When I pulled into the lot this morning at 5:26, there were three cars, including mine (Gloss and Motorboat were sitting in Gloss’ car like two members of the vice squad on a stake-out). It was looking like a low turn-out. Miraculously, cars started streaming in like the set of Field of Dreams (kind of) until 18 hearty soles were present for an expectedly cold morning at Hydra.

I greeted.

I disclaimed.

I started running and men followed me.

Warm up:

There was a lot of barrier tape at OPES this morning so after two failed attempts at entering gates, we finally found our way to the far baseball field. We did IW’s, LSS, MCs and Hillbillies.

The Thang:

I lined the men up at the outfield fence. I instructed to jump the fence 10 times, but after each jump, do 1 merkin, then 2 merkins and so on up to 10. This may be a stretch, but I think 20% of the attendees may have listened to me. Can’t blame them….the grip at the top of the fence was slick and one could cut a chin or something worse…let’s move on.

Jog to the back football practice field. Six or so sets of grinders with LBC, CDDs, HR Merkins and Freddy Mercury worked in.

Run through the path in the woods to Foxworth. Partner up. Partner 1 runs the hill and performs 5 Monkey Humpers while Partner 2 does lunges towards the dead end. 5 sets each (some cheated, but I won’t name names).

Native American run back to OPES.

Mary back in the parking lot followed by ten 50 yard gassers.

LBC’s back at the launch.


I’d love to write a bunch of crafty things about the workout and the great men who attended, but Word Press is being ornry right no and I cant handle it anymore. You’d think our monthly F3 dues would pay for better technology…..everyone else Alf via direct deposit, right?

No Hydra next week. Convergence at Rea Farms at 7:00.

Gummy and Sprockets, thanks as always for the opportunity to lead.

Semi-Gloss, thanks as always as embarking on a great prayer!

Oh, and Hops, thanks for the great stand-up comedy on Monkey Humper impersonations.

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1 year ago

Great backblast title.
Some sundry things to note:
* Foghorn does not respond when referred to as Pitchfork
* Semi-gloss does not do sprints, anyone else notice him jogging lightly as we did the AYG grinders?
* saw one eye running after the work out down Rea. T-claps for the extra credit
* runstopper was jealous of foghorn’s full body tights as noted by Gummy

1 year ago

*Highly unlikely foghorn will ever return after 1) being called pitchfork (an awesome name… I can’t believe its not taken already) 2) being impersonated by Hops rubbing his legs up n down, and 3) being ragged on for his skintight silver-bullet outfit (completely self-imposed).
*I personally enjoyed my time from 5:27 to 5:29 in Puddin Pop’s cushy warm lexusNexus cabi, and highly recommend it as an alternative to standing in the cold. (He promised to have the shotgun seat warmer cranked for me next time, and claims he would’ve slept thru the entire workout, had I not barged in at 526)
*solid Q, Hopper! Thanks

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