It’s Preseason

It’s Preseason

3 showed for the pre-run Swine Flu, War Eagle, and YHC. As we were getting back to launch up pulls a car asking if this was F3… we were joined by an out-of-town brother Bag Boy (hails from Hartsville, SC).

As the rest of the PAX started to join I knew it was gonna be a group ready to put in some work… good because it’s preseason and that means hills! Disclaimer given and we were off

Mosey to warmup by Jersey Mikes: 15 SSHs, 15 IWs, 15 Mountain Climbers, 10 each arm circles/seal claps/overhead claps

The Thang

Mosey to back loading area and stop at first speedbump. Instructions given – at each speedbump 10 merkins, climb up and over the hill, 20 LBCs on sidewalk, come back down hill to same speedbump for 10 more merkins, then lunge walk or bear crawl to next speedbump. Repeat for all 6 speedbumps. (This sounded challenging in my head and it ended up being worse – kudos to Bag Boy and Morning After for crushing this one). Mary it up and wait for the 6

Mosey across parking lot to the fountain while stopping for some Mary along the way. At the fountain partner up for 100 durkins and 200 dips combined – 1 PAX runs around both buildings the other PAX does exercises.

Mosey back to launch stopping along the way again for some Mary. Arriving back at launch YHC had to cut out 5 minutes early, many thanks to War Eagle for taking over. Balls to the Wall on Regal Cinema was the exercise of choice (from what I am told Mic Check counts SLOW!).


Great work out there by all PAX as this Q put me out of commission for a day… OUCH! Bag Boy it was great to meet you, thanks for joining us.

Announcements – no clue… I wasn’t there.

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WarEaglePosted on10:48 am - Aug 19, 2019

– Pancakes and Beer 5K at OMB to support N.C. MedAssist. Morning After has a F3 team set up so please join.
– Get your SOB swag on the F3 Gear site.
– Launch of F3 Waxhaw convergence Labor Day at Cuthbertson High at 7:00.
– Sandbox prom the Friday night of Labor Day weekend. See Transporter for details.

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