Who did the Wicked Witch Marry?

Who did the Wicked Witch Marry?

PAX: Thumper, Sardine, Smokey, Houdini, Sensei, Slim Fast, FoxTrot, Jello

Disclaimer was given. Lois (sick and absent) is not responsible.

Run to back in long parking lot behind church.


SSH x 15

IW x 15

Hillbilly x 15 – I think Dorothy’s Uncle was a Hillbilly

Mountain Climber x 15

I think a Tornado hit so we ran to the back of the school

Windmills X 15 – get the tie in with the Tornado?

Take a lap around the track and get low for the Lollipop gang:

Sumo Walk

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

We needed to follow the yellow brick road. At each Lightpole, LSS x 10 and LBCs x 10.

I was about to give instructions for meeting the Main Event, but Sensei reminded me that we had to do battle with the Monkeys. I was happy to comply Monkey Humpers x 15.

3 Witches – this was a bit like a Starfish. Get into groups of 4 (there were 8 of us), then head to each of the Witches (Cones). Under each cone there were exercises. Do 30 of each exercise, then head back to the middle for 5 burpees for the Wizard.

Glinda – Good Witch of the South

Jump Squats

American Hammer

Speed Skaters

The Wicked Witch of the West


Supine Pull-ups

Rocky Balboa

The Wicked Witch of the East



Step Ups

As we headed to a grassy area by the trailers, the big question was asked, “Who did the Wicked Witch marry?” The answer… Jack Webb!

Some discussion if it was 5 air presses or 4, but it was 4. So we did Jack Webb up to 20 and then back down.

Long run back to Kansas, behind the school, behind the church, take a Left on Main Street and turn into Church Parking lot.


Heels to Heaven

American Hammer


All done! 


Great work by all. I always enjoy this AO. Glad that I was given the chance to Q! As always, an honor to lead. And Shamless Plug… Charlotte Youth Ballet is doing the ballet “Wizard of Oz” on March 14th and 15th. I won’t be staring in this one. But, I will be staring in Nutcracker on December 6-8


Let them Soar Oct 12th. SFN looking for Track Commanders

Race for the Cure

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