You, Me, Staring Contest now!

You, Me, Staring Contest now!

15 PAX showed up on time at Asylum for what Will Farrell Robert Goulet would call a good ole fashioned staring contest.


  • DCCS whipped out in the middle of the parking lot
  • Mosey to parking lot
  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • MC x 10
  • LSS x 10


  • A twist on 4 Corners
    • 40 Merkins & Sprint 4 corners (ie back to start)
      • Plank waiting for 6
    • 30 Merkins & Sprint 3 corners
    • 20 Merkins & Sprint 2 corners
    • 10 Merkins & Sprint 1 corner twice
  • Repeat with Low Slow Squats
    • Must touch fingers to back of heels
    • To ensure back not bending over, must have a staring contest with a partner . . . Damascus’ stare involved some winks
  • Parking space lateral plank walk
    • 10 Merkins on right side of parking space
    • Plank walk to left side of parking space
    • 8 Merkins and Plank walk to right side
    • Continue with 6, 4, 2
    • Repeat with LSS w/heel touch and side broad jump
  • Mosey to Hickory Tavern half wall and Partner up
    • P1 runs around entire building (ie Brooklyn Pizza)
    • P2 does Derkins and Box Jumps
    • 400 Cumulative count (if chest is gassed, switch to Box Jumps, and vice versa . . . Just don’t stop doing an exercises)


  • The buck won, it always does!
  • Swimmers got rudely gently called out encouraged during the staring contest to get a partner vs. staring at the ground on his squats (IronPaxFormPoliceSeason)
  • It was great to have Transporter there for half the workout (Staring contest with bathroom stall hook)
  • The early start time apparently needs to be communicated a bit more as we left the lot with 10 and came back with 15 . . . #BetterJinglesThanNever (that long commute gets Loafer every time)
  • Great push by Green Hornet . . . The man was ready to call 911 on himself
  • Much Respect to Smokey and Blue Screen . . . Both were upfront all morning
  • We thought CPR might be needed when one PAX was thought to be having a seizure but quickly realized it was Frack doing Derkins
  • Chastain and Ackbar are sneaky fast . . . Way to push!
  • Awesome to see Glidah and Catfish posting consistently . . . They are challenging Big Tuna and Chipotle for “Couple of the year”


  • HOPE CHALLENGE: Kudos to Transporter for sharing this morning . . . Powerful stuff
  • DIESEL: New 0.0 workout starting soon. Fridays at Five Stones. Chastain and Brutus are Site Qs. Very friendly for FNGs, Kotters, and MASH (Pax that are nursing injuries)


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