Because Madison Asked.

Because Madison Asked.

Cliffs Notes – YHC signed up to Q Sparta because Madison asked. No, he was not there. But 4 other guys and YHC were. We covered 5.2miles without getting hit by a car, and went home.

Thang –

  1. S on Trade, stop at the south wall at the big church. 10 hip slappers on wall (each side), run to the end of the parking lot and back. 3X Total
  2. Keep on heading further down S Trade, take right on Weddington Rd. When you get there, start moving backwards, side shuffle, karaoke, anything but forward running, all the way to the top* which was .75 miles.
  3. At the top, do 10 hand-clap pushups. Mosey to bottom of neighborhood cul-de-sac. AYG sprint up the first hill, and run backwards to Weddington Rd.
  4. Back down long hill, and run north to Goodman Park football field. Then 1) bear crawl 20 paces, run down field, bear crawl 20 paces back, run back to start. Repeat with crab walk (20 paces), alternating plank flips (20 a side), and walking lunges set #1 (20 paces), and walking lunges set #2 (20 paces).
  5. Head back to church, 10 hip slapppers and 5 hand-clap solo pushups x 2 sets
  6. Ayg back to the lot for cot. FINITO!

Moley – Sorry for the late backblast fellas, but hey YHC got it done. Gypsy blinded everyone with his light vest all of the morning. The work for marathon training is paying off. Funky Cold crushed the backwards run uphill, carrying on a full conversation with YHC without raising his heart rate. Wild Turkey also was showing his endurance off from all those 20 mile trail runs. And he didn’t fall once! Christmas looked like a Greek God this morning going #shirtless…. especially, when standing next to YHC and #pandabelly in the gloom.

Announcements – guys, lots of SPEED FOR NEED races coming up, and YHC will really appreciate it if you could come support just one. We’re being asked to do a lot, and it takes a village. Reach out to me @JRRTOLKIENF3 or Gypsy. Upcoming are Isabella Santos 5k and St Jude 5k on 9/28 and Komen the week after.


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1 year ago

Is it appropriate to post a comment when you do not post? If not, sue me.

You guys did push-ups? It’s like I don’t even know you anymore

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