Happy Hawktober

Happy Hawktober

After a mediocre disclaimer, interrupted by Hannibal informing me it wasn’t 0530 yet and further interrupted by Puddin’ Pop’s grammatical correction #cobains, the Hawks Nest pax rang in Hawktober with a “well-lit” trek around the plush environs of Charlotte Latin.

First we headed up to the far upper lot beyond the athletic fields along Providence Road…one of the quippy pax muttering something to YHC about Hawks Nest not being a running workout. 1/4 mile warmup run? Seriously? How’s that blue pill taste? Our FNG “Gaudi” wasn’t bellyaching. Pretty sure the complaining pax was Strawberry…though not sure.

The Thang was something akin to the following:

COP with H-R merkins, Slow Squats, Flutters, Shoulder Taps — all to a rep count of 22. (Marge later guessed the random # to be Wake Forest’s current football ranking. Hey…can you blame a guy for celebrating something that happens once every 11 years?)

Mosey over to the pavilion for some wall work including Wallthar N’Djaiye, Peoples’ Chair with some overhead press. Gloss complained at this point that the 22# Walthar’s was “aggressive”. What?!!! Did that mean he actually completed the called exercise? Not likely.

We then ran down to the bridge, grabbing a rock along the way for some more wall work – more Wallthar N’Djaiye’s and overhead press with the rock this time. Sprockets claimed the bridge wall was easier to grip on the Wallthar’s than the pavilion..not sure but his white-collar hands could have been roughed up from the previous sets.

We then moseyed up around the track to the gym building for some partner work. P1 does jump ups on the statue base or benches while P2 runs down the hill to the edge of the track and back. Flapjack. 2 rounds of this. Lewinsky got the bellyache award for this one — complaining that the lighting from the statue was burning his retinas…or something like that.

We then ran past the new building and down to lot below for some Broad Jump Burpees, lunge walks, backward lunge walks and bear crawls.

We then headed down to the lot at the base of the SwimMac complex for double-nickels – 5 Squats at bottom, run up/down the hill x5. Somebody complained at this point about fear of chemicals on the real grass….oh the humanity.

Back to the launch lot at this point for 6 MoM consisting of slow flutter, Freddy Mercury..can’t remember what else.

Some more Moleskine:

Google Antoni Gaudi for more information on our FNG’s namesake. F3Area51’s “Gaudi” works for a builder, Edifice, who builds lots of churches. Can also ask Marge who just got back from two weeks with his M. in Spain. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is the most amazing building I’ve ever seen.

Most of the pax putting in some hard work. Others mailed it in. Yet others took the DPP (Daily Purple Pill).


Bring coats (gently used) for men, women & children. Chelms is spearheading a coat drive for West Side Ministries. I’m collecting on behalf of Hawks Nest; most other A51 AO’s also collecting. Give some coats away. You don’t need them all. There’s enough mini-storage in America to fit every American man, woman and child inside. Think we got an excess problem here?

COTS – see Strawberry for more information. Breakfast every Sunday morning served to the homeless on Tryon Street. Serve. and bring your M and 2.0’s with you.

3rd F (every other Wednesday – next one is 10/9) – “The Question” – not a bible study, rather, a look at the big questions of life. 5:30p to 6:30p.

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StrawberryPosted on10:17 pm - Oct 1, 2019

That was my comment about ‘not being FastTwitch’ I was unprepared due to the mediocre disclaimer.

SprocketsPosted on12:21 am - Oct 2, 2019

Don’t worry, Hops. I let our interns do all the typing today while I soaked my palms in shea butter, wrapped them in banana leaves, and delegated assignments by dictation. I should be ready to go again next week.

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