The six (cough)…I mean…the Q is in

The six (cough)…I mean…the Q is in

13 pax gathered at the three-headed monster AO for what would prove to be a balanced beatdown, focusing on the often neglected muscle groups – back, biceps, and shoulders. And sure we did some merkins too. Disclaimer given this time. Commence workout.

The Thang:
– Mosey to bus parking lot. YHC scouts the playground and instantly modifies next activity based on the change in equipment.
– IW 13x
– LSS 13x
– Mountain Climber 13x
– Peter Parker 13x
– HR Merkins 13x
Mosey to playground and partner up. Size and Speed don’t matter (thank God).
– Partner 1: Jog down fence line enter playground and perform 5 good form pull ups. Jog back to wall.
– Partner 2: Wall sit w/ air presses OYO until partner 1 returns. Flap jack.
5 rounds total. 25 pull ups and approx. 200 air presses
Mosey across street to church/rock pile. Grab a “lighter” lifting rock.
– “21s” (7 curls from shoulders down to 90 degrees; 7 curls from full extension up to 90 degrees; 7 full curls). Then run to back corner of parking lot, perform 5 HR merkins and run back. Rinse and repeato 3 times.
– 30 shoulder presses and 30 overhead tricep extensions OYO. Return your coupons.
Mosey back to launch.
– 2 laps around the school at your own pace. Lunge walk the back bus parking lot.
– Mary to finish up. Dealer’s choice (rotate around circle w/ each Pax calling exercise. Prohl calls for protractor with a final “last man standing” at 10 degrees. YHC was not even close).
– Jetfuel returns the Q to YHC. YHC returns it back to Jetfuel for one final exercise to use up the remaining seconds of the sixth hour and 15 minute mark of anti meridian (that’s 6:15 a.m. for those of you scoring at home). We finish at 6:15:59 by YHC’s watch. 2.78 miles total and some sore shoulders and lats.
COT (Snowflake – please forgive my not shouting “respect”. My mouth outpaced my mind during name-o-rama. A thousand apologies).

Amber mentions an article he recently read about not sweating the small stuff in life and live for the ones we love. Good reminder to not take things so seriously all the time and about what really matters. We could all use more of that.

YHC colleagues newborn daughter Ellie Clark had to undergo surgery. Pray for continued healing and for strength for her mom and dad.

Thanks for the takeout, Queen.

Those who know me know that I’m often in the back. For more details on how I’m coping with this you’ll need to read my BB from Basecamp a couple weeks ago. The last shall be first….so sayeth Clover…and the Bible. Part of putting together a good Weinke is Q-ing to your strength. Upon first glance you’d think that YHC could run a sub 5 mile – you’d however be mistaken. So, alas I got to announce in my own work out that “the six is in”. Lots of professional articles on “leading from behind”. YHC has obviously mastered that skill. Strong performance by Proehl. I remember being that fast as a teenager. Leprechaun arrived in time to jog straight from his “run in” into our mosey. Good timing, Lep. Jetfuel had some extra pep in his step – coming off the high of being Dad to a Little League World Series Champion, no doubt. Thanks to Sprockets for voluntelling me, then for switching the date and voluntelling me a second time. 2-fer.

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