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Turkey Burn Turns into Load Emptying

I had the intention for my first Q and being after Thanksgiving to create a little Turkey Burn, which may have caused too much burn.

The Warm Up

Mosey to the bridge at Nesbit and back to the circle for a few exercises.
20 Merkins, Calf stretches, 20 Imperial Walkers and 10 Abe Vigoda’s.

The Thang

Mosey to the rock pile and pick a sizeable rock for low repetitions.
25 curls, run to the end of the parking lot and back
25 triceps over head, run to the end of the parking lot and back
25 squat overhead press, run to the end of the parking lot and back
25 standing chest press

Run the long way around the school to the far basketball court for our next set of exercises.
25 big boy sit ups, run to the jungle gym, 10 pullups, run back
25 lbc’s, run to the jungle gym, 10 pullups, run back
25 heels to heaven, run to the jungle gym, 10 pullups, run back
25 flutter kicks, run to the jungle gym, 10 pullups, run back
Two minute plank

Mosey to the main entrance of millbridge and wait for all pax
Mosey to parking lot on the right, this is where I heard a fellow pax was having a hard time holding in his bowels and it helped me alter the next set of exercises
25 Squats 🙂
25 Squat pulses
25 Burpo’s – Burpees without coming all the way up.
Repeat all three exercises, not that I was really looking forward for something to be pushed out, but thought it would be good on the legs.

Mosey to the pool area of millbridge for some more fun
I was asked by our pax who was fighting their bowel movement after the squats what was next and shared the next item, only to hear him say I will meet you back at the finish area. More to come on this…

The goal was 5 laps around the parking lot, running the straightaways, while doing a bear crawl at the corners.
I was really looking forward to this, but cut it back to 3 when I noticed most looking a bit tired. However, since we pulled back the last two laps, we finished nicely with 25 Mike Tysons to the joy of everyone.

The Moleskine
I enjoyed sharing some exercises with the pax and wanted to make sure I was able to challenge everyone. Turnbuckle did great pushing himself and it’s impressive how everyone rally’s around to make sure no one is excluded.

OK, the elephant in the room: Unfortunately Rudy tried his best to make it to hit the restroom, first trying at the millbridge gym only to have folks look at him and probably wanted to call the cops. The next stop was the port a john, only if it was 10 feet closer. We are sorry that Rudy was not able to make the COT and picture, but glad he is doing well.

Upcoming events:
Fusebox – Effies coming up on 12/7, looks to be a blast, BYOB
Shop Dawg – Tried to get something out of him, only would say a new F3 site coming.

Beastly Five Knolls

11 for a tour de Five Knolls Rd.
Short COP in lot to await any last min pax. Everyone is present so let’s get this started.

Mosey to five knolls neighborhood. Light pole intervals to the bottom of the hill. 5k pace with recovery each set.

The beast on Five Knolls hill. Exercise x 6 each manhole for 6 times up the hill. Recovery mosey back down. We did Merkins, Squats, CDDs, Lunges, Calf Raises and Monkey Humpers.

Mosey to bottom for one more trip up. This time no stops, just one steady state run up the hill to finish. Lots of Mary and plank in between hill sets.

Mosey to Calvary rock pile out front. 3 sets of 6 x curl, press and tricep extension with lifting rock. Mosey to hot box. Donkey kick Webb to 6. Mosey to start via outer driveway to get the full 4 miles. 6 burpees to finish.

Fully dressed eating breakfast moleskin. Tks to the pax for going along with me to five knolls. If Gummy were here we’d have to stay on campus. #grinchy Not to much mumblechatter as we kept moving. Geraldo was showing us how it’s done out there. The pax were nipping at his heels like a pack of wild dogs. Everyone else were trading places regularly. The final push up the hill was met with TBQ and almost a merlot sighting.

Thankful for all the pax this holiday season.

Pants or No Pants

Lots of PAX wanted to fartsack at home and get fat with their families, but 3 PAX at #F3Outland came out to visit the new stadium.

The Warmup

Started by the cars. Ran across street to the rockpile. Grabbed 2 small rocks each that can be held in each hand.

  • 20 tricep lifts
  • 20 curls
  • 20 chest presses
  • on 6, 20 butterflies
  • 20 chest presses
  • 20 tricep lifts
  • Put rocks back.
  • 30 sidestraddle hops
  • 30 low slow squats
  • 30 hillbillies
  • 11 windmills

The Thang

  1. Ran to bleachers at new stadium. Did 30 LBCs halfway there.
  2. Chalkboard … do the next exercise, then run up and down the bleachers once.
    • 30 dry docks
    • 50 hillbillies (count each side)
    • 5 burpies
    • 20 jump squats
    • 20 merckens
    • 50 LBCs
    • 50 sidestraddle hops
    • 30 mountain climbers (count each leg)
    • 40 lunges (count each leg)
    • 30 WWII situps
  3. Run around the track once.
  4. AMRAP Merckens
  5. Chalkboard repeato … each PAX got to replace one exercise with a new exercise of the same count.
    • 30 dry docks
    • 50 hillbillies (count each side)
    • 5 BOMB JACKS (Bonhoeffer)
    • 20 jump squats
    • 20 merckens
    • 50 LBCs
    • 50 sidestraddle hops
    • 30 mountain climbers (count each leg)
    • 40 Romanian dead lifts (count each leg) (Madison)
    • 30 Dying Cockroaches (Chastain)
  6. Run back to launch.
  7. Mary at wall by school entrance
    • AMRAP Calf Raises
    • Dercken planks
    • AMRAP Calf Raises
    • Dercken planks
    • 30 Vonhoeffers
    • 20 Plank pointers
    • 11 Side scissors each side
  8. El fin.


Madison commented about how he didn’t know he was supposed to wear pants. That got us off to a great start.

We were all very surprised to find a chalkboard over at the stadium bleachers. Okay, maybe not everybody.

The fake wolf out in the softball field wasn’t there this time, so maybe it was a real wolf after all.

At the end of Mary, our hips all just about died with the side scissors, proving Madison’s point that we don’t do many lateral workouts.

El fin.


  1. Start posting again.
  2. Bring an FNG.


Clearly many had it in mind that the day after Thanksgiving would be less attended as many were traveling…… So I took the q as an opportunity to redeem my last convergence and it was a success…almost.

Personally, I like q’s that are hard, the instructions are clear and everyone gets a solid work out. Those are my goals,simple. So here is “the thang”

The Thang; Disclaimer, mosey to the mattress parking lot for some mumble chatter about the strong desire to take advantage of a black Friday mattress sales. The creepy guy in the parking lot quickly takes off as we start. 20 SSH, 20 MC, 10 Merkins and a little stretching. Adding to a strong warm up with some burpees, a little groaning as those that were there for the first time we did a 12 by 12 there (12 burpees a minute for 12 minutes) you want to smoke a pax out out the gate, give that one a try, but not today. 12, 11, 10, 9 then mosey to “the main thang”

Empty parking deck was the location today, didn’t want to get run over by a blurred eyed grandma seeing a $2 black Friday deal, so what better place than a empty parking deck to spend the hour. The first exercise was simple (so i thought) Donkey kicks at one end, burpees at the other. At the the top run down the stairs and run back up the deck where Shop would be leading mary… Somehow that got lost in translation. Oh well, clearly still room for communication improvement. Next we did “The RUDY” partner up. Burpee jump to your partner, 5 hand slap merkins, bear crawl to opposite starting line, run the loop meet up for 5 more hand slap merkins and finish the loop, repeat 5 times. KILLER, meet up at end for mike tysons and air presses till Alf takes the q.

Alf finishes with a 3 rounds of deck abs, 5,10,20 up the deck. 5 Big boy situps at the bottom, 10 heels to heaven in the middle, and 20 dragon flys at the top. 3 times for a burner. Run to the bottom of the deck with 3 rounds of bobby hurley touches at one end and  burpees at the other. Finish with running back to the launch and 15 burpees.

Moleskin: My guess is everyone got a minimum of 100 burpees. most of the time I feel they are lazy q work but the problem is they are so damn effective in wearing you out so I love them. Over all most got 3.6 miles in a deck today which is always good for a solid calorie burn. Mumble chatter was to minimum today but we did hear some bat flipper comments, which are always welcome for those that appreciate good form. Bottlecap earned the “Gerber” award as he flew by Alf and myself on one of the ab rotations. Hops was a bit ornery to the holiday hours claiming Thanksgiving was yesterday but finally warmed up at coffeteria. I know we appreciated our guests from F3 Raleigh Grady and Coco Crisps for the visit and showing a no quit attitude. All in all beautiful morning, everyone gave the solid effort and hopefully can avoid the meat sweat’s tonight (I know I was up all night rolling around on my pregnant belly,,,Not a shot a Good fella…..who HC’d on Tuesday and I didn’t see him this morning😊

Blazing Sandals

Written by Big 10; posted courtesy of Chastain

With Thanksgiving in the books, and Black Friday here this was the perfect time to flip the script to Spring. Well, at least for Legal Zoom who showed up looking like a hippie from Boulder, CO with socks and sandals. After this initial shock, the rest of the PAX put down the pipes and tie-dye shirts and decided to get some of the gravy and stuffing out of their systems. Won’t lie, this was not easy and kudos to the boys who set down the pie for 45 minutes of weirdness for 14 dudes.

The Thang:
DiCCS was given, although Brutus was too full of jokes to listen. But he’s done this before so he gets a pass. Quick tutelage of the course and off we went paired in twos.
A series of stations to run through. Timer was fat tire (not the beer) flips back and forth on a short course.
-Jump rope (to satisfy Zinfandel and his cardio bias) 
-Take your Pick. 12 pound dumb bell punches or fly extensions
-Rubber band pulls
-Coupon shoulder lifts
-Take your Pick: Big boys with slam balls or squats.
-Bent over rows with coupons
-10 pound bicep curls

3 full rounds of this with a Black Friday special speed round. Hey, let’s circle up to kick this workout in the can.
-Circle plank with 2 push ups each X 2.
-30 Flutters
-26 Carolina Dry Docks
-15ish SSH for 13 PAX, one abstained. I don’t want to call this person out. 

Great group today that helped me get over my postpartum of the Great DD Goose incident a couple years back. Also thanks to Chastain and Brutus for coaching me up and to all the fellas that helped load and unload the gear. Appreciate you boys! Thank you to Mad Dog for taking us out. 
-Weddington HS still needs volunteers for concessions. Contact Posse if you want to lend a hand.
-Homecoming Site tomorrow at Weddington Middle School tomorrow at 6:30am. Do NOT park at the High School. 
-Volunteers for Diesel always in demand. Good way to get some Q experience. Even I could do it. Bar is low. 

Unlucky 13 Days Of Christmas at Thrive

Firstly as I write I just discovered there’s another Drop around A51 now… Drop Clothe!  Sweet!

But I digress…

Last week Bernanke was desperate for a Q for Thrive, so I obliged. 

So I pulled out a classic, The 12 Days of Christmas workout. It goes a little something like the song.  You repeat every exercise each time and the numbers keep going up.

1 – Run a lap
2- Turkish get ups (Pax favorite)
3- Jump squats
4- LBC’s
5- Diamond merkins (couldn’t think of anything golden)
6- Imperial walkers
7- Rosalitas
8- Slow flutters
9- Low slow squats
10- Lunges (each leg)
11- Merkins
12- Burpees (Shephard was happy)

We made it through the twelve days, then I threw in an unlucky 13 for fun.

We stretched.  We laughed at Bernanke’s awkward jokes and we called it a day.

Back to the drawing board

As Thanksgiving is looming, what better way to get in front of the bird, sweat it out and evidently work on our strava turkey draw. Solid crowd per normal out this morning to fight the cool, but relatively pleasant upper 30’s. Quick disclaimer, acknowledgement of FNG (one of Bucky’s B-N-Law) and we were off.

Light mosey past the hotel down past the small pond and found our way into some frosty grass that was about 2 month overdue for their final mow the season. A slight crunch as we high stepped our way into position for a quick warm-up: 15 x SSH 15 x low slow squat 15 x imperial walker


Decided last minute to change up the game plan and reverse our ladder for a count down from 15 all the way to 1. Three stops each lap around the pond stopping at the first office building for 15 big boy sit-ups, followed by 14 burpees at the next building to round off the lap with 13 double leg lunges. Repeat exercises each lap around the pond descending down to one. Evidence of solid work as the steam came rolling off everyone’s head (except Tag-a-long, his excess heat got stuck filtering though his unibomber beard) by lap 3.

Mosey up to the courtyard putting green for 3 merkin laps around the rectangle stopping at each corner for a different version of the beloved exercise. Guys this morning were fortunate enough to enjoy wide arm, diamond, exploding and hand release merkins at each corner in their travels around the horn.

Mosey back to launch coming into a solid crowd of Swift runners.

Caught a Striper and Tony Hawk at Base Camp

Warm-up: Ran to the track where we did 15 each of Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker, Low Slow Squat, and Mountain Climber. Followed with a one lap Indian relay around the track. First exercise series: Ran around track stopping at ¼ increments with the first stop doing 15 merkins, second stop doing 15 LBC’s, third stop 15 squats, and fourth stop doing 15 heals to heaven. Repeated this three times. Second exercise series: Ran to bleachers where we did three sets of 20 step ups, 20 inclines, 20 dips on the bleachers, and 20 pull ups on the sidewalk rails. Had planned to run around the triangle to three sets of bleachers for each exercise, but due to the mud from the weekend rain we stayed at the top bleachers. Third exercise series: Ran to concession and restroom building where we partnered up. Partner 1 did a set of 15 curls, 15 presses, and 15 triceps with a lifting rock. Partner 2 ran down the side walk, to the corner of the fence near the stairs, circled up the grass hill to the concession stand, and did 5 burpees. Then switched with their partner, repeating three times. Final unplanned series due to a slow watch: Circled up in the parking lot where we did Mary’s, 20 LBCs, 20 Dolly’s, and 20 Freddie Mercury’s. Three minutes still remaining so we ran a suicide using the basketball hoops as our suicide legs. Finally time expired at 6:15 for us to circle up and close out. At closing circle two FNG’s were introduced, all invited by Gladiator, F3 from Houston, who was in town for the holidays. Jeffrey, 13, Gladiator’s younger brother, was given the F3 name of Tony Hawks in recognition of his passion for skateboarding. Tony Hawks is apparently a famous professional skateboarder. Goes to show that you can learn new things at F3 too. Billy, 54, Jeffrey and Gladiator’s father, was given the F3 name “Striper” because of his occupation with a firm that stripes roads. Good think he doesn’t remove paint or we would have had to add a “p” to his name.

who likes ice cream, great – 10 burpees OYO

9 were in the lot when the clock struck 5:30 so away we went towards the tennis pavilion. After witnessing a truck head into the lot we detoured to allow Rhapsody to join in on the fun. We were later joined by Cottontail in COP near the Tennis Pavilion. Disclaimer was given on the way and here is what the rest of the morning looked like. SSHx20 Merkinx20 IWx20 Diamondx10 Mosey to the old RiteAid aka Halloween Store lot for part two of COP PeterParkerx10 Widex10 ParkerPeterx10 Continue clockwise Run toward downtown Matthews – Stopping at Bruesters for 10 burpees Left on AMES across tracks to Public Parking lot – Series of Plank to allow everyone to reconvene. Partner up P1 runs the lot – Up the stairs and Back (approx. 400M) P2 performs called exercises – flapjack R1 – 20 dips, 20 derkin, 20 incline X2 Rounds EACH R2 – 20 Knee raises, 20 step ups, 20 squat X2 Rounds EACH Core work consisting of Hard Style Elbow Plank, Leg Raise Hold and Glute Bridge Return home same way towards campus – Stopping at Rock Pile P1 on Rock P2 completes Core Circuit R1 20 Curls 20 Triceps 20 Presses – 2 Rounds Return Rocks and take it back to COT for 1 Minute of Merkins in cadence Moleskin: Solid crew at Kevlar as is to be expected. We covered 2.75 Miles and did plenty of upper body exercises. The burpees at the ice cream shop were met with some resistance but the pax pushed forward. A little bit of frogger crossing over John St toward the train tracks but great communication allowed for safe passage. Everyone seemed to be pushing pretty hard in the public lot beside the train tracks, had to take the stairs out of second round to allow us to finish in time. We encountered some well-timed banter during the core work as there were a few jabs and some gas expelled. Bulldog, hope the knee is ok. Hopefully everyone has a great thanksgiving! Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Microwaved Pie

Cage, Chin Music, Red Card, Stone Cold, Funky Cold, Crotch Rocket, Tackling Dummy, Arena, Tulip, Smokey, Lois, Header, Bulldog, Grits, Dollywood (LIFO), Horsehead (QIC)

A merry old time at Skunkworks today.  16 Strong for a “12 Days of Thanksgiving Leftovers” workout.

  1. 400m lap
  2. 18 swings
  3. 12 high pull
  4. 12 teabag squat
  5. 12 KB merkin
  6. 12 lawn mower
  7. 16 flutter press
  8. 12 snatch
  9. 8 lunge
  10. 10 good morning 
  11. 10 clean and press
  12. Burpee

KB < 40 lbs, add 6 reps

KB < 44 lbs, add 3 reps

Soundtrack was the 1966 John Mayall and the Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton album.

My son and I have been taking online guitar lessons together and also working on some home brew amplifier kit projects.  He’s learning about electronics as we go.  We recently completed an 18 Watt Marshall Plexi kit, which inspired the Blues Album choice for this morning.  We are both pretty novice with the guitar, but it’s been a lot of fun spending more time with my son, who will be 14 in a couple of weeks.  I don’t want to take the time I have with him at home for granted, so finding good ways to hang out together is a huge blessing.  So, if you want to hear a shaky rendition of the opening bars of some songs you never really liked, come on over.  I would encourage all of you to find a good way to bond with your kids before you ship them off to grown-up land. 

Enjoy your time with relatives this Thanksgiving.  For those travelling and staying with your folks or the in-laws, just try to make the most of it.  Search around and turn it into a treasure hunt. 

Lots of things in play:

  • Punky Brewster VHS collection
  • 27 year old bottle of Prell shampoo
  • 1973 Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia set w/ the “S” volume locked away
  • Fraggle Rock tank top
  • That He-Man action figure that smells like an old sock on purpose
  • Some Olan Mills portraits where three of your faces are inserted into a larger version of your face
  • Love notes to your old flame written in Iambic Pentameter
  • Assorted H.R. Pufnstuf memorabilia

Whatever you find, just make the most of it and enjoy time with your family. 

Time to run,