Way Too Many Steps

Way Too Many Steps

Everyday, we all push ourselves to wake up, not quit and find a way to show up for some form of torture. This morning, 19 people joined me for an attempt to match the previous pain delivered by Gerber, Deadwood and the many others who find some torturous hill in downtown Waxhaw. Today was about less hills and more Merkins to get a good stretch in after Frack enhanced all of our chests.

Let’s Mosey: We ran to the vet parking lot. A new scene for many. We started with 25 side straddle hops, 25 mountain climbers, 20 crab cakes, some potato pickers, calf stretching, and finished with some upward dog.

Next Up: Mosey to the street behind the BB&T bank for two steps forward and two steps back. We ran two lights forward, 10 merkins, run back one light and do 15 squats all the way to the brewery.

Next Up: Some laps over the bridge. We started with 15 jump squats, bear crawl up the bridge, 20 LBC’s and finish with IMperial walkers on the other side of the bridge. Repeat the loop 4 times for fun.

Finally, lets Mosey to the new wood wall near the church and finish with a Derkin – Dip- Web. We made it to 6 and 24 when time ran out.

Everyone enjoys something different. I always try to change it up and BRead Bowl was more than willing to add on the exercises in the pre-planning session the night before. Great workout to the crew.


  1. Launch of the WUC area is Monday at 7:00 AM. Bring a friend and show up early to help
  2. F3 Dads is on for this Saturday.
  3. Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend
  4. I hate the new Site Post Format if anyone cares

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