A bit….Deflated

A bit….Deflated

The excitement started yesterday, texts came in, Swimmers, Bottlecap. Hey! Spike got his citizenship lets celebrate it and make it an American theme. OK, no doubt, citizenship is a big deal. I personally have always respected it as I find the folks that go through this process take pride in it and typically know more about our government structure and our history than most Americans, or at least more then me. So, I’m game, although I didn’t want to do the Star Spangled Banner music for the entire workout I thought a red, white and blue dress along with some 13 based warm up cadence and a quick 50 american hammers should show the support for Spike that we were celebrating with him. Getting ready for the party was a bit like Super Bowl in 2015, 5:15 I arrived in my red white and blue attire, 525 Bottlecap shows up with his sexy 4th of July socks, a few others certainly were on the theme as well, then Swimmers flies in at 5:28 blaring Neil diamond’s “America” and runs in to line up with the same sexy socks as BC then ……530 start…… and….NO Spike………Deflated (sorry Marc:) but we still made it a win regardless;)

Oh Well, happens, still a theme worth celebrating and we did in honor of him.

WU- mosey, 13 SSH, 13 Merkins, 13 MC’s,

The Thang: 6 stations, curls, staggered merkins, farmers carry, thrusters, reverse row and worm burners. 3 stations short run, 3 stations long run. this three times. Finish with 50 american hammers

Moleskin: Although Spike didn’t make it we are proud of you, we know it is a long process and takes a lot of work, so, we all worked hard on your behalf this morning. 13 Bars 50 Stars, a country born out of “no taxation with out representation”….Everyone gets a voice….Make it count.

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