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Halloween at Rebel Yell

Stonecrest was gifted an hour without rain so 9 ghouls were given the disclaimer and wandered into the gloomy movie theather parking lot.

Quick Warmup
10 IW + 10 Side Lunges

Wild Turkey found a mysterious green bucket with exercises and a clue as to where to go next. The workout followed a pattern, find the bucket at the new site, perform the exercies, read the clue to find the new site, mosey on)

Trick(for pax who didn’t dress up): 50 burpess
Treat(for pax who did wear a costume): 100 merkins

Chipotle: Trick(100 step ups) Treat(100 dips)

Chick Fil A: Trick(100 lunges) Treat(100 squats)

Starbucks: Trick(100 plank jacks) Treat(1 min plank hold)

St Matthews Round 1: Trick(50 rock thrusters) Treat(50 RDLs)

St Matthews Round 2: Trick(50 tricep extensions w rock) Treat(50 curls with rock)

Target: Trick(crab walk the length of the shopping carts) Treat(bear crawl the length of the shopping carts)

Harris Teeter: Trick(50 monkey humpers) Treat(50 monkey humpers)

Stonecrest Sign on Hill: Trick(lunge walk backwards up hill) Treat(lunge walk up hill)

Mosey back to launch and it’s 6:15…COT with candy

Moleskin: YHC has wanted to Q a costumed workout for almost as long as he has been a part of F3. Last night the weather report was very scary but I’m thankful for the 8 other pax who decided to ignore the rain sounds as their alarms went off.

Not all pax wore costumes but there were some good ones. YHC wore a $10 wolfman mask that was very hard to breathe in. Wild Turkey was the Tooth Fairy. Olaf wore a Brett Favre Vikings jersey which oddly spawned more discussion about the New York Jets with Fireman Ed. Bucky was definitely the winner of the costume contest with his rendition of Martina Navratilova, complete with blonde wig, tennis skirt, and tennis racket.


Saturday is Q School at Da Vinci: 6AM Launch for Q School 101 followed by 201. All pax ready to Q or Site Qs are expected to attend if they can make it.

Sign up for the holiday party. We are getting close to the deadline. You’ll regret it if you miss out.

There’s No Place Like Home!

For my 33rd Q and 4th this week I’m back to the site that made me but not before it broke me. I hated the site because it was brutal. Too much running, too many reps and too much intensity. I told myself I hated it because of the traffic/danger/etc but it was the freaking hills and that guy Moneyball that I disliked.

Eventually I was asked to be Site Q and the rest is history. I love the 87th worst site in WUC more than you all know. It’s got a lot to hate and I wanted to make sure we visited the classic spots.

I was struggling with my costume ideas but luckily my crossdressing brother Deadwood has a full wardrobe of ideas to choose from. He showed me that Dorothy costume and boom….”THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!” Weinke ready…

We pulled up to the parking lot and who do I see but Foundation dressed at DW and Deflated dressed as me, Zinfandel. I immediately asked Banjo to turn off the child safety window lock so I could stick my pigtails out the window and yell, “you all look ridiculous!”

Dorothy’s DiCCS given. Bottlecap’s Candy Corn lipstick flavor quickly discussed. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the shopping center. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 10 x Merkins IC

4. Jimmy Dugan

5. Calf Stretch

Mosey to Bad Idea. 10 x Bobby Hurley’s at the top and 20 Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom. 2.5 times aka stop at the top.

Mosey to graveyard. Big Gas Webb. 1 Big Boy Sit Up. 4 Gas Pumps. 4 Hand release Merkins. 5 rounds completed.

Mosey to Waxhaw Elementary. Break into groups of 3. Take turns elbow planking while each PAX jail breaks to one side of the lot and back. Repeat with Speedskaters and Mike Tysons.

7 minutes to get from Waxhaw Elementary. Let’s roll. We arrived at 6:17am. Hooched it.


Great work by everyone today. Bad Idea is an awful place to start and I attempted to get my Strava title back on the first round but then a damn car came down the hill and we had to stop. 1:01 took me but Kid Rock owns 1st place at 47 seconds currently. I’m coming back soon.

Overall we kept the intensity up while cruising across 3.5 miles with a smattering of pain mixed in. Great push by everyone and love to see Carb Load and Smithers jailbreak the last 50ish yards to COT. Those guys don’t hold back the whole workout and make sure that tank is empty by the end.

Sadly no one has continued to follow me for all 4 of my Qs so far. Fear of rain and/or work travel must have been the issue. I know several of the guys are on their 4th day of the week and will make it 5 by tomorrow. Pushing your body to these limits is a motivator to post everyday for me. Find a brother to chase during a workout or someone to hold you accountable to posting on days you know you should. Personal accountability is important.


• Q School and Site Q School this weekend. See Posse for more details.

• We are gathering lightly used clothes and toys leading up to the holidays for Christ’s Closet. See Deadwood or BC for any questions or donations.

• Holiday Party is coming up on Nov 16th. Room is booked, hors d’oeuvres are ordered and all that’s left is you to RSVP. We are almost up over 60 people already! Please ping me at a workout or on GroupMe and send over your Ms name if she is attending as well.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

The day dawned and it was time to head east yet again to see the pax of Union County.  This time I brought a deck of cards with me. Uno cards to be exact.

After we warmed up, we headed over to the busses and we played a couple rounds of sick and twisted Uno.  Number of the cards (except 0 which equals 10) determines the reps.

Blue = Merkins
Green = LBC’s
Yellow = Squats
Red = Lunges

Skip = Run a lap
+2 = Pick two exercises, two reps each
+4 = Four reps of all four exercises above
Reverse = Repeat the last exercise, but the pax keep picking in order
Wild = Change color

No card that matches color or number in your deck? = Five burpees

So you can blame F3 3D out of the Fort for this little fun and games. 

On second thought, burpees weren’t a great idea, and even Shepherd didn’t come to enjoy them.

It was great to see everyone. 

Please shout out any announcements below.

Please check out @F3Battle on Twitter, where I’m hoping we can shed some light on mental health in the pax.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. 

DT out.


Pour Some Sugar On Meeee….

Threat of rain in the forecast for my 32nd Q and 3rd this week! Would people fartsack due to fear of drowning and low T? Would someone show up in a wetsuit and a life preserver because they don’t take chances? Would Dasher flex his abdominals with a mean face in the family photo? A lot riding on this morning…

Quick story: in my 20s some friends and I walked into a bowling alley at like 10pm on Sunday as they were getting ready to close. People were still bowling and we wondered if we could play. The person behind the counter was loading a CD and we asked if they were still open. She responded, “if you are willing to pay cash and listen to Def Leopard the rest of the night we are welcome to stay as long as we would like!” We happily obliged and that night will live in infamy as one of greatest nights of my life. Fast forward to this morning….

Naturally I woke up to slip on my gold tights, Peterbuilt trucking shirt, cut off sleeve jacket, black wig and bandana as I prepared to channel my inner Def Leopard #1 fan status. Playlist prepped with some classics and my weinke felt good. Bat signal sent to the Providence Downs Costume Mafia to join in the festivities this AM and I began my journey over to Dromedary.

Disclaimer Given and then Goodfella asked me what I was dressed as. I ignored him and hit my speaker on to begin blaring Pour Some Sugar On Me to set the stage for the morning.


Mosey Around the Lot and circle up:

• 20 x SSH IC

• 10 x Imperial Squawkers IC

• 10 x Merkins IC

• Calf Stretch

Mosey small circle lot. Grab a Partner & Split Some Fun. Partner 1 runs a hot lap while partner two splits

• 100 x Bobby Hurley’s

• 100 x Carolina Dry Docks

• 100 x Squats

1st Homage paid to the site Q in honor of their 5 Anniversary: Dana Abs (40sec each)

1. 40 second side plank

2. 40 second side plank

3. 40 second elbow plank

4. 40 x LBCs IC

5. 40 x Plank Jacks IC

6. 40 second side plank

7. 40 second side plank

8. 40 second elbow plank

9. 40 x LBCs IC

10. 10 x 6” plank jacks IC

Mosey to straightaway in front of school. Up two, back one. 10 Lunges. Mosey Up 2 lights. 10 Big Boy Situps. Mosey back 1 light back. Circle back for the 6 when you finish.

2nd Homage paid to the site Q in honor of their 5 Anniversary: Goodfella’s Burpee Station. Mosey to front of middle school. 12 burpees a minute for 3 minutes.

Mosey to the Lunch Tables.

• 30 x dips

• 30 x In & Outs

• 30 inclined Merkins

Mosey back to COT due to time. Ab work.

• Transporter led Box Cutters

• Dana led Gas Pumps

• Goodfella led Heels to Heaven

• Transporter led American Hammer


What a morning it was. It drizzled a bit but was great weather overall. Not a ton of mileage but we crushed that core during Dana Ab’s and I did my best to make someone puke during the 3 rounds of 12 burpees a minute. That’s a crusher but something amazing happened. I looked up on my 36th burpee to see that literally EVERYONE finished at the exact time! Incredible, someone would say impossible…🤔🤔🤔

I don’t have a lot of feedback or lessons learned from today. I’m loving this week so far and we are all in for another treat tomorrow morning in downtown Waxhaw.


• Q School and Site Q School this weekend. See Posse for more details.

• We are gathering lightly used clothes and toys leading up to the holidays for Christ’s Closet. See Deadwood or BC for any questions or donations.

• Holiday Party is coming up on Nov 16th. Room is booked, hors d’oeuvres are ordered and all that’s left is you to RSVP. We are almost up over 60 people already! Please ping me at a workout or on GroupMe and send over your Ms name if she is attending as well.

Complacency leads to failure

YHC has been doing F3 for a long time (don’t ask how long) and learned a lesson this morning in becoming complacent. The Q is supposed be prepared, give concise directions to entire pax and make sure they understand. YHC allowed complacency to creep up that hopefully will not jeopardize our ability to work out at Calgary.

A Q should be prepared for all possible outcomes and plan accordingly. Cars driving thru a dark parking lot at 5:45 is one of those potential outcomes. As such, the Q should make sure the PAX understands that this might happen and give directions to avoid an incident. YHC briefly instructed PAX, all of whom likely were not even within ear shot distance, to place rocks off the road when not in use. As a result, a few rocks were placed in a parking spot and in a lane. Next thing we know, a car drives over one or two of said rocks and thus Lorax will be called to the principal’s office (well, preacher).

Lesson is that YHC needs to remember that planning and clear directions are necessary no matter how long one has Q’d. This one is on me and I hope others will learn from my mistake.

The Thang – 15 men gathered not withstanding the pending rain – even Spackler didn’t refusnik this one.

Warm up with 10 8 count burpees, 10 mtn climbers, 10 merkins, and 10 peter parkers.

Mosey over to middle parking lot for four corners with sprint to each corner and 10 of called exercise at each corner.

  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • LBC’s
  • Imperial walkers
  • Flutter kicks
  • Burpees (5 each corner)

Mosey to rock pile and grab a mid size rock. This was the point at which the Q should have made sure all PAX were listening clearly and acknowledged the instructions. Lunge walk with push press down to 2nd island. Sprint to 2nd light post and back. Walk to middle aisle and perform skull crushers with your rock. Sprint to 2nd basketball goal and back. Lunge walk with push press to next island and sprint to 2nd basketball goal and back. Walk to next island while doing curls and then bear crawl to first light and sprint to 2nd light and back. Walk to pavilion while doing curls.

Modified Jacobs ladder with burpees at top and squats with rock presses at the bottom. 1 to 7 (7 trips up and down) . Six minutes of mary at the end to let the heart rate come down a tad.

Carry rock back to pile with curls and lunge walks on the way. Finish with 20 sumo squats.

Run back to starting point and finish with some more mary and 1 minute of burpees.


I’m still pissed that I didn’t give better instructions. Don’t let this happen to you.

Margo is now up for rename. He tried to poke the bear with a tweet about how easy the workout would be and then didn’t get his lame ass out of bed. I think Fartsack is a good new name for him – that’s what I will call him regardless.

Strong work although the respects were out front for the most part. Young guys need more pride (and learn to get a jump start like YHC). Call Snooka or Magoo if you need some help keeping your wife/girl friend satisfied.


Coat drive ends early tomorrow (delivery at 9am) so contact me for any last minute deliveries.

Humbled to lead such a great group and learned from my failure this am

Tranquil Beaver

After a solid Devo (see bottom), we got going with –

Warm up:

8 Brocades (Ba Dua Jin) Qi Gong practice –

  • Two Hands Support the Heavens
  • Two Hands Press Apart
  • Drawing the bow and letting the arrow fly
  • Wise owl turns its head to eliminate fatigue
  • Bending over and wagging the tail to calm heart fire
  • Punching with angry gaze to increase strength

The Thang:


Sun Salutation (x4)

  • Arms reaching overhead
  • Full fold (heavy body)
  • Up to halfway lift
  • Into plank
  • Down into up dog/cobra
  • Move into Down dog (walk the dog)
  • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
  • From full fold to mountain

Back to Mountain

Begin Sun Salutation until Plank

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Peaceful Warrior (repeat warrior flow on other side)


In Mountain, beginning balancing poses

  • Tree left and right side

Right leg in, reach for left toes (switch)

Butterfly – push legs with elbows

Pigeon – both sides


We started with a Devotional about letting go of fear and not looking at fear, but looking to God to help us overcome fear.  

After the Devotional, the Pax warmed up with the 8 Pieces of Brocade (Ba Dua Jin) Qi Gong forms and then moved into yoga and stretching for the main beatdown.

Thanks to his millennial mentor (Tweetsie), YHC upped his Gumby game by using Spotify for some delightful Reggae music and new Devotional app.  

It was an honor to lead.     

(POSTED FOR BEAVER by Swiss Miss, who also took the liberty of titling the workout.)

What Could Banjo’s Uncle Do To A Bumper??

Oh man what a beautiful morning it is for 31st Q and my 2nd Q of the week! Crisp air, light humidity and my jeans are cut shorter than my pockets. I channeled my inner dirty redneck by looking through Banjo’s family tree. Oddly enough only about 2 or 3 limbs over the last 6 generations. #thatsaninbreedingjoke

As I glanced at each of his family members I eventually locked eyes with his Uncle Cletus T. Carson the 3rd. This guy was known for a lot of things in the area but as the only body shop owner in the trailer park he knew everyone. He was always busy but the local men folk kept coming back to his place because of his ability to suck chrome off a bumper. Never heard of that service but people laugh whenever telling a story about Cletus.

That made me think I should celebrate Banjo’s uncle and what an honor it would be to lead a group of fine men all over New Town Elementary. I threw on my daisy duke shorts, my cut off sleeve flannel, my pigtail wig, my mesh hat and my reconstructed Vietnam military boots. Sadly Banjo had too many IPAs and cigars on the golf course yesterday so missed his alarm.

DiCCS given for the most part.


Mosey down along street, around the entire school and circle up at flag pole for:

30 x SSH IC

10 x Imperial Walker “thingies” IC

Jimmy Dugan

Calf Stretch

Mosey big lot for 4 corners. 2 laps. 2 corners do 10 x burpees and 2 corners 20 x LBCs.

Mosey to neighborhood. 25 lunges. Mosey down to far end of caldesac. 10 x Bobby Hurley’s. Mosey to the top. Repeat 3 times.

Mosey to back of school for the track. Partner up with opposites. Someone you have never partnered with before. Partner 1 (gazelle)runs a lap. Partner 2 (Clydesdale) elbow planks. Everyone planks until the 6 is in.

Next. Partner 1 runs while partner 2 does 5 pull-ups and BB Situps until teammate returns. Mosey back to start.


Holy sheet wigs are hot. Flannel was a bad choice. Lastly, what was a thinking wearing some old ass Vietnam boots for a boot camp? True dedication to a costume is what pushed me through the workout and now the blisters on my feet are reminding me that I might be an idiot. Nothing new.

I appreciate everyone following me as I’m sure the view of me from behind was a real train wreck. Not to mention those rounds of LBCs during four corners with me on my back. I’m thankful for great elastic on boxer briefs to keep the family jewels in place regardless of what Dancing Bear prays for every night. No judgment.

Overall it was a quiet morning again. Does my costume suck the life blood out of the PAX in the AM? Is the form so on point by everyone that no one has anything mean to say? Am I breathing so hard that I’m missing the morning chatter? What the hell am I wearing tomorrow and who’s on this journey with me? So far I think it’s Recalc, Mad Dog, Sausage Party, Gerber, Doughboy, Smithers and Chastain. Are you knuckleheads in for the long haul with me? You are in for a treat and zero tricks will be turned.

Thank you MD for taking us out. Thanks for nothing DW for the awful photos.


  • Q School and Site Q School this weekend. See Posse for more details.
  • Christ’s Closet organization party this evening. See Dana for more details.
  • We are gathering lightly used clothes and toys leading up to the holidays for Christ’s Closet. See Deadwood or BC for any questions or donations.
  • Holiday Party is coming up on Nov 16th. Room is booked, hors d’oeuvres are ordered and all that’s left is you to RSVP. We are almost up over 60 people already! Please ping me at a workout or on GroupMe and send over your Ms name if she is attending as well.

Can’t Stop This Train

15 of south Charlotte’s finest gathered on a still relatively warm late October morning to get a great start to their Tuesdays. After the normal disclaimer, where I both disclaimed myself and announced that Hopper would be the substi-Q if needed, and that he, too, was indeed covered by the disclaimer, we were off.

The thang:

Mosey to the turf field hockey and LAX field and circle up on the CL logo for COP. The relatively usual Hannibal warm-up:

  • SSH x25
  • IW x20
  • LSS x15
  • Mountain Climbers x15
  • Peter Parker x10
  • Parker Peter x10

Now that we’re warm, mosey to the end line, partnering up along the way.

  • Run to far end (100 yards) and do 100 squats (team), run back and plank
  • Run to 75 yard line and do 75 LBCs (team), run back and plank
  • Run to 50 yard line and do 50 merkins (team), run back and plank
  • Run to 25 yard line and do 25 burpees (team), run back and plank

Mosey to hot box, stopping briefly at the speed bump for 25 dollies to mark our territory.

At the hot box:

  • 20 step-ups, 15 dips, 10 derkins, run to speed bump and back, plank.
  • Repeat for a total of 3 cycles

Active recovery with high flutter x25.

Mosey back to turf field, line up abreast on sideline. Heels to heaven suicide (run across field for 10 HtHs, back for 9, and so on to 1). Each time you cross the midfield point, drop and do one merkin.

About out of time, mosey to the parking lot by the MAC for 5 MoM (Rosalitas, low fast flutter, protractor).

AYG back to launch. Done


It was touch and go as to whether YHC would be good to go for this one, which I think made Hops a bit nervous (Hopper evidently never had a doubt, despite the fact that he had to be well aware he was on deck). YHC severely sprained an ankle during his last Q 19 days ago at Hydra, which still has some swelling. The original plan was to stay off the legs as much as possible, but then I was to have “surgery” (medical lingo for “we’re going to charge you more”) to have a wart removed on the right index finger, which would have made upper body work difficult. The thought crossed my mind that we might stand around and just look at each other, which was an entertaining concept just to see how the refusiniks would refuse that (would they break out in burpees?). But alas, no “surgery” was required, the ankle held up in its one and only test yesterday at Base Camp, and so we were all saved.

All went pretty much according to plan. Pop Tart realized about halfway through the first set that we really didn’t need to partner up, but rather just do half the exercises each. #OnToMe But, the mumble chatter around the whole partner thing made it worthwhile in itself. One Eye and another (couldn’t tell in the gloom) crushed this set and were consistently out in front.

On the way to the hot box, Semi Gloss accused me of making the workout up on the fly. No brother, it’s just a sign of greatness that you can’t tell. Geraldo led the way on this set, opting to up his game and did jump ups instead of step ups. It’s you against you, and he’s better for it. We were forced to evacuate the hot box following the third set, as Semi Gloss unloaded the gaseous remains of last night’s dinner (or was it 2 nights ago?).

The PAX didn’t seem all to excited to go back to the turf, but all put in good work to finish strong. The single merkin in the middle was a disguised burpee, and even the refusiks seemed to do most of them. #ImSmarterThanYou. Finished strong up the hill to meet up with the Runstopper led Fast Twitch crowd.

Thanks to Hopper for the takeout, and to Hope and Hopper for the opportunity to lead this fine group of men.


  • Holiday party on 11/22 in Marvin.
  • Last day to bring coats in is Thursday.

Fire up the Glutes

YHC rolled into the AO a few minutes early followed by Chelms and Magoo. We gave Chelms some coats YHC and Way had donated at Anvil on Wednesday and a few others rolled in from other Pax. It was one of those perfect October mornings, not too hot, not too cold.

As 5:30 rolled around, there were no site Q’s to be found, but a disclaimer was given that may or may not have contained the word unsueable, but off we went.

Mosey to the shopping center at Carmel and 51 for COP. Site Q Margo caught up with us.


  • IW x 15 IC
  • Merkin x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 15 IC
  • Alt Shoulder Taps x 15 IC

The Thang

We ran the stairs of the shopping center with 40’s of squats and lunges at the bottom of the stairs. First run was 40 squats and 0 lunges, then 30 squats and 10 lunges, then 20 and 20, 10 and 30, and ended with 0 squats at the top and a walking 40 lunges.   Some plank work done while waiting on the six.

Mosey across 51 and then across Carmel to the business park. Grab a rock from the nice assortment at the back of the parking lot. At each median along the outside of the building, we did increasing reps of stagger right then left merkins. 1 each side at first median, 2 each side at second and so on. The original goal was 10 but the 8th median was a nice stopping point.

Went back to the rock pile with increasing curls and tricep extensions at each median. Put the rocks back and headed back to the AO.

Stopped at the patio in front of the school for sets of step ups, dips and derkins then back to launch for Mary.


  • Heels to Heaven x 20 IC
  • Flutter x 20 IC
  • Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

YHC took us out in prayer


Easy group today, no waiting around at all with everyone together. The cool weather had everyone in a good mood and getting after it. I knew that I had done the 40’s set before so I looked back at old BBs before writing this one because it seemed extra bad this time. So last time we started at 30 and 10 with increments of 5 so it added another round, but still 100 was the count for each then and now. Doing that first puts the body in slow-mo from then on.

It’s now Tuesday and I can’t remember everything else that happened and may have made up some of the above, but it’s pretty close and will due for now. Thanks Margo and Mermaid.

The late Matrix BB

5 dudes (only one site Q) posted for The Matrix.  Mid 50’s and clear skies.  No excuses to not be posting on a day like that. 

This BB is a day late so I will do what I can to remember the workout. 

Disclaimer, Mosey then COP.  Lunges, Slow Merkins, and some more standard stuff. 

Head to the playground for 10 pull ups.  !0 burpees at the island and 10 situps over there.  Repeat for 3 rounds.

Head over to the wall.  Feet on wall for some decline merkins.  5 rounds with some leg work in between.  Reverse lunges, broad jumps, one-legged hops, and frog jumps.  Also some wall sit. 

Head to the back parking lot for Merkin/Box Cutter circuit around the islands.  25 each on first lap, then 20, 15, 10, and 5

Sprint home. 


So Pop Tart schedule me on the Q list and confirmed yesterday but apparently slept in.  That’s OK.  We had Squid there to keep us in check although when I called for feet to be 12-18″ up on the wall he got into full BTW stance without hesitation.  It seemed weird to me, but who am I to judge?  Way is posting regularly now (more regularly than many of you punks) and getting into to good shape. Pitchfork isn’t one for the mumble chatter. Got out of the car for a 4 minute warm up stroll then joined us right at go time. Still killed it.  Got to chat with Hot Yoga for a bit.  Transplant from way up north (Dilworth) and now lives near Waverly.  Plenty close to jog in to workouts on Wed and Friday.

Thanks to Squid for the takeout.

Tomorrow is the last day to bring winter coats.

Sign up for Christmas party by sending Mighty Mite $30 per person.