Fellowship of the Hills

Fellowship of the Hills

To celebrate my 99th Q (not a real number, but stating the number of times you Q seems to be the thing these days), I wanted to accomplish what I THINK was a Floater 1st and hit all 3 of our nastiest hills – Bad Idea, Bad Idea 2 (aka FU Hill), and the infamous original Keith Jong Hill. This was going to be a monumental task given the distance that needed to be covered while still allowing time for pain stations. However, after being challenged to have both mileage and hills, I finalized my weinke, assuming I would have to audible along the way.

DiCCS given, along with a warning that we were covering some miles and would need to work at a quick pace today.


  • Mosey across Main St. to the skate park parking lot
  • 10 SSH IC
  • 10 Merkins IC
  • Calf Stretching
  • 10 Low Slow Squats IC

The Thang

  • Mosey to Hill 1 – Bad Idea 2 (FU Hill) for a modified triple nickel
    • 10 squats at each end + 5 merkins at the 1/2 way point each direction
    • 5 rounds
    • Audible # 1 – Called recovery after the 1st batch of Gazelles completed 5 rounds. Not too sure calling this short upset too many guys
  • Mosey to Hill 2 – Bad Idea for another modified triple nickel
    • 10 jump squats at the top + 10 Romanian deadlifts (5 each leg) at the bottom + 5 Mike Tysons in the middle
    • 5 rounds – This immediately got the chatter flowing with complaints about time
    • Audible # 2 – Changed to 1.5 rounds – I immediately knew we did not have time for all 5 rounds, but I secretly wanted to hear the complaining and throw a mental jab to an already tired PAX
  • Mosey to Hill 3 – Keith Jong Hill for some quick suicides. This one seemed to confuse and concern the PAX – “Wait, we’re doing another hill?” – Answer = Heck Yes!!!
    • Start at the bottom of the hill / Sprint to the stop sign / Run Back to the Start / Sprint to the top (Laundry Mat)
    • Audible #3 – I originally called out for burpees at the bottom and merkins at the stop sign and top, but time was just not on our side – Why can’t Floater be an hour????
  • Jail break to Start for all 3 hills, just shy of 3.5 miles (my watch had 3.47), in exactly 45 min!


  • A few observations:
  • Brutus was flying today, leading the pack most of the way
  • Deflated, knee braces and all, was in the font all day as well
  • Carb Load continues to impress, passing me on the 1st hill which earned him some words of ‘encouragement and support’ from me…
  • Twinkle Toes was another flyer today. He’s pretty quiet, so you need to watch for him out there
  • Several others were not in the front, but were definitely giving it all they had – kudos to you (search your feelings and you’ll know who you are)


  • Diesel official kick off tomorrow – 0.0 miles
  • Let’s all take an example from Botham Jean’s brother who forgave and hugged former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, who had been convicted of murder in Jean’s death. An amazing example we can all learn from (https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/03/us/botham-jean-amber-guyger-trial-wrap/index.html ) – Thanks for sharing this Zin!
  • Good luck to everyone participating in various races this weekend. Make Waxhaw proud men!

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