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In the World of F3, or at least in my own little World, we tend to default to our “Dolphin”-type/typical F3 workouts. It is only when the forecast calls for inclement weather that I think about a way to push the Pax, and at the same time keep us all relatively dry. 12 Pax showed up at Dromedary not knowing what to expect (or that YHC was on Q), so it was a perfect morning for some Tabata time!

Mosey to the MRHS Cafeteria area and the picnic tables where YHC planted the “Whiteboard of Pain” prior to the Pre-run. Quick disclaimer/DiCCS, warm-up consisting of some (15) SSH, (15) IW, (10) Potato Pickers, Quad Stretches. Done!


For those unfamiliar or new to F3 Waxhaw, Tabata is a 4-minute, High Intensity Training exercise consisting of (8) Exercises, each being only :20 in length, followed by :10 of rest. Sounds easy, but it is not. Check out this link to a Men’s Health article about what it all means.

The initial thought was to complete (8) total rounds of (8) Exercises, but the decision was made to mix in some running in between each round. Thankfully, the new Tabata Pro App is solid and there were no interruptions in the flow or the play list! Lessons-learned from past mistakes. Here is the list of exercises:

  • Merkins
  • Step-ups
  • Dips
  • Jump Squats
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Knee-ups
  • Burpees
  • LBC’s

After each round, we ran towards the buses, cut underneath the covered area and looped back to the benches. Repeat for (6) total rounds instead of (8) as the time was flying by. 5-minute warning given on the watch, so time to mosey back to COT. Circle up for a quick elbow plank led by the new Plankmaster, Bottlecap! Quick Al Gore from One Star. Done!


Great work by the 12 Pax who showed today. It’s great to see our brother, Segue, back in the mix after some major life changes over the past year or so. Keep showing up! Also nice to see Posse keeping the atmosphere light with his funny comments about all the great movies he has never seen (Rocky? Really, Posse? The greatest movie EVER!).

I don’t Q as often as I once did, but when I do Q now, it is so much easier to pull together a Weinke quickly. I envied that about the veteran Q’s when I started, and aspired to be there myself. I only say this to encourage other Pax to keep volunteering to Q, learning from your brothers (steal ideas!), staying in your “Dolphin” when you Q, and challenging yourself to improve every time you Q. It’s a blessing and a privilege for us to be able to lead other men, and if we are going to “take” the DRP, we need to “give” the DRP as well. If you’re not ready to Q yet, or don’t ever intend to for personal reasons, then that’s ok. We will be here when you’re ready, and will support you even if you don’t want to Q. We are all making F3 Waxhaw a great place for FNG’s to join, and everyone matters.

With that said, thank you for allowing me to lead today. I’m coming off a pulled/strained Quad so it’s great to be back out with you guys after a couple weeks laying low. See You In The Gloom again soon!


Holiday Party (11/16), EFFFEE’s (12/7) happening soon. Be sure to sign up. (But I’m not sure how we are spelling “Effies” these days!)

3rd F opportunity, Open Door, at Five Stones every Sunday morning at 7am.

Thanks to One Star for taking us out in prayer, even though his son doesn’t think he can pray like Moneyball!

Another Brick in the Maul

Nie souls jointed me to throw some coupons around and find ways to wear out our upper body all in the hopes of a gun showdown with the other sites in the area

The Thang

Mosey around the parking lot, past mount chiseled and back to the start

  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • Merkin Circle with the blocks
    • Blocks spread around the circle about shoulder-width apart
    • Start with a Merkin on the Block
    • Rotate to the left with a Merkin with the left hand down
    • Rotate to the left with both hands down
    • Rotate to the left with just your right hand down
    • Go all the way around the circle until complete
    • 36 Merkins in total

Recover because we were all out of breath and Rockwell was the only one ready to count

  • Partner Up with someone
  • 200 squats with a block, one part runs with the block while the other squats, repeat till complete
  • Mary
  • 200 bent over rows with a block, one part runs with the block while the other squats, repeat till complete
  • Mary
  • 200 curls with a block, one part runs with the block while the other squats, repeat till complete
  • Mary
  • 200 squat thrusters with a block, one part runs with the block while the other squats, repeat till complete
  • Mary
  • Calf Raise / Merkin Web standing on the coupons
    • We made it through 9 sets of calf raises and 8 sets of Merkins

Times Up

It is pretty bad when people rather do Merkins than Calf raises. We burned out our shoulders and chests with the coupons so it was only suitable to toast the calves as well. Great job to the PAX.


  • Sunday, 7:00 am , Open Door Bible Study, 5 Stones
  • Diesel Needs a Q after this week

Playing the loop at Bushwood

Better late than never, and my apologies as yesterday was a busy day.  My time had come to be initiated into this fine upstanding establishment. As I prepared my Weinke and learned Moneyball has made his monthly trip from Rocky Top back to Waxhaw, I knew I needed to keep the Pax moving. As the morning came I rolled in about 30 seconds before my tee time, I completed a drive by DiCCS, asked for FNG’s and we were off.

The Practice Facility:

  • Mosey to the parking lot in front of school
  • 18 SSH in cadence
  • 10 Merkins in cadence
  • Old man calf stretch (flapjack)
  • 10 Mountain Climbers in cadence
  • 4 Low Slow Squats

The First Tee:

  • Mosey to the neighborhood
  • Alternating lights, to the first court on the right
    • 10 dry docks
    • 10 squats
  • Moneyball special The Triple Nickle
    • 5 Burpees
    • 5 Big Boys
  • Mosey to Running Horse then circle back for the 6
  • Alternating trees to the next corner between
    • Bear Crawls and
    • Lunge Walk
  • Mosey to the path back to school circle back for the 6 at each intersection
  • Partner up,
    • while one runs the track
    • The other completes Pull-ups for 2 sets (time running out).
  • Mosey back for COT


As I concluded my initiation into Bushwood I hope everyone had a good workout. We continued to leave no man behind and circled for the 6 as introduced into the 87th worst site in Waxhaw a few months ago. We all stayed together till a couple of Pax decided to run in front of the Q and zigged when they should have zagged into the sidewalk leading to the pull-up bars. They came back and were reunited with the comrades. This site has a lot of opportunities for pain stations as I learned while running the front nine, thank you for the opportunity to be your Starter for the day.


  • 2 CSAUP events on November 9 keep an eye out on Slack and GroupMe not so News Channel
  • Still looking for time to fluff, fold, and sort at Christ Closet leading up to the giveaway on 11/9 keep an eye out shooting for Thursday again but not till 7 more to come.

Moneyball took us out

Is it wet?

“Pssst. Hey babe is it raining”?

“What? Leave me alone”

“No seriously is it raining”?

“It sounds like it”

“Whew Ok good. I love the sound of the rai….”

“Don’t even think about it”

“Damn it”

So up I was, ready to Q another glorious, moist, morning at Anvil.


Mosey to where most of the puddles were for a little LSS x 15, Mnt Climbers x 15 and IW x 15.

Mosey to one of the overhangs for Alabama Slamma – merkins OYO 20,19,18,17 and so forth.

Mosey to hot box – 10 derkins, 20 dips, 30 step ups – x 10 minutes

Mosey to rock pile – 10 tricep ext, 20 push press, 30 curls then run down to end of parking lot and back – x 2


Look, I’m like the retired 80 yr old widower who is set in his ways when it comes to F3. Wake up at 5, I drink my Colonix, go back and forth between my recliner and toilet from 5:30-8, read the sports page, smoke a cigar, pour a bloody, ok maybe two – all before noon. Every. Single. Day. And, most importantly, nobody tells me what to do. If I don’t feel like Q’ing bc it’s raining, then I won’t. That is why we have site Q’s – to make up for our irresponsibility. That said, I am a Gentleman who decided I had nothing better to do (thanks to the M) so I might as well sweat out some of the Catawba CLT from the night prior.

Wish everyone could have witnessed the fight that ensued between Clover (Dook) and Lorax (Tarhole) before the workout even started. It all erupted over who could brag more about their respective 5* basketball recruits. Next thing we knew the khaki’s came off, White Claws were thrown and both just started slapping each other with open hands. One would slap and chase, then the other would slap and chase etc. Reminded me of a scene out of Flashdance. Lambeau attempted to stop them but then Mantooth (Tarhole) came out of nowhere with a flying monkey humper knocking Lambeau to the ground. Jet Fuel had finally had enough. He got out of his Toyota minivan and put an All SEC pancake block on Mantooth while Way and I finally separated the cat fight by offering each a chardonnay just to calm the F down. There was no blood, just bruised egos and lots of tears. It was at this point, YHC decided to finally give a disclaimer. Remember guys, an effective disclaimer is of utmost importance especially for these kind of situations.

As for the workout – she’ll come a knockin later today. Tell a friend. I don’t F around with bear crawls, burpees, crab walking in sand pits etc. That’s just dumb. And yes, while hard, there are other things that can get one hard too. The Bama Slamma isn’t easy and is sure to get you hard. An oldie but goodie and sure to force you to flex your tiaats multiple times throughout the day. One of the pax, aka Lorax, tried to talk some sh*t at the beginning but soon quieted to a soft whimper. Flex them Lorax. See? You know you flexed.

Lot’s of good chatter in the hot box. Topics ranging from Bobby Petrino, motorcycles, prostitutes, tax deadlines, strangled cats and so forth. Not necessarily in that order. Ah, the fellowship is alive indeed!

Always enjoy “leading” as they say. Appreciate the opportunity Lorax. That’s it. White ball is a calling.


Check another BB

No Shortcuts for Singles or Doubles

14, no 18, PAX took to the friendly confines of Ballantyne Corporate Park this morning for extending their running Strength for the weekly running workout known as Swift.


  • Full PreBlast –
  • Warm-up jog
  • Drills / Exercises with a reminder that it’s not a JOG after the drill, but an ACCELERATION to get the legs turning over quicker.
  • Option 1 – “Doubles” – 14min at MP-10, 6min recovery. Complete 2 rounds. Regroup during each recovery.
  • Option 2 – “Singles” – 7min at MP-10, 3min recovery. Regroup during each recovery and start Intervals #1 and #3 with the Doubles group.
  • Recovery or push more back to COT.
  • Arrive slightly late to COT.


  • Read the PreBlast for more intention on the workout.
  • As YHC has been trying to give feedback to the multiple Qs over these past months, it should be said that YHC is not ever perfect in execution as a Q. You can always look to improve. Here are the areas where YHC can improve.
    • Was the Marathon Pace-10 the ONLY prescription for this workout or can more direction be given? The Haggis & Tiger Rag group was pushing more towards a faster 10k pace, it was difficult, but it was a fair workout given the recovery time. Perhaps better direction can be given on when YHC takes the Hanson workout (the plan several of the Philly guys are doing), modifies it for the Swift group (usually by making it time-based and having easy numbers to remember), but doesn’t modify on Pace / Intensity suggestions.
    • PreBlast not posted by 1pm on Monday – if you set a standard for yourself, it becomes a reasonable expectation from the PAX. Meet your standard.
    • On the Cooldown back to COT, YHC knew that we were running short on time and recommended if you were cooling down to take the Loch Ness shortcut. Seeing that no one TOOK THE SHORTCUT, this was poorly communicated and most PAX missed the 6:15 COT.
    • Keep track of the PAX – it’s fine that Atlas and Wild Turkey modified the route on Interval #4, but the QIC and everyone else needs to communicate this to the group. Give instructions to the PAX that if you modify like this, let someone know. It’s at least good to stay with a partner.
    • Make sure that PAX are aware of the “regroup” – while Rock Thrill and Wolverine may be comfortable running on their own, they were at least 2 that didn’t get the memo to regroup on the recovery and start each Interval in front of SPX with the group. The regrouping time is good 2nd F, it helps to not isolate PAX for all of the workout, and keeps PAX accountable to each other.
  • Got Credit for “Doubles” this morning – Rock Thrill, Das Boot, Tiger Rag, Haggis, Voodoo, Bratwurst
  • Got Credit for “Singles” – Atlas, Wild Turkey, Wolverine, One Niner, Brexit, Buckeye, Paper Jam, Jello
  • Freeformed it this morning – Hairball
  • Were out there doing Extra work at 0445 – Tuck, Bunker, Dosey-doe, Frasier
  • Credit to Tuck for his leadership at Pursuit and encouragement to find a “Pursuit-like” route that is basically a folded loop that runs PAX back and forth by each other for encouragement, spacing (don’t get too spread out), and accountability (Tiger Rag chasing you is REAL motivation – just ask Haggis).
  • Credit to Bunker & Gumbo for communicating with YHC on the workout plan, and modifying their planned route so we would all be together.

Until next time,


The Return Of Black Diamond workout (Gladiator)

The first rule of Gladiator is…. you don’t talk about Gladiator!

You’ve heard the rumors. Maybe you’ve caught a story once? You might discreetly ask a fellow pax if they have ever been to a black diamond workout. What goes on at these crazy things? Does this really happen? How do I learn more?

Here is your chance to find out! Fresh off the energy high of the Iron Pax Challenge, YHC and the Waxhaw region want to continue the intensity by re-introducing the Black Diamond workout to our area.

Workouts to be held on Saturdays at 6:30. The first will be October 26th. There will be only one opportunity per month! The location changes every time! May be an F3 workout site, maybe not. Might be in Waxhaw, SOB land, Fort Mill… Location will not be revealed until 1 week prior. The current Q will choose his successor for the following month after each workout.

These workouts should be expected to be difficult. There might be high mileage, or gear, or team driven challenges, or anything else the Q can throw at you. Expect to be challenged. Expect to push yourself and improve your limits. If this sounds like fun to you… keep quiet and show up

The second rule of Gladiator is… You don’t talk about Gladiator

Tweet & Meat Mondays at Stonecrest

5 Iron men bashed ‘bells and crushed concrete. After a cursory warm-up, we hit a three exercise circuit – squats, deadlift/high-pull and swing. Reps began 1, 2, 3 respectively and increased in multiple for 10 rounds ending at 10, 20 and 30. The round could be done on your six – sit-up and press, Russian twist and flutter press.


Conversations included:
-Lots of Panthers talk
-Halloween costume picks
-Whining about outrageous number of Russian twist reps
-There’s more to fitness than running.

PSA – Check out some gear workouts –
Strength training is vital to health, improves metabolism, and helps prevent injuries. If you don’t have a kettlebell or sandbag, there’s always plenty to go around.

Thank a Vet

E ala ‘oe!! e holo ana nā kānaka

3rd F:  32 HIMs (18 Fast Twitch and 14 Hawks Nest) joined in a ball of man where the cool temps allowed for the visible steam to be seen by all as Hopper took us out.

2nd F: 
Sign up for the A51/SOB Holiday party at:

1st F:
I find it tricky to lead a running workout when you know you are going to be one of the slowest in the PAX.  But lucky for me I have gotten use to it over the past few years and have a few WIBs ready to go.  Today was no different as I introduced the PAX of Fast Twitch to the 5 Beaches of Normandy.  Its pretty easy to explain and goes something like this:
The THANG: (modified)
1 mile warm up jog to a half mile inclined hill

  • 1/2 miles all you got to the top
  • 30 of a called exercise (we used LBC)
  • recovery jog back to the launch
  • 20 of a called exercise (we used Merkins)
  • Rinse and repeat 4 more times.
    (5 intervals in total)

1 miles cool down jog back to AO.

For those at the workout today, imagine doing that with 100lb of gear on and entrenched men shooting at you as you ran your heart out up a sandy beach to take cover.  If you think that last hill we hit today was rough.. consider what those young men had to do ensure we have the freedom to even read this Backblast today.  Next time you are sucking wind to do one more burpee, merkin, mile, etc… dig deep inside and thank a VET for giving you the opportunity to even freely suck that wind…aye!

Great push and work by all.  I look forward to seeing you in Gloom soon…  if you are looking for a LSD over the weekends between now and December, look in Slack under the Run channel.  Lots of options and YHC has 20 milers almost every week now that will be listed.

Thank you for letting me lead this morning


Preblast for Week 3 of MP-10

Swift will be leaving the new Ballantyne Corp launch point at 0515 on Tuesday for Round 3 of Marathon Pace-minus-10 (MP-10).

Here’s the plan:

  • 0445 – Early crew heads off for distant lands for Warm-up and extra intervals. Swift will not be joining them this week on their route.
  • 0515 – MAIN PACK heads off from parking lot near Bagels+BrokenBones (aka OrthoCarolina Ballantyne) for a 10minute warm-up ending at the top of Bagpipe Hill (aka Ballantyne Corp bridge over 521). Will commence with 5 minutes of drills.
  • 0530 – “DOUBLE” option x 2 will be led by YHC. Start Interval of 14 minutes at Marathon-Pace-minus-10 (see notes at bottom for more on this pace), 6 minutes recovery on the Loop shown here: Basically it’s starting in front of SPX, down to the Premier deck (Left before the deck), Right behind the deck, Loop around the putting green, and Back to SPX building the way you came in, Looping in the far side of the SPX lot and pass the fountain to come back out the front of the lot to do the loop again by taking a Left on Ballantyne Corp. We will regroup all of the PAX and head back to the same start again in front of SPX. Complete two total 14min intervals.
  • 0530 – “SINGLE” option x 4. Start Interval of 7 minutes at MP-10 (see notes at bottom for more on this pace), 3 minutes recovery on the Loop described in the “Double” option. Start each 7min interval at the same place in front of SPX. Intervals 1 & 3 will start with the FULL group of Singles and Doubles.
  • 0607 – “DOUBLE” group will be in the middle of 6min recovery, “SINGLE” group will have their last 3minute recover. Regroup all of the PAX.
  • 0610 – Option #1 – Continue recovery back to launch point
  • 0610 – Option #2 – More MP-10 for 5 minutes back to launch point
  • 0615 – COT with Bagpipe.

Notes on Marathon Pace minus 10:

These intervals will be run at “MP-10”. This means at your goal marathon pace, minus 10 seconds per mile. If your goal marathon pace is 8:00/mile then your goal pace for this workout would be 7:50 per mile.

Don’t have a goal marathon pace? Well then use this Race Calculator (click for link). Enter a recent race effort (Distance, Finishing Time), click Calculate, go to the Equivalent tab and look at Pace/Mi on the row for Marathon.

If you’ve been a Swift regular and recall Threshold Pace (aka T-pace, aka Comfortably Hard, aka Lactate Threshold), MP-10 ends up being slower than Threshold and somewhere near half the difference to Marathon goal pace.

Here are some other thoughts about the target effort for this MP-10 Strength workout, “So, usually through a combination of running too fast and not maximizing the recovery jog [during a Strength Workout], they get to the 3rd or 4th one and realize they’ve dug a hole they can’t get out of. Remember, Speed Work [which we are not doing this week] usually brings acute discomfort. It’s usually an eye opener from the get go. Strength workouts [that we are doing this week] should sneak up on you. The same effort for the last few should feel fairly hard compared to the first one or two. That’s when you’ve done it right- think slow cooker. You are slowly building that lactic feeling. Never fully recovering from the repeat prior and letting the discomfort slowly add to each successive repeat.“

Slow Burn

Rolling into the lot today I see ignition Pax ready hanging out waiting to launch but they were Qless.! 5:16 still no Q so The pax were off. About that time, Wolverine was “coming in hot” up the side road riding all over an unnamed pax! Hollywood circled back for him and they were off.

My goal today was to stick together and not turn Flash into Ignition although it was very hard to retrain. Here we go!

DiCCS given along with the promise to Big 10 that there would be no SSH’s. Later he may have thought just running was a breeze. Let’s see.

The Thang:

  • Quick lap around the parking lot and head to the front of the middle school, circle up.
  • IW IC x10
  • Merkin IC 5 wide 5 regular 5 diamond (we were about to a lot more, no point in burning out.)
  • skipped the calf stretch – sorry Gerber. I was super shocked as well.
  • Low slow squat IC x 10

Partner up! I just broke my first rule.

P1 runs laps for 6mins. Partner 2 does excise

1st round. Speed skaters – squats – stepups

Rinse and repeat.
Its seems like the pax work much harder with a timer vs a certain number of reps. It did seem much harder.

Mosey to Back towards AO and stop on the sidewalk. This exercise was renamed by Banjo this morning as he was groaning in pain. Deadwoods abs from hell! Ha! Trust me Banjo, we were on on fire!

Captain Therkin

1/4 – 10/40 an routine

Big boys each time with 2 merkins and:

  • American Hammer
  • Flutters
  • No Hand flutters
  • Half crunch’s
  • AH
  • V-ups. If you make the mistake and add V-ups to this routine around 7/28 or 8/32 you are in for a world of hurt. I can do the regular Big boy/AH/4 merkins no problem…I had to audible this!!!!! #AWFUL!

Mosey back around to the front of the school the long way. As we approached the bus parking lot we see ignition doing their version of Captain Therkin…Did you in guys hit the merkins In between sets? Wolverine is good but my money is that he left that one out.

Pass them and pull back up to the island parking lot. Let’s do that run partner thing again!
this time only a hot half lap. Even better!

I would call a new exercise more often and we really got some work in. I didn’t time anyone running but it probably takes about 25-30secs.

We did: burpees, merkins, bear crawl, And something else.

I love webs and ladders so let’s try a new on. We’ve done the MT/DD web and its tough. Today we did merkin/dry dock web and I thought it was harder! Audible around 4/16. Form was going out the window. If I can’t do it, I yell recover and move on.

We finished that as ignition was jogging back to COT. We ran to the corner of the building g and stopped. AUG back to COT. We roll up and the ignition guys are doing abs again!!! SMH

Great job by both groups! #flashworkedharderthanignition


Gladiator will launch 10/26. Kid Rock will have more details.

Hero Run 5k 7:00? Saturday morning. – see the PH or reach out tan Mad Dog

Christ Closet folding party! Shooting for Thursday but more pax are interested in Saturday…make a poll!!!

Social for Pax photo.

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