Stair Masters of the Universe

Stair Masters of the Universe

Run to parking deck (the less crowded/cleaner one)
Rd#1 – Stairway burpee to top
Run down ramps
Rd#2 – Skip hop (bound every other step) to the top
Run down ramps
Rd#3 – Grapevine up steps (alternate lead leg each flight) to the top
Run down the ramp
Rd#4 – Single-leg hops (alternate lead leg each flight) to the top
Run down the ramps
Rd#5 Bounding sprints, jump 3 – 4 steps at a time and sprint to the top
Run down the ramps
Repeat from the beginning as many rounds and possible

After a few rounds of running down the ramps in between sets, we opts to descend the steps after each set and run the ramps after the complete circuit. This was a much better balance of stairs to ramps. Still got 3 miles.

Nine Inch Nail-skine
I recently ran my first/only ultramarathon. I learned many things about myself on that trail and mountain. Most importantly, I learned to not give up. Next I learned my training was out of balance. I spent a lot of time running far, but not enough time building leg strength. If I were ever to run that course again, I will spend more time doing hill repeats, stair climbs, squats and stair work.

No lolligagers out there today. Out front was Alf, and Job, Turkey Leg and Squid not far behind. Pitchfork is back, posting 2 of the last 3 days.

Coat Drive is on. Bring your new and used coats to any AO site Q.

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