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“He’s a virgin, it’s supposed to be a tight circle”

Warm Up

Mosey around the parking lot and circle by cars (nice tight circle)

  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • Calf stretch
  • Jimmy Dugan

The Thang

Mosey to far corner by bus entrance.

4 Corners around the the front of the school full length alternating 5 merkins and 5 BBS at each corner

End where we started and circle back for the 6.

Light poles to the end alternating 10 merkins and 10 Bobby Hurleys

Mosey to the corner of the parking lot for some more corners. Start with Tysons, run to the next corner and do a workout then run back. Hit every workout on the way to the next corner then back:

5 Tysons

10 H2H

15 Dry docks

20 Am. Hammers

25 LBCs

Recover for 6 to stay at the last corner instead of heading back.

A few more minutes? …. Bear Crawl to COT with 5 merkins between each island (15 merkins total? Not sure – I think I blacked out)


Thank you guys for letting me lead today for my Boot Camp VQ. Appreciate everyone giving a great push (we got 3+ miles and roasted shoulders) and we definitely earned those Thanksgiving calories this week!

Thank you for taking us out Mad Dog.


Prayers to Old McDonald, Mad Dog, and their families – they are going through some rough points and I know our brothers here are supporting them. There are others having a tough time so let’s make sure we always look to reach out and help, especially during the holidays we remember all we have to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving – Elon Park football game 7am, Lawson & Millbridge both have 5ks.

Dec. 7 – Effies at Briarcrest. BYOB, chips, snacks, no money needed.

Dec. 14 – Waxhaw cleanup, after commitment there is coffeteria at Crossroads in town, then cleanup after

Dec. 14 – Zin’s Holiday Beer Share – bring beer and have fun

Friday – Volunteer opportunity for Weddington playoff football game. With the relaunch of the Weddington site this is a good way to get back in their good graces. Time: from half hour before to half hour after game.

So I’ve got that goin for me, which is nice

Diccs Given

Warm Up

.35 M Mosey into Marvin Creek, Left down Turkey Hunt Ct down to Cul De Sac. SSH IC, Jimmy Doogans, Moroccan Night Clubs IC, Merkins IC, Plank Jacks IC.

The Thang

Mosey back up Turkey Hunt Ct towards Groves Edge, Left onto Groves Edge and Stop at Trail Entrance. At every house, alternate between 5 Bobby Hurleys and 5 Squats. Approximately 9 houses.

Mosey up to side of school by parking lot. Grab Some Wall. ‘Donkey Punch Web’ – 10 Mike Tyson’s, 20 Donkey Kicks, 9 Mike Tyson’s, 20 Donkey Kicks…all the way down to 6 Mike Tysons, 20 Donkey Kicks

Partner Up. 1 Partner at opposite end of parking lots lined up with cones, facing each other. Both Pax broad jump – burpee, repeat until partners meet up. 5 Hand Slap Merkins. Bear Crawl remaining distance to cones. Mosey around the island in opposite directions until partners meet up, 5 Hand Slap Merkins, Mosey back to parking lot cones starting point. Repeat 5X’s.

Circle Up, with Partners. 2 sets of partners run backwards around island. AMRAP of the following exercises until all runners are back. Once runners are back, 4 more pax run backwards, etc. Go until everyone has gone 2X.

V sit ups, LBC’s, American Hammers, Flutters, Bobby Hurley’s, something else I forgot

Grab some wall, complete Donkey Punch web, 5 Mike Tysons, 20 Donkey Kicks down to 1 Mike Tyson, 20 Donkey Kicks

Circle Back up w/ partners. 4 pax run backwards around island, the rest complete AMRAP of following exercises, switch exercises once running pax are in, next 4 run, etc.:

Merkins, Squats, Plank Jacks

Hot lap around Circle to COT.


Check other backblasts/group me for Friday AO start times and locations, I think 6:30am start times?

Elon Park football game, check slack for details on Thursday

Lawson and Millbridge have Turkey Trot 5K’s on Thanksgiving morning

One Start took us out – reach out to those alone or in need during this week.

Cold As Bell

5 PAX showed up on a cold as hell late November morning at Tweet & Meat.  DIICS delivered and away we went.


  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Hillbillys X 20 IC
  • 5 Explosive Merkins OYO
  • Mosey to bottom of Murderhorn.  10 burpees OYO, run back to launch

The Thang


10-KB Merkins

15-KB Rows

20-KB goblet squats

-1st round we did together, repeat 2x more OYO

7’s on the Hill (Merkins at the bottom, Squats up top.  Oh yeah, and you have to take your bell/bag with you!)

Finished off by “Climbing the Ladder”, KB Thrusters and Big Boy Situps 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc. until 10.  Saved by the bell, didn’t have to go back down the Ladder.



  • Holiday Party was a success.  Mighty Mite is a karaoke legend.  Thank you to Voodoo for not giving us a hard time resulting from yesterday’s Panthers collapse at the hands of your Saints!

Ignition – With Gear?

6 PAX signed up for the minimum 4+ mile bootcamp even after some questionable intense marketing by YHC on GroupMe last night. Not a full length weinke was planned but YHC had some ideas of what was to come with the off-campus tour.


  • DCCS loosely given but strong emphasis on the S(afety) portion . . . Headlamps and reflective gear
  • Run around MS and head into new side of Lawson
    • SSH x 15
    • T-Tap Merkins x 10 (T-Merkin with should taps)
    • Reverse Plank MC and PP


  • Every street light til Papaw Lane: 5 T-Tap Merkins
  • All you got to the cul de sac on Great Road where some gear magically appeared
  • Team up in groups of 3
  • Catch me if you can
    • P1s: Run with Slamball up Great Road til 5th street light
    • P2s & P3s: 25 overhead presses with 40lb dumbbell and catch the P1 from the other team
    • Complete as many T-Tap merkins as the P1 made it before you caught him
    • Repeat 6 times up and down (5 burpees on way down hill)
  • Burpee Indian Slamball Run (BISR)
    • PAX in back does Burpee, picks up 20lb slamball, and runs to front of line while dropping the slamball as he passes the last guy
  • More T-Tap merkins
  • More BISR
  • Some 7s on Hill with sprints and Knee ups
    • Audible due to neighborhood kennel waking up
  • More BISR
  • More Reverse Planks (Flutters, MC, and PP)
  • Finish with All you got up and down path (half running backwards)


  • Thanks to Hooch for texting me about the reverse plank moves last night; always like to try new things
  • Kudos to Hooch for BUSTING it today and not letting Hollywood and Carb Load catch him
  • Hollywood showed up this morning after doing the Spartan on Saturday . . . Well done and very impressive
  • Rubbermaid is a model . . . of consistency. Always great to have in the group and never quits
  • Goodfella and Carb Load set the pace today and you could tell they were pushing themselves to the limit on a number of the runs . . . When you are pushing yourselves you are often pulling me along with you so I appreciate the help


  • See Flash Backblast for the announcements . . . Thanks Easy Button
  • Dec 14th Service Project: Clean up Downtown Waxhaw. Post-Commitment workout. Look for details from Carb Load. #ThirdF
  • Tuesday:
    • Rudy on Q at Bushwood.
    • VQ ALERT: Smithers at Watchtower
  • Friday:
    • Workouts start at 6:30am (Holiday hours)
  • Thursday:
    • Turkey Trot at Millbridge and Lawson
    • Football at Elon Elem . . . See Easy Button or Dasher for details
    • Mad Dog’s Father-In-Law went in for heart surgery today


Flash Backblast

Dicc’s given Mosey around to front of middle school for warm up.

Warm up

20 x SSH

20 imperial walkers

Calf stretches

14 x Plank jacks

The Thang

Head over to the path behind the middle school for Paula Abdul’s. Run up 2 lights and complete 10 Bobby Hurley’s.  Run back 1 light and complete 10 Speed skaters.  Repeat up 2 back 1 all the way to transporters shed.

Since we are at transporters shed…let’s go ahead and knock out 10 mike Tysons.

Mosey over to high school parking lot for burpee ladder.  Run across lot to island and complete 1 burpee, run back across lot to island and complete 2 burpees.  Zig zag across parking lot increasing by 1 burpee at every island you pass.  Ended up with 9 burpees at the last island.  This one was a fan favorite.

Mosey to front of middle school. (stop and do some more mike Tysons on the way).  At the front of the middle school complete 20 dips at the bench and then complete a half lap around the parking lot.  Rinse and repeat x 3.

Take the long way back to COT around the back of the middle school. Stop and do a couple more Mike Tysons on the way.  Back at COT just in time.

The Moleskin

Great job for all those that attended. thanks for pushing yourselves and allowing me to lead you.


  • Lawson has an official 5k on Thursday morning.  Known as the greatest 5k in all of Union County.  This is usually the most attended and most competitive race of the year in this town.  It is a can’t miss event!! You’d be foolish not to attend.
  • Millbridge has a 3.1 mile jog Thursday.
  • Friday – Holiday hours – Workout starts at 6:30am.
  • Flag football game at Elon Park on Thursday 7:00am.
  • Smithers – VQ at Watchtower tomorrow
  • Rudy – on Q at Bushwood tomorrow
  • Dec. 14 – Downtown cleanup immediately following Commitment
  • Dec. 7th – Effies.
  • Mad Dog has the finest gloves ever created for ones hands.  Please DM him for details on what you are missing out on.

Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out!!

Fun Run

Transporter- Damascus- Posse- Fuse – Swimmers-ShopDog- Chipotle- Akbar-
Dana- BigTuna- Smokey- Loafer

F3 Asylum – Monday 25th at 5:15am

Transporter- Damascus- Posse- Fuse – Swimmers-ShopDog- Chipotle- Akbar-
Dana- BigTuna- Smokey- Loafer

Run – around the parking lot to Novant Health

20 x SSH
10 x Merkins
Stretch the Legs
Run to the Target Circle for 10 Burpees

Target wall
Wall hands raises 25x

Run the sidewalk into the Wesley Oaks-neighborhood
10 Carolina Dry docks
Al Gores – 20 seconds

Run to the top of the hill
Every other light on the right
10 LBC
10 Merkins
10 Dry-dock
Mosey to the clubhouse

At the Clubhouse – cinder block surprise
15 curls
Run the lot
15 tri
Run the Lot
15 overhead
Run the Lot
15 wiehted burpees
Run the Lot

Run up to stop sign – 10 LBC
Run up hill to the stop sign as fast as you can- look out for the Dog going crazy
Plank for 20 seconds

Run back to site –
Every other light
10 LBC
10 Carolina Dry docks
10 Merkins
10 Dry docks

Target Parking Lot
LBC 10
Plank 30 seconds
Stretch those Legs again

Jailbreak back to Brooklyn 2 minutes left
LBC 10
Dolly’s 10
Burpees 10

Nice work to the entire group !
We put in 2.90 miles !

#For Toby (Virtual)

As I woke up this morning with the forecast calling for rain would I be completing a solo ruck or would other lunatics join me for an adventure.

Today 5 Pax from Waxhaw joined me on the virtual #forToby ruck in South Charlotte. For those that do not know Toby was part of F3 Cape Fear who took his life in early October. F3 Cape Fear started a fundraiser for his family and a ruck in Wrightsville Beach for this morning. Knowing we are all family in an attempt to raise awareness I put together a virtual ruck for this morning. The CDC states one person dies by suicide every 12 minutes in the US.

Today along the 12 miles in the gloom and pouring down rain we grew closer, told stories, and laughed. We learned wet bridges are slippery when wet and covered in leaves as well.

After about the 8 mile mark we arrived back at the trail head to Hickory Tavern. We lost 2 Pax and the rest kept moving to round out the 12 miles. Did I mention the rain, this was Forest Gump Rain, rain came down, from the left and right, then started coming up towards the end. We finished the ruck, headed to Hickory Tavern for some 2nd F and more stories.

Overall today was a great time considering the reason for the ruck. We all got to know each other a little more, some of which will be used in the future on The Playhouse when the time is right.

We all have our issues, no one is perfect. if you need to talk reach out to someone close to you. If you see someone struggling reach out, get out of your comfort zone have the talk and be there for him.

I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite a while.

While enjoying my coffee on Friday morning, I got a text from Hops looking for a substi-Q so he could enjoy all that the SOB Holiday party had to offer. I checked the weather before agreeing to it – 52 and slight chance of rain. Alright, I’m in. Same forecast when I went to bed and even when I got up this morning – 40% chance of rain around 8:00. So I was a little surprised when I got outside and it was actively raining pretty hard. Surprisingly, 9 other guys showed up, equally fooled by the weather apps on their phones. It didn’t let up through the whole workout.

So we did some stuff. We started with 2 SSHs and ended 2 minutes early. See Geraldo for a refund.

Other notes:
– Purell pre-ran 6.5 miles. Insulting.
– The rain made Deep Dish’s hair a mess by the end. First time I’ve seen that.
– OT thought he had a good enough head start on one of the AYG runs, but Purell was just toying with him and blew by him with 50 yards left.
– It’s always good to have the Carlson twins there. Thanks to Slow Roll for making the drive down from up north.
– Runstopper’s post-workout vest was disturbing.

Party in the books!

It was far from The Gloom for SOB/A51/Waxhaw Holiday Party. Mild conditions & a well-planned Weinke led to a great night. An unprecedented pre-Thanksgiving date was picked due to limited December weekends in 2019. Approximately 81 Pax & M’s came out to get their social on, and seemed to leave feeling just fine.

Disclaimer was given.

Mighty Mite & War Eagle did the bulk of the logistic work, and Doc McStuffins was the charitable host. We missed Thin Mint, who forgot he was running a marathon in Philly, and had to pack & fly to PA, but he was a wise consultant through the entire planning process. Kid Rock was also unable to attend due to a prior engagement to climb 8 mountains the next morning, but he was generous in helping arrange beverages, coolers, ice, keg etc. He even cleaned the kegertor lines prior, so the Goose Island IPA wouldn’t taste like White Claw.

Kudos to food choice & prep – Brown Bag. Chedder ate all of the bread pudding, but there was plenty of other excellent food. Beverage array was broad as well.

The karaoke was a risk, but a calculated one. Mighty Mite gets either credit or blame for the idea, while One Star & Bucky became accomplices (which is 100% in the comfort zone of One* but not the other). Mighty warmed up with “Wagon Wheel”, and bounced across genres all night. OneStar is practically professional in the karaoke/MC department, and brought it all night whenever needed. Escobar got his Ricky Martin shake on, and was soon swarmed by several M’s. The karaoke enthusiasm seemed to launch to a new level when “I Want It Than Way” created a swell of participation, both at the mic, and throughout the crowd (#guiltypleasure), making it unclear who actually picked the song. Buckeye’s M was googly-eyed watching him as he journeyed through the the Proclaimers “500 miles”. War Eagle took a break from CornHole domination to reflect about all his “Friends in low places”, clearly a shot as his fellow Pax. Culdesac put it all out there with “Paradise City”, as his M said she has never loved him more – (what a day for him…Q of The Brave in the AM, then singing & dancing in a sport coat in the PM) #MostInterestingManInTheWorld. Duets then got hot, as Circuit City & M finally couldn’t resist, going with a bold Whitney Houston cut (with Mrs Frehleys & Mrs Kirby dancing behind them in unison) , as did MicCheck & M with “Islands in the stream” and Frehley’s & M with “I’ve got you Babe”. Wingman’s M must have said 10 time that she wouldn’t sing any karaoke, but full on sprinted to the mic at least 5 times when undeniable favorites came on (“Gin & Juice”). Hops studied long & hard to pick out his song – his specs must have been detached & reattached 23 times before making the decision (one for each year of marriage), finally making his choice and demonstrating that he is not only a spiritual leader & master of trivia, but also a smooth alto crooner.

Kudos to those who attended knowing they were traveling early for big events (Philly Marathon for Tuck, Bunker) and Spartan Race (M of Tagalong). And T-Claps to those who also woke up to post Stonehenge (Chedder, Teleporter, Nard Dog, Culdesac, Circuit City)!!

Fun times, but so fantastic to hang and connect with Pax & M’s. We bonded, tipped a few back, and just hung out as brothers & sisters in this Journey called life. “Don’t Stop Believin”

A Submarine Trivia Morning

Since Delta missed the Veterans week workouts, he rebooted for a submarine trivia and facts morning and when mistakes were made had the PAX perform 6-8-8s in honor of the First and Finest SSN Los Angeles. 6 -8-count body builders as done in boot camp followed by 8 squats (6-8-8). With so little submarine trivia known by the PAX, this exercise was completed many times.

Mosied to warm up location. Performed a normal typical warm up. Followed by a 6-8-8 when the PAX did not know what submariners called all surface ships, even though they were standing right in front of the Target store. Mosied to next location where in honor of 126 years of CPOs, we did 126 bear crawls. This was followed by lunge-lunge-squat total 12 in honor of certain design criteria of an SSBN (all unclassified information of course). Then the PAX did get the next two trivia questions correct in regard to a certain President’s acting career as a submarine captain and therefore they were rewarded with 25 double count LBCs for both questions. This was followed by 46 single leg mountain climbers at each speed bump (6) for a total of 288; another important number. Then the PAX failed another trivia question on the first submarine used in warfare and had to do another 688. Mosied to next location. BTW – the answer is the Turtle in 1776 and not the Hunley.

Another trivia question was asked and this time I was nice and allowed a partial answer which this time it was the Hunley so we did 25 double count LBCs. Then Performed a mixture of your own count of dips, step ups and dirkens for a total of 154 a number important for SSGNs.

Mosied to next location for two reps of 22 squats and 11 merkins in honor of special warfare personnel who can ride on submarines. This was followed by another trivia question that the PAX did get right in naming the only nuclear officer who became a US President. Well done for getting this one. Then we mosied some more with a Crazy Ivan audible and then finished up back at the start for 4 more 8 count body builders in honor of the number of torpedo tubes and then followed by what I called down bubble which really was another name for protractor.

All in all, the PAX learned while sweating.