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It always looks better on paper

It’s inevitable. You say to yourself, “Self, let’s make this easy on ourselves.” Then as you mull over “the plan” you add a little something here and there, then take away or theme it somehow. Two hours later you’ve crafted the “perfect” steaming pile of workout you can think of and avoided work successfully. Theme? Check. Cones? Check. Paper handouts? Check. Trivia? Check. Confusion and mutiny? Maybe. Let’s do this!

8 pax accepted the challenge of cold, wind and most certainly, pain. They came layered in spandex and sweats to battle the cold as best they could. Some had shorts. There were no t-shirts. I had the famous baklava. I looked silly, but remained toasty warm. #winning

Quick DCCS, partner up with similar speed and off we go, but not without 5 Burpees OYO. Stop quick as a possible LIFO drove in. Nope, just security. Well, we’re here already so let’s do some COP.

  • SSH x15
  • IW x15
  • Merkin x10
  • Mtn Climber x10.

All warmed up, we mosey out to the lot adjacent to HWY 51 where I introduced a rather aggressive Weinke. But first a message from Monday. It was Veteran’s Day, I missed it. Well a workout at least. But hey, we can celebrate veterans any day right? RIGHT! So we did. Introducing the Calvary Asphalt Post-Veteran’s Day Trivia Challenge. It’s simple. No really, it is. Pshhft. Whatever!

We started at the first parking lot row and answered a Military Trivia Question. The answer held our fate as number of reps in exercises.

Q. How many branches of the US military are there?*

Answered correctly by Lorax. We now do Merkins at each row end and beginning incrementing by 1 starting at 1. 🙂 11 stops = 66 Merkins, 6 rows = .5 miles.

Q. What was the Air Force formerly known as?*

Wrong! Thanks Snowflake, Space Force is incorrect. Time for Squats. The penalty for insubordination is multiply the reps by 2 at each stop starting at 1 and incrementing. He subsequently stated, “I guess it doesn’t pay to be sarcastic.” 132 squats and .5 more miles we arrived at our next question.

Q. What is the Smallest branch of military? (In the USA)*

Correct! Nice job Fallout. WWII sit-ups it is. 1 each stop with 1 increment. 66 WWII and .7 miles later lands us at question 4.

Q. What is the Navy Mascot?*

Wrong! Ok, I admit that was unfair, but really fun to hear some guesses. Penalty of 2x increment for SSH each stop. 132 SSH and another .7 miles got us to the start lot where we had to cut short our goal of running all the parking lot asphalt. But we still got time, one more question and exercise set. This ones for all the marbles!

Q. What was the Army in charge of exploring and mapping in America?*

Correct! Sweet 8lb baby boy, Snuka is an animal both physically and mentally. Burpees all around for the last 2 row runs. 15 Burpees later we arrived at the bottom of the launch lot where we laid down to die, but not before a called AYG to the cars. #waytoleaveitallouttheremen

As I said, this was an aggressive workout and my hope was to get all rows in which would get you 3 miles and up too 660 reps if you sucked terribly at trivia. Thank goodness we have brains to go with our brawn. I’m always amazed at the level of fitness in our Respect pax. I would put our guys vs your guys any day. #respect Next time we’ll get it all in. Here’s the link to strava route if you’re interested.

*Chime into the comments to try your hand at answering the questions from the workout. Or just google the answers if you’re a no fun having cotton ninny muggins.

Announcements: Xmas party RSVP is over, but I’m sure if you ask pretty pretty please with sprinkles on top, MightyMite will let you come. So do it. It’s always a blast and who doesn’t want to see F3 Karaoke.

We Post No Matter What

12 PAX posted in sub freezing temperatures and were greeted at 5:30am with a chilling disclaimer and then we were off. Mosey to a location in the parking lot in front of Harris Teeter for:


SSH x 15, LSS x 15, Merkins x 15


Mosey across Rea Rd to the grassy area near the new hotel and lube joint to the place where we don’t do anything (according to Frehley’s) and pick up a lifting rock.

Curls x 15, shoulder press x 15, tricep extensions x 15.

Put the rock down and do some mary.

Pick up the rock again for triple lindy x 15

Throw the rocks back in the pile and do some hand release merkins.

Mosey to the office building next to the car wash to the lit parking area underneath the building and partner up. Each partner runs out one side of the parking area, up the paved driveway and meet on the front side of the building for 10 hand slap merkins. Run back where you started for 10 more. Rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Mosey to the parking lot in front of the building for Little Beast. Pick three spots in the parking lot for 6 reps of the called exercise. (6-6-6). First round: squats, 2nd round diamond merkins, 3rd round burpees.

Mosey back to StoneCrest and gather by the big fountain. Find some wall for dips and LBCs. 15 dips, 15 LBCs in cadence, 2 rounds.

Mosey to the wall in front of Firebirds for 2 rounds of incline merkins.

Mosey to the parking lot in front of the movie theater for field of plank. Line up on a white parking line facing the launch site. Walk one or two lines and perform the called plank. Regular plank, elbow plank, 6-inches, left arm high, right arm high and then back to launch and we were done.


It was about 26 degrees when we started out this morning. What we did was not as important as the decision we all made to post.

In my early days of F3, I wondered why we would post in the pouring rain, cold, snow, freezing temperatures, hot muggy mornings, or even at 5:15 am when a warmer more comfortable option at home was available.

I was about a month into my F3 experience and it began to pour rain when I left my house on my way to post. So I made a left turn and ended up at the Y to do an indoor conditioning class wearing my F3 shirt. A few days later I made the mistake of relaying that story to Hops. He let me have it. In that kind, loving F3 way. I never returned to the Y and I post no matter what.

Almost 5 years later I came to understand and appreciate why we post no matter what. We post on the miserable mornings because as men that is what God has called us to do in our lives, post no matter what.

We have to post for our families, post for our friends, post for our jobs, and post for our community. Although those areas of our lives may look different for each of us, we still have to post no matter what.

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of living all under one roof with our family. Sometimes our employers are a heartless corporate entity and sometimes we are just too weary to invest into others around us. But we still post no matter what.

What I have found in my life, is that I will go thru times that are dark, cold, rainy, hot, and plain miserable where it is more comfortable just to check out. But if I can make the decision to post and move forward, in the end, it will be OK and somehow I am better for making the decision to post no matter what.

It happened again today.

Thank you Cul-De-Sac for the take out.

Thank you men of F3 for posting, no mater what.

Backwards running up stairs is a dumb idea.

A nice cold front makes for good WAMRAP weather.  7 men showed this morning to prove that out.

Disclaimer – oops.  With the temps all PAX got out of their cars and we got right after it.

COP – None

Thang- Up stairs to level 4, 25 donkey kicks, Down Stairs, backwards run upstairs, run down ramp to level 3, 20 Drag Flags, down ramp to level 2, 15 full extension jump squats, down ramp to level 1, 10 single merkin burpees, hold elbow plank for 30 seconds.

Repeat.  Each round add one more merkin to burpees – double, triple, quadruple and then the professional level quintuple merkin burpees.

Frostbitten skin – It was cold, a little bit of ice on the deck, and all men pushed hard.  Busch brought Red Card who proceeded to dust him and the rest of us so no one for Busch to talk with.  Job learned the hard way that those fingerless gloves don’t provide much warmth in the winter.  No slackers today, everyone pushed it and got in 5.5 rounds and burning lungs in these cold temps.

Announcements – sign up (late) for the Christmas party on 11/22.  Pay Mighty Might

Flu SubstiQ

Apparently a certain pax missed the post that Target will pay you (yes, PAY YOU) $5 to come get a flu shot. I received a text from Carb Load yesterday afternoon saying he had come down with Flu like symptoms and needed to bow out of today’s Q (Hope you feel better Carb). With Rudy recently Substi Q’ing for triple B (bad back banjo), and the likelyhood of Banjo getting out of bed in below freezing temps unlikely, I figured it was my time to step up and take the helm.

I arrive early having planned nothing. I sat in my car by myself in a daze contemplating if anyone will show….thinking of how depressing the COT pic would be with just one person in it…..then, all of a sudden a car. Wait, its just Rudy dropping off the site flag before he bolts to Dromedary. Maybe no one will show……Wait, another car. Dough boy to save the day! Oh no….I’ve sat in my warm car contemplating if anyone will show instead of planning the wienke….ok quick….what can I do….Another car, and another, and another. 5 brave souls in all showed in this 26 degree weather. I had to make it worth there time for fighting and winning against the fart sack monster (I heard today was an especially tough battle). I also wanted to keep us warm…so with that…disclaimer and we are off.


Hot lap around the parking lot stopping along the way for exercises that I knew would get the blood flowing. 15 Jump Squats. 20 Toe Taps. Keep running to the cinder block pile. Grab a block and hold it over your head while you lunge walk towards my car. Seemed closer when we were running there but when you are lunge walking, all of a sudden it seemed really far. Modify half way to cars with curls.


Press and hold 11’s. 10 presses and 1 hold. 9 and 2. Down to 1 press and 10 hold. This burnt the shoulders up quite well.

Cinderblocks on the curb for foot release squats. The 2 inches of curb along with the 6″ of cinderblock makes for just the right height for this. you legs go slightly below parallel so you get a good burn on the up.

It was at this time that I realized the sweat we built up was starting to ice over. Time to get moving. Hot lap around the parking lot.

Back to Cinderblocks for AMRAP. 10 Curls. 10 Presses. 10 Sumo Squats. 10 Bent Over Rows. Hot lap. As may as you could do in 10 minutes. Surprisingly (to me anyways) Doughboy led the pack with Ricky Bobby quickly on his heels. Draper still recovering from Plantar Faciatis cussed me silently from the rear having to run on the still tender foot. But little did he know, I can read minds so I heard everything (Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?).

Grabbed some weights out of the car for some circuits.

Circuit 1: Curls w 27lb bar. Cinderblock squat jump. Curls with 25 lb dumbbells. Cinderblock foot release squat. Hammer Curl with 30 lb dumbbell. Double Cinderblock lunge walk for the timer (also secretly knew this was going to be a forearm burner)

Circuit 2: 27lb bar press. Cinderblock Row. 25 lb Dumbell press. Cinderblock row. 30 lb dumbell press (yikes). I think we all felt the 30 lb press. Timer was when both rowers hit 20 reps.

Getting cold. Hot lap. Cars coming in for bible study…modify to shorter lap to stay away from cars but do it twice to get same distance. (Ok ok ok, I get it Draper).

Circuit 3: Upright row with 27 lb bar. Cinderblock swings. Upright row with 25 lb dumbell. Cinderblock swings. Upright row with 35 lb keddle bell.

10 minutes left. My mind went blank. What do we do. What do I do….hmmm, I will do what any good Q does…. “Hey pax, do you have a body part you really want to work out?” Ricky Bobby “Abs” Really? Abs. Q overide. Hell no. Its 26 degrees and I don’t want to lay on the cold ground…not to mention Foundation tried his best to reenact the Alien movie on me yesterday at his Q (You know where the alien comes out of the guys stomach – at least that’s what my abs felt like during the final 3 minutes). Dough Boy “Calves”. Calves? I mean, ok…better than laying on the ground. Jack Webb ladder….presses for the 1 and curb calf raise for the 4. Finished with about 2 minutes to go.

Head towards transformer with your blocks and do your favorite exercise. Apparently the pax really love curls. I did a mix of curls and tried doing some overhead tricep presses but learned that’s not easy to do with cinderblocks. Jog back to car just in time for 6:15.


Thanks to those that braved the elements and came out today. If you layer up, its really not that bad. I suggest two layers for legs, feet, and arms. A good pair of thick gloves and a toboggan. I really never got cold today….which is saying something considering we were stationary lifting cold metal weights and cinderblocks for most of the Q. Don’t be a pansy. Dress appropriately and get out to the workouts.

Thanks for Dough Boy for being the first to arrive and jog me out of my day dreaming state to actually start planning.

Chainsaw rolling in with style. We were all impressed until we heard it was his wifes car and he only had it as he was told she needed gas and it was too cold for her to get out to get it.

Cinderblocks were frozen together….that’s a first. Thanks to Dough Boy for stepping in and quickly prying them apart. I was just standing there staring at them thinking my heat vision would magically warm them up.

Until next time….Fuse Box out.

Substitute Teacher for today – Foundation

19 Pax welcomed a substitute teacher today at Watchtower and got to enjoy a single parking lot of exercises mixed with running and modifications call outs per Miss Trunchbull Recalculating.

Warm up:

  • Mosey lap around parking lot and back to start to collect – Wedding Singer & Posse and circle up
  • SSH
  • Jimmy Dugans
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Mt Climbers
  • Merkins


4 Corners:

  • Start with 5 burpees, run to corner 1 – 10 x squats, mosey back to start
  • 5 Burpees (start), 10 x Squats (corner 1), 15 merkins (corner 2), mosey back to start
  • 5 Burpees (start), 10 x Squats (corner 1), 15 merkins (corner 2), 20 monkey humpers (corner 3), mosey back to start
  • 5 Burpees (start), 10 x Squats (corner 1), 15 merkins (corner 2), 20 monkey humpers (corner 3), 25 x Dry Docks (corner 4), mosey back to start

While waiting for 6 create single line and burpee Indian run around perimeter back to starting area


  • Partner up – P1 runs 1 way, P2 runs other. When you meet 6 hand slap burpees, when you meet on other side 1 hand slap merkin. Repeat with 5 hand slap burpees/2 hand slap merkins….finish with 1 hand slap burpee/6 hand slap merkins

Jane Fonda Time

  • At completion of 7’s find spot in front of school and begin on your 6 for some mary
  • Rotate over to leg extensions, leg raises to side, and dog peeing on hydrants
  • Back to 6 and run through gamut of ab exercises


  • Some good early chatter to start this morning – sparked by Breadbowl insults hurled at Zin on Saturday
  • Big Tuna was strong and pushing up stream this morning in the 4 corner portion
  • Wedding Singer – Appreciate you making grand entrance and ensuring all most of the guest at Watchtower were on the dance floor before making debut
  • Posse – You look like that crazy guest who thinks he is part of the family already….. come on in and join the circle (few minutes late)
  • To the 3 best friends anyone can have – good work today and we finally got synced up on the last few rounds


  • Holiday Party Saturday Night Lawson Clubhouse
    • (Latitude 34.9653 / Longitude -80.7359)

What Defines a Triple Nickle?

The age old question came up at the beginning of the workout from none other than Sprockets. After everyone arrived on time, except OT, we headed through the campus and stopped for a little warm up.

20 x SSH

20 X IW

15 x Merkins

Continue through the parking lot out to Providence road then down Raintree Lane to the bottom of the hill. Reminds me of my old Fast Twitch days. Up and down the hill 5 times, with 5 hand release merkins at the top, and 5 squats at the bottom. Definition:

F3 | Exercises

Find a hill. Start at bottom, run to top and complete 5xcalled exercise, run to bottom and complete 5xcalled exercise, 5 repetitions (5/5/5=Triple Nickel). Can easily be done on flat surface with launch point and target point.

Continue back through campus and find the tennis courts. After some help. Line up abreast. Lunge walk each court, 20 LBCs, all the way down. Run back to the start. Bear crawl each court, then 10x Sister Mary Catherines. Run back to start and wait for the PAX.

Now head to the top of the stadium for 3 rounds of 4 corners. 10x merkins at each corner, with the loop starting at the top of the stadium, then down and around track, and back up to the top of the stadium. Once completed we headed back to the launch point for some Can Openers and Spanish inspired Rosalitas.


Great work by all, and Marge continues to lead the charge on hill workouts. I am pretty sure he is cheating. One eye and Sprockets keep trying to catch up with him, which is why he has to be cheating. Kinda like Hopper on the 4 corners. I am not sure if he modified, or just didn’t listened to instructions as he flies by a few of us doing merkins and says his way was much faster, which didn’t involve any merkins. Commish, Strawberry and Heartbreaker showed up because they either got lost, or didn’t know I was on Q. Great to see those guys. It has been too long. And so is Heartbreaker’s beard. Thanks for letting me lead and glad the rain held off.

Honoring Our Selfless Veterans

The site Q’s of The Matrix, Base Camp and M*A*S*H decided to converge this morning to honor the service of our military men and women. We also decided we should start a little later at 7:00 and make it a one hour workout. 8 pax showed up. The first thing they saw as they pulled in were several shovel flags eloquently planted by Kid Rock…..thank you brother for the reminder of why we are here today!

After a quick disclaimer (honestly more of a disclaimer about Vet’s Day than anything else), we headed out. Hopper had the first 30 minutes and Thunder Road the last. Here is how it went:

Hopper Q:

Warm Up:

Jog to the front parking lot. Exercises included 11 counts of IW, LSS and MC’s (11 counts were aplenty today to signify Armistice Day!).

The Thang:

Jog to the corner of Strawberry and Rosecliff, but along the way, 11 merkins at each speed bump. Once we got to Rosecliff we plannked a little, then triple nickel on the hill. Jump squats at the bottom, CDDs at the top. Kid Rock and Geraldo were killing it! Plank some after, then head back toward SCMS.

We stopped on the way at Fairway Downs and partnered up. Partner 1 runs up the hill to the cul-de-sac while Partner 2 does stated exercise. Flapjack upon Partner 1’s return. Exercises included: Freddy Mercury, Heels to Heaven, Flutter. Mosey on back to SCMS for round 2.

Thunder Road Q:

Run to the track at South Charlotte for 4 corners. We did three laps with 10 reps at each corner of: Merkins, Heels to Heaven, Low Slow Squats. Again, Kid Rock and Geraldo were setting the bar high with stellar performances. Kid Rock, in Veteran Day style, honored the “no man left behind” mantra and made sure the six was supported.

Run to the main parking lot/launch site. Partner up for Push/Pull. Two rounds for the length of the parking lot, alternating positions half way.

Jog to the rock pile at the steps near the restrooms. Partner up again. Partner 1 runs the loop and down to the baseball bleachers for 10 dips while Partner 2 does curls, O/H presses and tricep extensions with a rock. Flapjack and run three rounds.

Back to the launch site for some final mary with 11 counts.

That’s a wrap!


It was a fairly quiet pax today, but I chalk that up to the spirit of the day. There is no greater sacrifice and show of selflessness than duty to our country. Our men and women forfeit so very much for our freedom and I am sure that significance was in each of our heads this morning.

Thanks to all who showed up and thanks again to our brave troops, both past and present!


Holiday party may have been cancelled due to lack of sign ups. More info to come.

Kid Rock announced that today a running carriage will be donated to a veteran at the Hickory Tavern at the Metro building in Midtown as part of a charity he and other Waxhaw F3ers work with (apologize I did not record the name of the organization KR). Very noble!

Thanks Thunder Road for the great prayer!

Preblast for Week 6 of MP-10


We’ll launch at 0515 from the NEW Ballantyne Corporate Park parking area across from Duckworths and in front of the OrthoCarolina Urgent Care Ballantyne. We’ll be running on familiar roads that have bike lanes and sidewalks, but there are cars and other hazards so you should wear reflective/visibility gear and have a headlamp or flashlight.

We’re going to shift down in the Length of the Interval this week, but we’re also decreasing the rest to hopefully bring new levels of Fitness. These intervals will still be run at “MP-10”. This means at your goal marathon pace, minus 10 seconds per mile. If your goal marathon pace is 8:00/mile then your goal pace for this workout would be 7:50 per mile.

Don’t have a goal marathon pace? Well then use this Race Calculator (click for link). Enter a recent race effort (Distance, Finishing Time), click Calculate, go to the Equivalent tab and look at Pace/Mi on the row for Marathon.

The Plan

  • (OPTIONAL) 0445 – meet Frasier and Bunker to start the workout early and get in more intervals
  • (OPTIONAL) 0500 – getting extra warm-up
  • MAIN GROUP START @ 0515 – – run up Ballantyne Commons to Metlife
  • 0525 – start warm-up drills making our way through the parking roads down to the corner of North Community House & Ballantyne Commons stoplight.
  • 0530 – Start the Intervals of 7 minutes at MP-10, 2 minutes jog recovery and regroup. We will complete 4 Intervals with an Optional 5th.
    • For some PAX, these will be a little over 1mi, for others, a little less than 1mi. The goal is to regroup to the Six each time and start each MP-10 interval together.
    • We will be running along North Community House from the Ballantyne Commons stoplight to the Endhaven stoplight. We will be starting each Interval at one of those intersections. If you don’t make it to the next intersection for the Interval + Recovery, then U-turn and head the opposite direction each 9 minutes.
  • 0606 – Head back to COT. This is also a decision point for a 5th Interval or more Cooldown. The Q and others will cover the Six to make sure everyone is on the way back. If you leave North Community House prior to 0606, please tell someone.
  • 0615 – COT

Extra Notes

More on Marathon Pace minus 10 (“MP-10”). If you’ve been a Swift regular and recall Threshold Pace (aka T-pace, aka Comfortably Hard, aka Lactate Threshold), MP-10 ends up being slower than Threshold and somewhere near half the difference to Marathon goal pace.

Here are some other thoughts about the target effort for this MP-10 Strength workout, “So, usually through a combination of running too fast and not maximizing the recovery jog, they get to the 3rd or 4th one and realize they’ve dug a hole they can’t get out of. Remember, speed work usually brings acute discomfort. It’s usually an eye opener from the get go. Strength workouts should sneak up on you. The same effort for the last few should feel fairly hard compared to the first one or two. That’s when you’ve done it right- think slow cooker. You are slowly building that lactic feeling. Never fully recovering from the repeat prior and letting the discomfort slowly add to each successive repeat.

Asylum Part 1 and Part 2 – Coupon Hell (sorry Akbar)

After being asked to lead about a month back I hesitated as I have never been to the site unless you count a meal at Chick-Fila or Hickory Tavern. Barely go to Target even. First thought was “Nah, I am good”, then realizing I was not attempting to step out of my comfort zone. So why not, with no clue what to necessarily do at said workout.

Only thought I had was this needs to be a hard workout, and this new IPC Coupon thing seems to do the trick. So I created a plan, put it on cardboard signs, only to have the workout appear at Impromptu led by Gerber. And it sucked horribly, so with a few tweaks, that is exactly what we are going to do.

First time leading was November 4th where we had 13 PAX total, but we did not get to finish the fun. So I volunteered to continue the workout just so no one was left feeling shorted at all today November 11th but with only 6 PAX. Actually gaining Goodfella and losing 8 FartSackers.

Disclaimers given during opening mosey of both workouts.

Very similar warmup. 25 SSH, 15 IW, 10 JD, with a little extra back stretching (compliments of my M’s instruction).

The Thang

On Nov 4th we started with an opening Mosey to the adjoining neighborhood from the medical facility lot.

Mosey to Blackwood. Partner up
10 MC one direction each light, 10 Car DD each light the other, 10 MT at intersection, 5 Hand slap merkins at intersection X 2

Mosey next to Target for some Coupon Fun/Four Corners

4 Coupon Corners x 2
1. Man Makers 10, Squats 25
2. Curls 25, LBCs 25
3. Merkins 25/Merkins 25
4. Coupon Swings 25/Monkey Humpers 25

But we were only able to make it half way through before running out of time. Absolutely everyone tore it up while having to carry that stupid Brick everywhere.

Today November 11th, smaller group we went straight to 4 Corners but in the slightly smaller Petsmart Lot due to lighting.

4 Coupon Corners x 2
1. Man Makers 10, Squats 25
2. Curls 25, LBCs 25
3. Merkins 25/Merkins 25
4. Coupon Swings 25/Monkey Humpers 25

Upon Completion we kept the brick work happening.

2 sets of exercises done, then run to end of lot and back.

25 Shoulder press / 25 LBCs with Brick – RUN
25 Sumos/ 25 Squats – RUN
25 Scorpion Dry Docks / 25 Dead Lifts – RUN
25 Dry Docks / 25 Thrusters repeat – RUN
25 Derkins/25 Plank Jacks repeat – RUN
Rinse/Repeat if you can (only GF did)


Both workouts, literally everyone pushed and killed it. Special shoutout to Swimmers, Posse, Fuse and Ackbar for making both workouts and enduring a tough workout that felt much longer than 45 minutes especially in the gloom and cold. Well done men.

Of Course everyone that showed both days did their thing without complaining.


Holiday party, Christ Closet giveaway Update, Gladiator is next week.

Goodfella took us out.

Pre-Season Conditioning

So I knew that I signed up for Q on or around Veterans Day but after doing the Vagabond on Saturday my system shut down and I didn’t want to think about moving… my plan was low mileage – but high heart rate. Between Flash and Ignition 21 showed up for some Pre-Season conditioning.

Warm up – the basics of SSH/Mountain Climbers/Merkins and Bobby Hurleys.

Station 1 – Headed to the benches in front of the middle School for 15/20/25 (this is my standard opening) Dips/Derkins/BH’s 3 sets – 15 reps of each/ 20/ 25. I found someones kryptonite – balk, balk. This is a good one to get the blood flowing. I heard some mubble chatter – time to take care of that

Station 2 – Head to the covered overhang on the side of the MS. Lunge Walk length of overhang then hot lap around to start again. We did 3 more laps: side slide right, side slide left and bear crawls.

Station 3 – Mosey to Basketball Court for 15’s, 13’s, 12’s and 11’s. Sideline to sideline for a minute. Partner up – if you don’t make the prescribed line touches = combined burpee penalty for you and your partner. We did a total of 6 sideline to sideline sprints. The with your partner under a basket – 5 merkins and 1 burpee. We in a circle hitting the 6 hoops. Not much mubble chatter – a good number of Pax did not incur penalty Burpee’s – way to go!!!!

Station 4 – Mosey to Transporter/Rudy’s Shed for 64/32/16/8/4/2/1 Apparently the methane lingers a bit at the shed or maybe there were some Pax contributing>>>> ask Glidah who politely moved away from said pax.

64 AirPress/32 Donkey Kicks/16 BH wall dunks/8 – double touch wall merkin/4 Big boy/2 Big boy/1 Big Boy.

Head back to the parking lot – mosey to first cut out – run to gravel – back pedal return. On the way back to COT – 5 Low Slow Squats at every tree. Trees on the Left – Trees on the right

Great job today by Chicken Little – as a Site Q your goal is to 1) ensure that a challenging workout is scheduled and 2) man the back of the pack and pull the six or FNG’s forward.

Turnbuckle pushed today- keep coming out brother!!!!!!

Drop Clothe continues to post in week 2. Gator Cub returning to form

Blades of Glory becoming a regular post!!!!



F3 Xmas Party this Saturday Lawson Clubhouse – Decorating Committee starts at 3PM. Burn some extra calories at Gladiator (Cuthbertson Location) this Saturday.