary Pit stop (thanks Long Haul). Mosey closer to base, then All You Got up final stretch.

-Mary (Circuit City, with one my Margo) Flutter, Dolly, Heals, American Hammer. DONE!


Circuit City handled the Disclaimer, Warmup, and the Mary to finish off, all like a veteran. During the rest of the workout he was clearly taking mental notes and asking questions of others about planning a good Q. He will have a full “VQ” soon! Despite some recent extensive work travel he was eager to step up and start to lead. Thanks Cooter2 for coordinating the joint Q – Circuit City is a native Wisconsinite (Sheboygan, to be exact), like Heartbreaker (Madison) & YHC (Milwaukee). #GoBadgersPackersBucksBrewers. We covered a lot of ground today, and great job sticking together, including every Clydesdale! (Loogie, Patent, Commish, etc.) A lot of chatter about the “Supermans” – “gonna feel those tomorrow”. Although Loogie’s psychotherapist advised against them, most of us will do well to work the back more than we tend to. Simple, yet seems effective. Shout out to Market Timer, who held his Supermans with tremendous patience & grit!

Hope it was a good workout – great job Circuit City, and we look forward to you stepping up further! Thanks all!!

(Swift: Astro, Gumbo, Woodson, Soft Pretzel, Brexit, Taco Stand, Buckeye, Tiger Rag, One Niner, Hazmat, Flipper, JRR Tolkien, Tuck, Paper Jam, Fire Hazard, Haggis, Hair Ball, Wolverine)

-Holiday Party 11/22…last week to sign up!

-THIS SATURDAY- Vagabond!! Stonehenge is closed, DaVinci is open (McGee on Q)

-Kids outing this Saturday 3pm-activity & service…contact JRR Tolkien

Getting back to Bagpipe

17 PAX arrived for the last Bagpipe post in October. Luckily YHC had come to the last 2 posts to figure out the new parking lot. It’s been awhile! Short disclaimer to the group of vets and off we go towards the parking lot of the hotel next to the gas station.

COP IW x 20 LSS x 20 Usain Bolt x 10 each leg Merkin x 15 Shoulder taps x 15

THANG Round 1: Lifting Mosey over to lance building parking lot partnering up and snagging one lifting rock per pair on the way. Partner 1 repeats said lifting exercises (curls, overhead press, triceps extensions) x 10. Partner 2 runs to to Ballantyne Corporate road and back. Flap jack and repeat 2 times per PAX.

Round 2: The Beast Mosey to other side of parking lot for the Beast. Line up abreast looking at 5 islands ahead. Perform 6X the said excercise at each island and back to start. Total of 4 Rounds (Merkin, Heals to Heaven, CDD, LBC)

Round 3: Wall Work Mosey back to one of the business picnic areas by the pond. Stepups, dips and decline merkins X 15. Repeat twice

5 min of Mary Freddie Mercury X 20 LBC X 20 American Hammer X 20

MOLESKIN Fun to lead this group! Have not posted at Bagpipe in over a year prior to this month. Funny story on the Usain Bolt from COP. YHC’s wife mentioned something she did in a neighborhood women’s workout. Decided to try but did not have a name so went with Usain Bolt as it resembled the starting stance of a sprinter. It shredded the quads! Total of 43 including Swift and 1 FNG (Ketterer Bell). Thanks for coming out!

Preblast for Week 5 of MP-10

Yes, this may seem like a Rehash of Week 2 (actually 4 weeks ago), because it is. The pyramid is coming back down…

Swift will be leaving the new Ballantyne Corp launch point at 0515 on Tuesday for a de-escalating round of Marathon Pace-minus-10 (MP-10).

Here’s the plan:

  • 0445 – Early crew heads off for Warm-up and extra intervals
  • 0515 – MAIN PACK heads off from parking lot near Bagels+BrokenBones (aka OrthoCarolina Ballantyne) for a 10minute warm-up ending at Rushmore & Harney intersection. Will commence with 5 minutes of drills.
  • 0530 – everyone starts the next Interval of 10 minutes at Marathon-Pace-minus-10 (see notes at bottom for more on this pace), 3 minutes recovery on the Loop as follows: from Rushmore & Harney, head South on Rushmore, Left on Ballantyne Commons sidewalk, next Left on Ballantyne Corporate, Left into Bull Ring (aka Brixham Hill Ave) with a quick RIGHT onto the Bull Ring to ride it 3/4 of the way around, Right onto Rushmore.
  • 0540 – At End of Interval #1 – start 3 minutes recovery by regrouping using the OSPF principle – Open Shortest (and Safest) Path First – towards finishing the recovery at the Rushmore & Harney intersection. If you finished your interval on Rushmore, head back up towards the Bull Ring to pickup other PAX. If you finished your interval on the Bull Ring, cut through the parking lots over to Rushmore. If you finished on Ballantyne Corporate, cut back down Harney. The idea is to find a PAX to regroup with, catch your breath, and get in some 2nd F.
  • 0543 – Start Interval #2 for 10 minutes MP-10 from Rushmore & Harney. Recover 3:00 using same regroup ideas.
  • 0556 – Start Interval #3 for 10 minutes MP-10 from Rushmore & Harney.
  • 0606 – Finish the Work. Recover 3:00 until group is back at Rushmore & Harney.
  • 0609 – Option #1 – Continue recovery back to launch point
  • 0609 – Option #2 – More MP-10 for 6 minutes back to launch point
  • 0615 – COT with Bagpipe.

Notes on Marathon Pace minus 10:

These intervals will be run at “MP-10”. This means at your goal marathon pace, minus 10 seconds per mile. If your goal marathon pace is 8:00/mile then your goal pace for this workout would be 7:50 per mile.

Don’t have a goal marathon pace? Well then use this Race Calculator (click for link). Enter a recent race effort (Distance, Finishing Time), click Calculate, go to the Equivalent tab and look at Pace/Mi on the row for Marathon.

If you’ve been a Swift regular and recall Threshold Pace (aka T-pace, aka Comfortably Hard, aka Lactate Threshold), MP-10 ends up being slower than Threshold and somewhere near half the difference to Marathon goal pace.

Here are some other thoughts about the target effort for this MP-10 Strength workout, “So, usually through a combination of running too fast and not maximizing the recovery jog [during a Strength Workout], they get to the 3rd or 4th one and realize they’ve dug a hole they can’t get out of. Remember, Speed Work [which we are not doing this week] usually brings acute discomfort. It’s usually an eye opener from the get go. Strength workouts [that we are doing this week] should sneak up on you. The same effort for the last few should feel fairly hard compared to the first one or two. That’s when you’ve done it right- think slow cooker. You are slowly building that lactic feeling. Never fully recovering from the repeat prior and letting the discomfort slowly add to each successive repeat.“

A Case of the Mondays

8 pax rolled into Elizabeth Lane on a chilly (mid-30s) November morning to attack round 12 of the Total Tension Strength program. We started week 5 with our press pyramid.


  • Hard style elbow plank – 2 x 0:30
  • Hollow body hold – 2 x 0:30
  • Glute bridge – 2 x 0:30

Main Thang:

  • Double clean x 1
  • Double press x 1 (going up by 1 rep per round until you get to 6-8 reps without sacrificing form)
  • Double front squat x 1
  • Renegade row x 1 per side

Chaser: 100 double swings in sets of 10-20

Cool-down: hard style elbow plank x 0:30


Sign up for the holiday party!!!


  • A solid crew for the coldest morning we’ve had in a while at Meathead. The bells (and Hoover’s barbell) were ice cold, but the workout provided plenty of heat.
  • Purell ran a sub-7:00 pace pre-run, which is just absurd. Tiger Rag is nursing some shoulder/collar bone issues, so he opted for a 7+ mile run to and from the workout (also at a sub-7:00 pace). He did join us for the warm-up, but I think that was just so he could heckle Header and Chin Music. #religiousintolerance
  • Without Tiger Rag or Horsehead, the mumblechatter was lighter and tended to stay within the pairs. That’s not always a bad thing when you’re holding 70-100 pounds over your head.
  • Speaking of which, most of the pax I spoke to (YHC included) had a bit of a case of the Mondays. The weights felt heavier and didn’t go up as easily. I think Purell ended up doing half my reps for me with some timely spotting. Hopefully we can shake off the cobwebs in time for Thursday’s squat pyramid.

Day One

You may or may not have noticed, but my attendance has been slipping in the past couple months. Starting last year and through the majority of this year I was getting out 4-5 times a week…my diet was locked down and I was making progress week over week. This summer I hit my lowest weight since early high school at 212 one particularly slim morning. But the past couple months have not been so great. Lately that fear of the scale has been creeping in…If I get on the scale what I assume is happening suddenly becomes true. This is a problem, but I can’t left this slip up define me. This morning, it was back on the scale….230 (WTF am I doing?). So here it is again…day one. Time to recommit to myself, to my health. I’ve lost weight before in my life…and every time I put it all back on. Maintenance is not something I know how to do apparently, so this time its can’t be about doing something drastic that I won’t be able to sustain. I’m going to have to learn how to do the little things. Eat a piece of pizza without it turning into 5…go out to eat and just make a decent choice that won’t leave me feeling like sh!t…and make that the new normal. Some of you may not understand the challenge that maintaining can present, but I’m sure there are some of you out there that are just like me. And if there is anyone else that’s in the same boat…struggling a little to not screw up the good work that you’ve done for yourself, let me know. I know that maintenance doesn’t seem as bad ass as some of the other things this group gets into…but for me it’s the dream.

Enough of that…we worked out today. Here’s how it went down.


  • Mosey to the front of the middle school, circle up
    • SSH x30
    • Imperial Squawkers x 10
    • Potato Pickers x10
    • Calf Stretch
    • Merkins x 20
    • Mountain Climbs x 20

The Thang:

  • Mosey to the start of the path…Burpee Mile!
    • Run down and back twice
    • 5 burpees at each end and at the middle intersection
    • Group did last 5 burpees with the 6
  • Short mosey back to the lot for some core work
    • LBC x20 / American Hammers x20 / Gas Pumps x 15
    • Plank 10s – 6″ 10s – Plank 10s
    • Hot Lap
    • Rinse and Repeat, 2 rounds total
  • Mosey down to the shed – Grab some wall
    • Air jabs x 20 / Shoulder Press x 20
    • Rinse and repeat, 3 rounds total
  • Mosey to the patio behind middle school
    • Dips x30
    • Run to the street and back
    • 3 Rounds total
  • Mosey long way around middle school back to COT w. bear crawl on covered sidewalk


I was a bit grumpy (at myself) coming into the morning, so I wanted a workout that was going to be tough. Hopefully I succeeded at that. The crowd definitely loved starting with the burpees mile (apparently that also made an appearance Friday…oh well). Welcome FNG Drop Cloth (Catfish is on a roll with the FNGs), and it was good to see Gator Cub and his new beard making a reappearance. Great work fellas!


  • Dancing bear is still collecting shampoo and soaps, and using them at home donating them to people in need. Keep bringing him what you have
  • Christ Closet is collecting toy donations all week. Bring them to workouts.
  • Month Happy Hours starting this Thursday. 6:30pm at Queen South. Feel free to come sweaty.
  • Holiday party on 11/16. $15 per person with a $10 (childs) toy or $25 per person without a toy