3/4 of a Runstopper Special

3/4 of a Runstopper Special

A dirty dozen forsook the muggy, mountainous slog that is BRR and posted at Centurion instead. They may have dodged the miles, but not the suck.

The Thang

Mosey over to Tartarus for a warm-up climb. COP at top:

SSH x 15

Mountain Climber x 15

Peter Parker x 15

Parker Peter x 15

Low Slow Squats x 15

All IC.

Down the stairs and over to the bottom of the ramp for a merkin ladder. Up the ramps, stopping for merkins at each segment on the trip up. Start at 20, decrease by 1 each segment all the way down to 1. Take the stairs down – we don’t run downhill around here.

Gather up for some mary while the 6 comes in, then grab some wall. Runstopper looked so excited getting into his perfectly parallel wall sit that I couldn’t resist letting him take the reigns. The Runstopper Special spiraled out of control from there and YHC had to unceremoniously jerk them back after 75 overhead presses.

Mosey over to the smoothest parking lot in South Charlotte for a triple nickel up the lot. 5 burpees at the top, 5 jump squats at the bottom x 5 trips. Catch a little more mary, then bear crawl out of the lot.

Back on campus to grab a bench to finish out the work:

Dips x 12

Derkins x 12

Step-ups x 12 each leg

Repeat-o, decreasing reps to 9, 6, and 3.



Thanks to Margo for the opportunity. Always a good time at Centurion. Glad he gave me the option of this week over last week when I had pulled into my driveway from the Clemson-Ga Tech game at 3:45am. Really wanted to get over to Palentine, but after the ladder it did not seem prudent to attempt such a trip. Maybe next time. Lot of Respects in the crowd today, and several of them setting the pace. Impressive. Glad to have Ben Gay up from Greenwood – thanks for seeking us out brother. Chelms chattering away as usual, but all you have to do is check out his form to get him back out of your head.


  • Chelms is serving at Revolution tomorrow and most Saturdays. Reach out to him for details to get involved.
  • Champagne and Strawberry are starting a new 3rd F during HDHH…be on the lookout for details. One question, a couple beers, as many bad answers as you can bring.
  • Strawberry has a standing commitment for F3 for COTS…1st Sunday of every month. Great opportunity to serve with your 2.0’s.

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