The Waxhaw Backblast Police are Relentless

The Waxhaw Backblast Police are Relentless

27 mostly clothed men decided to join me for some basic bootcamping around UC’s best workout at a school next to the guy’s house that sprays semi-automatic rounds off in his backyard for the entire county to hear. Merica

Warm up: Run long way to basketball court. Note Recalculating’s awe of the concrete quality and flashbacks to when he used to ball out in the streets of Jersey.


—Pyramid: 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 HR Merkins, 20 mountain climbers, 25 45 seconds elbow planks, 20 Plank Jacks, 15 HR Merkins, 10 Merkins, 5 burpees

—Run back to parking lot-suicides around the lot, stopping at each driveway (4), 15, 20, 25, then 30 jump squats at each driveway, 5 burpees at beginning

–Bunch of Mary to pass the time, 20 IC of LBC’s, Heel to Heaven, Dolly, American Hammer

—Ran back over to the basketball courts for some more plank fun-6 inches, various merkins, Maktar Ndiyaye, planking

—Partner work-P1 runs to pull up bars and completes 5 pull ups-P@ doing 200 400 shoulder taps with feet on fall. Run back to start, Time!

Moleskine: So I’d like to consider myself somewhat of an 80’s and 90’s rap enthusiast. In somewhat of a shocking twist, although born in Hollywood (West Hollywood, nttiawwt), I grew up in a close suburb where all we listed to was rap. It also helped that my parents worked in the record business and would steal take provide me with CD’s when asked for. It’s an impressive collection that can probably net me $5 from the local used CD store.

But I don’t listen to rap anymore, because most of it is garbage. There is even a rapper named Lil’ Mosey. Trash. Listened to this dude for about 30 seconds before I had to stop. I was embarrassed for him. I mean, my no-longer-famous cousin and I were making rap tracks about the Lakers and macking with the ladies at age 12 that would blow this guy away. With no autotune. Yet one of his songs had 131M views.

So with that being said, I got what you’ve been waiting for.  Hollywood’s top nine West Coast rap groups/rappers of pre-1996 all time (same thing), in order (BTW this cannot be argued, especially if you are from the East Coast. Had to leave some good ones out):

1. LMFAO **homer pick, Christmas is coming up

2. The Pharcyde

3. The Alkaholiks

4. Cypress Hill

5. Jurassic 5

6. Tupac/Dr. Dre/Dogg Pound/Snoop/DJ Quik/Nate Dogg/Warren G

7. Digital Underground

8. Souls of Mischief

9. Ice Cube

So there also was a workout. It was fantastic. Saw a bunch of newer PAX that probably have no idea who was Q’ing since I haven’t been to a bootcamp workout in a while. That’s cool. Lots of good attitudes and strong work from these men. The older PAX: grumpy, loud and opinionated. Can’t a Q’s voice crack without the peanut gallery chiming in? Rough crowd out there, don’t change though. Kept the mileage pretty standard, which surprised people I guess. Shirtless guys and Gazelles were a little upset with this. They got over it though. Go read Posse’s backblast if you haven’t already because you’ll remember that one, not this.   Thanks.


SFN 5 k this weekend in Matthews; need track commanders; see Rubbermaid for details.

Many races/1st and 2nd F opportunities coming up; Spartan Race in April; CSAUP in West Charlotte and Vagabond over Veterans Day

Pull up Challenge going strong; can jump right in

Sign up for Waxhaw Christmas party asap

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