You’ll get nothing and like it!

You’ll get nothing and like it!

Great weather today for another 18 out at the exlusive Bushwood CC. Better make sure I’m plenty early since I have the first tee box this morning. 5:29 lets get started, DiCCs discussed, two FNGs this morning, make sure we pick up the 6.

The Thang

Mosey over to the parking lot by the playground for some warmup

  • 18 SSH IC
  • 9 Potato pickers, hold right, hold left
  • 9 IW IC
  • 9 Merkins IC
  • Plank/down to 6 inches hold/up hold/6 inches hold

Mosey again back through parking lot out toward sidewalk to Marvin Creek

  • At each mailbox reps alternating between 5 burpees and 10 Carolina Dry Docks

At path, head back to the school, find a long wall

  • Balls to the Wall handstand, 10 count from each guy going down the line, holding it till all 15 Pax finish counting (great idea)
  • People’s chair, same 10 count from each guy, hold till all 15 guys count
  • Partner up, 100 Donkey Kicks/100 Mike Tysons, one partner does reps while the other runs a lap in parking lot

Mosey to playground

  • Captain Thor- 1 Big Boy situp/4 Amer Hammers up to Bushwood count of 9/36

Over to Track

  • Run Lap/10 Speed Skaters/run to corner/walking lunges to next corner/run to corner/bear crawl to corner/run to corner/Karaoke to corner/run to corner/run backwards to corner/broad jump to corner/jailbreak last 1/2 lap

Back to front parking lot, kill last 90 seconds with gas pumps and heels to heaven.


  • get your Baby Ruth, you earned it
  • Name two new FNG’s- Noonan and Ex-Lax
  • Announcements- Dana update on Christ Closet fold-a-thon Thursday night starting at 5:30. Lots of clothes that need to get folded and put in proper bins, Q school first weekend in November
  • Thanks Bottlecap for taking us out


After losing my voice for the last three days and coughing non stop, I was wondering if I could keep up with the rep counting and yelling out the weinke. At least I would try to sweat out whatever got in my system. I certainly wouldn’t pass on a round at Bushwood especially with the nicer temps we’ve been seeing in the morning. Good to see the group growing as we had another two FNGs out this morning. Not a lot of running, 2.25 miles but I’ve been trying to get more reps in the steps in, since the IPC kicked my butt and I know I need to get stronger. I just hope everyone continues to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. We all have more in our tanks than we realize.

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