Honoring 9/11

Honoring 9/11

To honor the thousands of people that lost their lives 18 years ago, I want us to remember the pain and suffering of the people that died during the attack. In addition, there are thousands of first responders who are still suffering from the time they spent helping those in need. No matter how much pain we suffer in the gloom, it will never compare to what they and their families have gone through, and will continue to endure the rest of their lives. I want to thank all our service members and first responders who fight for us every day here at home, and over seas to continue to protect our freedom and our lives. Make sure to thank someone today for what they do.


Run 2001 meters around the track (5 laps) carrying 55lb firehose between 5 PAX.

Complete 11 reps of all 9 exercises below. In between each rep, run to the end of the track and back for 110 meters.

11 x Double Merkin Burpee

11 x Lunges (each leg)

11 x Worst Merkin Ever (Wide arm, Regular, Diamond)

11 x Monkey Humpers

11 x Hand Release Merkins (Military Count)

11 x Can-opener (Military Count)

11 x Thrust Merkin (military Count)

11 x Makhtar N’diaye

11 x Crucible Merkin (Military Count)

Finish back up at parking lot for some LBCs, rosalita and dolly.

Moleskin: Thanks for take out Puddin Pop. Read Above.

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