When what to my wondering eyes should appear…

When what to my wondering eyes should appear…

It was like diving into a swimming pool. To say it was moist out there would be an understatement! So good to be back at the infamous Matrix on Monday morning. I have been at the new AO Asylum for the last six months, as it is only a quarter of a mile from my house. Also, Asylum hosts Q-School immediately following at the Wesley Chapel CFA – of which I highly recommend! Needless to say, when I was tapped by Poptart to Q, I jumped at the opportunity!

After passing out some swim caps and giving a disclaimer coupled with some horrible COP, we ran over to the next parking lot. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a white board with twelve building exercises, many laps and a few tears!

Moleskin: We had some great classic rock rolling this morning. We may have heard Steve Miller Band a few times. The chatter was light at first. Alf was leading the charge and would not be caught. It was great to see Double E. With his new digs it is only a few miles to get over to The Matrix. Witch Dr. gave his boy a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet cut for his senior pic. Tebow brought an FNG we name Red Light as he is from Amsterdam. Too easy! Squid had his usual perfect form. Thanks to Poptart for the opportunity and Double E for the takeout!

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