Iron Pax Challenge – Recap

Iron Pax Challenge – Recap

8 men finished the final week of IPC this week at WAMRAP.

The challenge:

Round 1: 100 Combined merkins/squats. Run 200 yards with cinderblock

Round 2: 100 combined Sister Mary Catherine/Block Swings. Run 200 yards with cinderblock

Round 3: 100 combined walking lunges/cinderblock thrusters. Run 200 yards with cinderblock

Repeato 2 more times, for 9 total rounds – for time.

Fun Fact!!! That’s over 1 mile carrying the cinderblock.

T-Claps to the guys who finished all four weeks. It was a grinder and leg smoker each week.

Thanks to Wolverine who brought the tunes in week 3 and the flashing cone of death showing the 100 yard turn around point for the block carry.

WAMRAP Sale Pitch:

We chose to host the IPC because the workouts were similar to WAMRAP each week. A cycle of exercises repeated as often as you can for time. Simple in theory, painful in reality. The beauty is that it keeps all the PAX in relatively close proximity while affording the fastest guys and the six to all get in a workout that pushes to their limits. So if you like the IPC and want more workouts like that, come out each Wednesday. It will be hard each week and you will get better.

The AO is big and affords us lots of parking lots, 2 parking decks with stairs and ramps plus the Green Monster with 2×100+ yard sections of flat grassy area.


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