Last Chance Q

Last Chance Q

11 men assembled at Calvary for Anvil this morning. This was my shot at redemption, after sleeping through my Q two weeks ago. A berating from Brushback ensued and Lorax offered me this one more opportunity. My #LastChanceQ. Here’s what we did.

We did my usual COP of IWs, MCs, Merkins, LBCs and LSSs. Then we picked partners of similar strength or work ethic for a little #YouGoIGo for the rest of the workout. The basic gist is that you go for some reps, your partner goes for the same reps, and you keep repeating until you each reach the called total number of reps. We mainly stuck with reps of 10.

Merkins x 100; Squats x 100; Dips x 100; Hill Sprints x 10; Shoulder Presses x 100; Curls x 100. We ended with alternating parking lot suicides before moseying back to launch. Pretty simple, but hopefully effective.

Mermaid got stuck with me and Lorax…a lot of CPA talk but an aversion to counting since we do that all day, every day. Gummy took Jet Fuel as a partner. Gummy’s attempts to tuck in his Britney Spears tummy shirt in order to match Jet Fuel’s style very much ended in vain. Then Jet Fuel tried to match Gummy’s Britney look by actually twerking his squats. It was a show.

Hammer, in his usual 100% cotton tee, put in the work with Snowflake. He chatters more during football season…kept asking me about the Gamecocks remaining #DoubtfulWins. It was a nice twist on my typical Gamecock outlook. It’s been too long now, and Hammer has forgotten about the Cocks’ 5 in a row. The tables will turn again, maybe sooner than he thinks, especially since we have the greatest true freshman QB I can think of in recent years.

First time working out with ManTooth, although I’ve seen him at Tuesday COTs plenty. He put in solid work. I’m pretty sure Snowflake and Snuka go to the same cryogenics lab…big effort from the 58 year old #Respects. Ductwork and Way were next to my group most of the AM, putting in solid work.

It was nice little rain this morning, even though Gummy’s jeep got wet. But with the way he sweats, probably was not an issue when he got in to go home. Although he did express disappointment in my Q that I had an extra two weeks to prepare for. Kind of like losing to UNC in football after having all summer to get ready. But I digress.

No announcements.

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1 year ago

too soon

1 year ago

It’s always fun to hear Gamecock fans try to find hope. I concede the 5-in-a-row thing though – I taught my son early not to be a jerk when things are going well because it ends someday. Strava said my “Relative Effort” this morning was an 8. Fast Twitch yesterday (which was horrible) was a 135. I think that’s all based on heart rate, so it doesn’t really know about the merkins I skipped at the beginning though. Also, Hammer may have overtaken Cottonmouth for the most unreasonably large truck. The mean streets of South Charlotte are rough.

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