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You had one job …

YHC has lived in Charlotte for 4 years. During that time blood has thinned, there has been a noticeable decrease in consumption of good italian food, and a noticeable increase in barbeque consumption. Not sure about the correlation here but YHC can say this, 40 degrees is now officially cold. That was this morning’s edition of the KB program, week 6, day 1, leg day.

You know who never skips leg day? Batman … and 6 pax.

Only 6 pax showed up this morning, maybe one of them is batman, maybe not. YHC was expecting to see a parking lot full of buff dudes pre-running, meat-running, slamming brotein shakes, and generally unable to lower their arms. Instead there were 5 reliable pax and one fat Thor (YHC will let you guess who fat Thor is). Wild theories flew across the parking lot about the missing pax including one twerking in his Ms shoes at a wedding that sparked an old football injury. #nojudgement The Wells Fargo pax must have been DR all weekend and taking advantage of the floating holiday, or they converged with MASH/Base Camp/DMZ. They were afraid of getting swole.

Thangs: You should know the program by now. plank hold x 2 for 30 seconds, hollow-body plank x 2 for 30 seconds, glute-bridge x 2 for 30 seconds. Then pyramid the squats up to 6 or 8. Pretty sure most pax went for 8. After 5 minutes of snatches, pretty sure all of these pax are secret service material by now. then back to the static holds. Endex at 0615 on the money.

Cold Moleskinny: Yeah, it was cold. Until set 3 or 4 of squats and then the blood was flowing and the top layer was shed.

Header was flexing his shoulder muscles today trying to imitate Stone Cold. Don’t worry, a few more bowls of Wheaties and you’ll get there, little one.

Chin Music protested when Purell turned off the Taylor Swift. As usual, he and Header were paired up. Maybe this is our Batman and Robin?

Piggly brought the smorgasbord of iron today and made friendly with Chin Music and Header. Someone finally broke up the dynamic duo.

Stone Cold has been keeping his bells in his freezer. Consuming all that high quality protein between sets has left the freezer empty. So fill it with some iron, the M will never notice. But your partner will when lifting ewith no gloves on. By contrast, Purell snuggles with his in bed. that’s how they keep that warm glow by which we can all huddle around to stay warm.

Purell had the Q, the playlist, the speaker, and the stopwatch, but not the backblast. He claims he doesn’t have Horsehead skills to pull it off. News flash: none of us have the loose screws, marbles, and small critters living in our heads that Horsehead can boast.

YHC pulled out the barbell and plates. No one was interested in partnering up. It’s all good, got 3 sets of deadlifts in and some curls-for-the-girls while waiting.

Thanks to Header for taking us out.


There is a holiday party, you might still be able to beg Mighty Mite into a sign-up.

Thursday is shoulder day, come out and tell Header how good his shoulders look.

A bunch of pax are running a bunch of races around town. Get out and support them.

Thank a veteran today. In fact thank a veteran everyday.

“That’s too fast!”

OMG, it was cold! 29 degrees, meaning it was the coldest morning of Fall 2019 to date. Nonetheless, 7 absolute, undeniable studs showed up for this week’s episode of Rock Zero. Important stat……4 dudes wore shorts. 3 dudes wore tights. I’ll be honest, I only wore shorts because I couldn’t find my tights and didn’t want to wake up my M by searching too much….we’ve all been there.

I offered an iron clad disclaimer….we would have a mix of on campus and off campus adventures today. Iron Horse told me this better be a boot camp as his right knee is nursing an injury. I respect IH because he is my elder, but mainly because I am pretty sure he could crush me… I quickly thought about how I could balance this workout. Keep reading.


We immediately jogged off the Calvary campus to The Carrington Swim Club parking lot. The jog helped produce some body heat, then we warmed up with:


The Thang:

Jog to the Windswept subdivision across from Davies Park. We did some Parker Peter and Peter Parker to help us gather our wits (Gummy did them in reverse by mistake….he went to Clemson, after all!). Partner up. Partners run to opposite cul-de-sacs and do 10 merkins OYO. Come back to launch point and do 10 derkins off of your partners’ planked back. Run to the opposite cul-de-sac, do another 10 OYO merkins, and flapjack on the decline merkins upon your return.

Jog across 51 to Davies Park. Wall work for a little while. Partner back up. Partner #1 does stated exercise while Partner #2 runs the parking lot lap. Flapjack upon return. Exercises included:

Dips, step-ups, incline merkins

Wall work again. Let’s mosey back to Calvary. Stopped on the way at Carrington for some Mary (LBC and American Hammer).

Once we got back to Calvary, we ran the North Face three times with 10 CDDs for working recovery at the top (I missed North Face).

Mosey to open area of Calvary parking lot. 4 sets of Mary (freddy mercury, heels to heaven, flutter, rosalita). Then, 10 gassers with various merkins and 10 counts in between.

Mosey back to launch for some quick LBC’s. That’s a wrap.


Good times! Gummy and Geraldo led the Windswept merkin/running activity. Iron Horse said his sprinting was not impacted by his knee injury and he proved it during the gassers. He and Skipper led all of them (Gummy challenged Skipper to one of the gassers and after 10 yards yelled “OK, that’s too fast”……see title). Boerewors and Levi cranked out the Davies circuit activities like the exemplary veterans they are…..speaking of Veterans……thank at least one this weekend! There is no more significant and selfless act than defending your own country!

Geraldo and Hoover….thanks for letting me lead today! I love that AO!

Gummy, thank you for the prayer, man!

Hopper, out!


Sign up for the A51 F3 Holiday Party!

Convergence this Monday for Base Camp, MASH and Matrix. 7:00 at SCMS.


Every day, we each get an opportunity to step up and help someone whether it was the great group of guys who stepped up to load the Christ Closet Truck, Volunteering for setting up the Holiday Party or simply filling in when Popeye was stuck in New York.  For the unfortunate 13 people who decided Commitment was the place to be this Saturday, I had been wanting to try a 60 minute coupon workout to see how it would go.

The Thang

Run up to the entrance of the school to get a view of what you will be seeing all morning.  Run back down to the circle to start the workout.

  • 30 Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 30 Plank Jacks
  • 15 Parker – Peters
  • 15 Patato Pickers
  • 15 Moroccan Night Clubs

Circle up around the Coupons with one man between a block and one man on the block.  Do a Merkin, rotate to one hand on the block, merkin, both hands on the block, merkin, one hand on the block, merkin.  Keep rotating until we completed 21 Merkins.

Grab a Partner and a Coupon

  • One partner lunges with the coupon toward the entrance of the school while the other runs to the entrane and back.  Switch off one they return.  Continue Lunge Walking until both of you are at the school entrance
  • Partner Squats on the way back to the circle.  One partner at the tree does squats with the coupon while the other planks, switch as you run to the next tree.  Repeat all the way back until the 6 hits the circle.
    • That was 130 squats for each of you if you made it around the circle

Now for some wonderful upper body exercises

  • 200 curls with your partner, trading off as one person runs to the end of the parking lot
  • 200 presses with your partner, trading off as one person runs to the end of the parking lot

Circle up for a calf Web

  • 1 Merkin to 4 calf raises to 10 Merkins and 40 calf raises
  • Finish with 3 sets of squat thrusters to make sure we got to the 60 minutes.


Everyone got a full body workout with coupons.  Everyone pushed it and will be feeling the calf raises for the next week.  Six ounce curls will be difficult for the remainder of the day.  I always love the opportunity to lead a great group of guys and find joy in the conversation and challenge.  Shout out to the CSUP group for taking on the 6 mile or 13 mile challenge.


  • Holiday Party- November 16th, 8 PM – Setup at 5:00 PM.  BYOB.  $25 or $15 with a $10 toy.
  • Twinkle Toes will have his VQ at Watchtower on Tuesday
  • Keep pushing to headlock your friends and bring them out for a workout.

But we already did Mike Tyson’s

Picture this:

Three clowns driving away from Watchtower after a pretty solid beatdown.
Clown one: “Man, this knee injury isn’t all bad, I told Chicken Little I couldn’t commit to Q’ing because I’m not sure if it will hold up.”
Clown two: “Aren’t you Q’ing Impromptu on Friday?”
Clown one: “What are you talking about? Wouldn’t I know if I were Q’ing?”
Clown two: “That’s what I read.”
Yada yada yada……..clown one checks back through groupme and his text messages to find out he committed to Q’ing back in like June. And here we are. I am Clown One. From that moment on, I spent my time preparing a weinke like no one had ever seen. By that I mean I moved on with life and forgot about it again. Good news, crazy rain coming through I’m sure not many will show. Have some ideas on how to keep dry………No rain? Like a hundred PAX pulling up one by one….what could possibly go wrong? DiCCS given, we got what we need and I’m going to keep us out of where they’ll be traffic alive? moving.

The Thang

And they’re off, the three horse is in the lead with Gerber and Deadwood right beside him. Opening mosey at a 7 minute mile pace….oops….circle up at Rudy’s Rumble Room the bathroom house…..not enough room….do better

Circle at the circle, imperial walker, Jimmy Dugan, calf stretch, and dry docks…..mosey

Head to the stadium parking lot, LBC’s ……mosey

First alcove, grab some wall. Air presses in cadence and Mike Tyson’s on your own……mosey

Front of the high school, dips on the benches…..mosey

Now let’s run around the high school drop off with parents and their children walking up right to where there’s no path and it’s either wet grass (uh oh Moneyball) or jump in front of cars to the side gym entrance. We’ve got calf raises then more Mike Tysons……mosey

Heading back toward Rudy’s Poop Palace the bathroom we stop for LBC’s again and squats until the 6 and Zinfandel because he always circles for the 6, why can’t you all just get this part right? We’re here for ourselves and each other so circle back and be a better person catches up. We do the squats in cadence then….mosey

Head toward the middle school, grab some wall and do air jabs. Heading towards the front of the school we stop at the alcove and…..MORE MIKE TYSONS. Yes, Banjo I under stand we’ve done these already….thank you …..mosey

Step ups at the picnic table then LBC’s until we’re all done…..mosey

Out to the front of the building we find some bench for incline merkins, ok and more dips. Ugh forgot there were a thousand of us and there clearly isn’t enough benches. Channel your inner Deadwood, AUDIBLE …..mosey

Head towards COT, a sharp right into the alcove closest to it. Let’s do some air presses and you guessed it more Mike Tysons note to self, maybe come back to this because I’m not sure it’s true I may have blacked out by this point of the Q

Back to our original starting point for a variation of the Paula Abdul going three lights forward and one light back three steps forward because opposites attract on the way to Rudy’s Stool Saloon the bathroom we did speed skaters and on the way back LBCs is that right? are people still reading this?

This brought us back to COT with a minute or two to spare. And that was for all of us because here in Waxhaw we circle for the 6. Why do I have to keep telling you people this?

We did some Mary and called it a day.


Thanks for letting me lead. Strong push by all involved. Welcome to the FNG, Flip or Flop. And thank you to Dough Boy for taking us out.


Bring back my patio

4 Prerunners on the hills, 2 on the flats. Shout out to One Niner and General for pushing me to run the hills, and One Niner for slowing his pace to roughly half his regular and running with me. I PR’ed the damned thing and he was barely even breathing hard. That hilly prerun is something else. You’ll get about 250 ft of elevation in the mile down and back Point Carpenter.

Back for the main event YHC popped the tailgate to reveal several stacks of pavers, roughly 10 pounds each. PAX grab a paver each and make sure to treat it nice because you’re spending the next 45 minutes with it. Disclaimer given and we’re off.


A mosey to the basketball court. PAX are thinking, “These pavers aren’t so bad. This will be a piece of cake.” At least that’s what I think they’re thinking. So, on my call we lift them above heads and hope nobody drops them on their skull. We’ll pull this trick for every mosey during the workout. Arrive to the courts and the first 3 exercise are the only time that paver was put down.

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x 50 IC
  • Front raise with paver x 20 IC

The Thing

Mosey to the front of the baseball field, alternating pavers overhead and held in front. 7’s on the hill with

  • Newton’s Cradle – a Merkin over the paver, then in plank position alternate raising the paver to each side with a straight arm.
  • Burpee with paver – Merkin on paver, jump up with paver overhead.

Mosey to the playground, with a little backward running with a paver overhead, and partner up. Dora with running PAX holding the paver overhead, and exercising PAX using the paver for core work.

  • 100 x V-ups
  • 200 x American Hammers
  • 300 x LBC’s

We had about 5 minutes left so a mosey back to the launch, picking the pavers overhead again.

Finish time with 4 rounds of Jack Webb with the paver.

COT & Announcements

  • Holiday Party signup deadline on the 10th
  • YHC has been voluntold to take over site Q responsibilities
  • Thanks to One Niner for taking us out


This might have been my most fun Q yet. I feel like I say that every time, but this one I prepared for with practice laps and exercises with the pavers around my hood the night before to tweak the beatdown just right. The Newton’s cradle was a tough one and worked well for 7’s because you do max 6 of them. I’m glad to be able to give back to this group with not only this Q, but taking over as site Q as well. Thank you all!

  • Brexit

Coupon Webb


A moleskin is a fabric that’s used to prevent or treat injury. In the backblast its an opportunity to wax poetic about the events of the morning; kind of like a moleskin for the soul. Generally we put the moleskin last but today I wanna put it up front for anyone that gets bored easily and quits reading.

For those of you unaccustomed to gear workouts, they’re a bit different than your typical bootcamp for a variety of reasons, but a big one is how much time you need to set up and tear down. Between the coupons, dumbbells, tire, slam balls, etc. it takes a bit to lug it over to the workout area and arrange it for the PAX. So I’m always impressed by the guys that get there early and stay late to help set things up even when it isn’t their day to Q. This isn’t to call out anyone who hasn’t done that, but rather to thank those that have. It is noticed and it is appreciated. Plus, it’s a nice little bonus workout you didn’t know you were getting!

The Thang:

Typical Diesel station-based workout, done with a partner for the mumble chatter:

  • Awkward Farmer’s Carry Timer – Carry one of those weights (pretty sure it started at 40 lbs and magically grew to about 80) around the two islands
  • Tire Flip
  • Moroccan Night Clubs with Dumbbells
  • Tricep Extensions with Kettlebells
  • Big Boy Situps with Slam Ball
  • Bicep Curl with Dumbbells
  • Resistance Band Flys
  • Lateral Raises with Dumbbells

We did two rounds each of the timer then moved on to the Coupon Webb. Lots of groaning…before, during, and after.

1 Squat Thruster / 4 Bent Over Rows
2 Squat Thrusters / 8 Bent Over Rows

10 Squat Thrusters / 40 Bent Over Rows

Back to the station work from above for another two rounds. A little slower on the Farmer’s Carry this time for some reason…

Did I mention the groans? Big 10 was excited when I described round 2 of the Coupon Webb:

1 Merkin (on the Coupon) / 4 Calf Raises (on the Coupon)
2 Merkins / 8 Calf Raises

10 Merkins / 40 Calf Raises

Back to the station work where I’m pretty sure everyone intentionally tanked to make sure we didn’t have time for another Coupon Webb.

Gonna feel it tomorrow!


Wait, another moleskin? Well, it’s best to apply before and after to minimize injury and speed healing.

  • Big 10 – A Diesel regular and it shows. Wanna know what Diesel can do for you? Check out those guns! He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s on Q for next week.
  • Catfish – This dude drives from Unionville, which is something like 6 hours away, multiple times a week to get his butt kicked by F3 Waxhaw. If you ever need motivation to get out of bed and post, just look at this HIM
  • Draper and Mayhem- New to Diesel but it sounds like we might have some regulars. Both guys pushed hard and I didn’t hear any complaints, even during our stupid Coupon Webbs. Welcome aboard!
  • Posse – Always happy to see Posse when I post. He may not realize it, but he’s been a great encouragement to me to push through the fun of being a Site Q and the intricacies involved…Much respect

Thanks Catfish for taking us out


  • Vagabond – Tomorrow (11/9/19) at Hickory Tavern in Waverly. 6:30am
  • Christ’s Closet – Tomorrow (11/9/19 at the Stratford YMCA @ 1946 West Blvd – M and 2.0 friendly. 9:00am to 1:00pm
  • Diesel is looking for guys to Q. It’s not hard. None of that crazy in cadence counting. Look at a few backblasts for ideas, lay out the gear and we all do it together. Wanna spice it up? Look at Foundation’s Q to see what kind of fun you can get into. Talk to myself or Brutus to get on the schedule

Chasing the Gopher

YHC pulled into the parking lot with a few minutes to spare where I found Slim Fast and Sensei back from the Slim Fast 5k looking pretty warmed up. At 0530 the Pax was properly disclaimed, when we see Dora coming in hot. We completed some merkins while Dora jumped out of the minivan and joined us.

The Thang:

We Moseyed over to the bus parking lot, YHC almost turned left to the church parking lot but quickly digressed.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Low Slow Squats x 15
  • Windmills x 10 (for Dora)
  • Eight Count Body Builders x 10 IC (Crowd pleaser)

Feeling warmed up, we headed to the little hill behind the ball field for Sevens, Merkins at the bottom and Squats at the top.

Now that we were really warmed up, we moseyed over to the track for a quick lap then gather back at the bus lot. Time for an oldie but a goody, the Gopher. Partner up, size and speed does not matter. Partner 1 runs a lap around the track, while Partner 2 runs back to the bleachers behind the ball field and complete the circuit of 10 incline Merkins, 15 Dips, and 20 Step-ups (10 each leg). When finished, meet your partner halfway for 10 handslap Merkins, then flap jack. We go until time is called.

I think we managed to get three rounds when I looked at my watch and it was time to head back to the launch point for some Mary. If I remember correctly we completed Flutter Kicks, Hello Dollys and, Rosalita. Another quick look at the watch and we had time for 5 Burpees OYO.



  • It’s refreshing to have the Fall climate finally arrive. Although YHC was sure to find Slim Fast wearing pants since it was sub 50 degrees, but he was still in shorts. Swiss Miss however was in pants, no surprise there.
  • There was to be no Sally or Thunderstruck today, nor any playlist.
  • The Gopher makes for an easy #weinke, but also pushes you, lots of you vs. you.
  • When YHC provided the instructions for the Gopher Dora said “What did I do to piss you off?” He was out there and pushing himself, getting stronger every week coming back from the broken foot.
  • Slim Fast was trying to use the Jedi Mind Trick on YHC when he tried to get me to change the rep counts for to 10 for all of the exercises. Valiant effort to no avail.
  • Strong work from Arsenal this morning, I hadn’t seen him in some time and reintroduced myself.
  • #Kotters to Swiss Miss who hasn’t been posting to many boot camps lately but can be found regularly at #Gumby.
  • Tweetsie was missed but he has the Q next week. I heard he recently/finally turned 30. It’s all downhill from here son.
  • Lois is feeling enlightened having to learn all he needs to know about compliance this week. “Fraud is bad”.
  • Nice to meet DNR today, which this was only his second post ever. I got to partner up with him when Slim Fast had to leave early. Good job and keep it up.
  • Sardine #Refusniked the last trip to the bleachers and modified to merkins,
  • Thanks to Sensei and Lois for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumblechatter.


  • Veteran’s Day Convergence at BaseCamp 0700 Thunder Road and Hopper on Q
  • Area 51/SOB Christmas Party 11/22 6:30 PM, details here
  • Gobble Wobble 5K 11/9 Register here

Friday AMRAP @ Cerberus

11 men gathered at Cerberus for some Friday morning festivities. YHC is the co- site Q at Centurion with Mermaid. Last night, Mermaid sent a pre-blast for his Centurion Q this morning. The pre-blast referenced a conversation last week when YHC requested a FAMRAP this week since YHC would not be in attendance. This left YHC no choice but to bring the FAMRAP to Cerberus. Challenge Accepted!


Mosey to the south side parking deck for a warm up. LSS x 20 – IW x 20 – Mountain Climber x 20 – Usain Bolt x 10 each leg


FAMRAP – Begin at top of parking deck for 20 jump squats. Run down staircase for 5 burpees at the bottom. Run around block with 5 burpees at far corner. Run back to parking deck for 20 merkins at 2nd sewer drain. Bear crawl to cross walk and back up staircase. Repeat As Many Reps As Possible.


Flutter kick x 25 – Freddie Mercury x 25 – Heels to Heaven x 25 – LBC x 25 – American Hammer x 15 – Run back to launch site and DONE!


Beautiful weather for my virgin post at Cerberus. It was fun to venture out of YHC’s comfort zone to see some new faces. This is a fantastic site with many options. YHC will be back. Thanks Alf for the invite to lead!


Holiday Party 11/22 – $30 per person and deadline to sign up is Sunday, 11/10. Look for the preblast or find Mighty Mite on slack to sign up

Vagabon (sp?) – Hickory Tavern 0630 on 11/9 – 13ish miles among 6 AO’s

West Side Whoopin’ – Stratford YMCA 0630 on 11/9 – Shorter running options than Vagabon

Centurion FAMRAP

PAX: Brilleaux, Lorax, Champagne, Thunder Road, Mr. Magoo, Snuka, Bout Time, Fallout, Tagalong, Lambeau, Mermaid

11 men posted for a Centurion FAMRAP. YHC put out a preblast that is below. Disclaimer given during the initial mosey to make sure of 0530 start. Couple of the crew pulled in at the buzzer. Off we went.

A couple of weeks ago, A51 Nantan, Alf, brought a taste of WAMRAP (Wednesday As Many Reps As Possible) to Centurion. It was brutal. A swift kick in the teeth. Just what the men of Centurion needed. Margo, Centurion co-site Q with YHC, has requested that this be a monthly occurrence at Centurion. At least in November, when he has the Cerberus Q tomorrow, and will not be in attendance. We will do a warm up mosey, COP, and then run a modified Redemption Loop for approximately 35 minutes. It will go like this:

Start at Level 4, Stairwell 1 (closest to the Tartarus entrance)

20 Jump Squat

Descend stairs to ground. 5 Burpees. AYG clockwise around the football field. Stop at Scoreboard (far left corner from Start). 5 Burpees. Continue AYG around field to Visitor Entrance (2nd Entrance on your left).

20 Merkins. Bear Crawl to the crosswalk. AYG up Stairwell 1.

Repeat as many reps as possible. Stay to the right on stairs. Men will be going up and down. 

So the above preblast was the plan. We got through 5 loops before the traffic picked up on campus. There must have been a field trip or something. A bus pulled in, students, staff, even the garbage truck. All cruising through the thoroughfare between Tartarus and the football field, which happened to be part of our loop. Q called for a stop at the end of the 5th loop. Quick Mary to regroup.

Continue with FAMRAP theme.

Start at Stairwell 1 Level 4. 20 Jump Squat. AYG to Stairwell 2. 10 Heels to Heaven. Descend to ground. 5 Burpees. AYG to Stairwell 1 up to Level 4. Repeat until 0614. Mosey back to launch. We got 4 of these in.



Fallout had the prototype Garmin GPS tracker on his wrist. He called it a great triathalon watch. Tagalong referenced Back to the Future. Sure enough, on the ride home, saw a kid on a hoverboard cruising down Carmel. Shit you not, really happened. Couldn’t figure out what the kid was riding until I got close. Marty McFly shit there. Must be a sign that it is time to introduce my 2.0’s to the cinematic genius of that movie. Guarantee my son will want a Delorean after watching. He’s into cars right now. Probably will be putting the hoverboard on the Christmas list if I had to guess. We’ll see. Keep you posted on that.

Magoo had on his signature hi-vis warm-up jacket, complimented with pants. The rest of us had on shorts and t-shirts. Just saying.

Simple plan this morning. You really can’t go wrong with an AMRAP. Get that heart rate up and spend some quality time in the pain cave. Solid crew getting after it. Missed our co-site Q, Margo. He was over at Cerberus on Q. Sure he put a good one together for those men. Time for a garbage pickup at Catholic. The deck was littered.

Thanks to Thunder Road for the takeout.


Vagabond is Saturday. Awesome CSAUP opportunity. Preblast HERE

Veteran’s Day Convergence on Monday 11/11 at South Charlotte Middle School. Thunder Road and Hopper on Q.

Sparta – 11/7/2019

Pax – Joker, Gypsy, Arena, Cage, Christmas, Full House, Retread

Workout: 5ish miles of running, with a few LBC, merkins, squats, dollys, flutters and planks.

Good group of guys this morning.  As usual, the PAX were entertained by my multiple layers of clothing.  As far as I’m concerned, 52 degrees in the dark is very cold.