3 1/2 Corners

3 1/2 Corners

Silly me agreed awhile back to take a Q at Sparta, and then I asked, what is the minimum expected mileage. Response: 4.5 miles. Dang it. What have I signed up for. I haven’t run over 4 miles in at least a year. After studying google maps last night, I finally came up with a workout that allowed me to lead from the middle knowing that running is not my strong suit.

The Thang: Run down to the parking lot of MUMC for a little warm up. Some SSH, IWs and merkins to get loose. Then, head across the street to the Hampton Green neighborhood. Run down Whitefrairs Lane and turn down each road, run to the end and perform 20 merkins until you have done all 7 roads. On the way back up Whitefrairs, 10 jump squats at each street light. Collect the 6, and head back over to MUMC.

We performed 4 corners, or more like 3.5 corners. At each corner do 20 of called exercise: LBCs, Sister Mary Catherines, Heels to Heaven, and Merkins. We got 3 laps in. Head back to launch point.

We had just enough time for a round of the can opener to work on the abs.

We covered right over 5 miles. Who knew.

Moleskin: Thanks for the invite to lead Gypsy and Madison. All I know is it had to be better than running with a tire. Everyone pushed hard and hopefully I am not invited back.

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