That’s a Peach Hun…

That’s a Peach Hun…

It was a tepid early August morning. For the inaugural captains choice Bushwood invitational. 27 PAX…. converged on the very clean very pristine hallowed ground of Bushwood. The Q’sIC descended to the new ao in a supped up clown car complete with tunes only appropriate for such an occasion ready to lay down a 9 hole round of beatings on the willing participants. Complete with the uniform required and as we all know collars up sleeves off. Aka the “Bushwood uni”. A rowdy group of ragtag PAX hooted and hollered all pining for some recognition for being early, dressed appropriately and the promises of new laundry in the form of sleeved Bushwood tees.

The warm-up

A mini mosey to the parallel parking lot for a circle up of SSH to the tune of 50 ish with a crescendo of the finale of the I’m all right song by one Kenny Loggins. Followed by some imperial walkers x20. Then a alternating calf stretch to loosen up the lower body as that’s the most important part of the golf swing. The teachers pet is a.k.a. the band of sleeveless were tasked with retrieving some lifting rocks while the balance of the packs moseyed to the bus parking lot (aka the course) for nine holes of wedded partner bliss.

The Thang

The course: 9 holes 3:45 per hole with a 15 second break to change holes. MeanWhile partner runs the lap around the course.

The scoring:

2 laps as a team=bogey

3 laps as a team=par

4 laps as a team=birdie

5 laps as a team=eagle

Course layout:

1.) ssh

2.) squats

3.) merkins

4.) monkey humpers

5.) curls

6.) Carolina dry docks

7.) alt lunges

8.) burpees

9.) shoulder taps

The victor:

The team that completes the most laps in the 36 minute workout time. Good luck fellas….you’re gonna need it.

The reward:

Respect oh and a Bushwood shirt for you and your partner.

The moleskin

One of the great benefits of being the Q on this one was that I got to run around and listen to everybody complain about each station it was magical. Not to mention the clown car served as a Mulligan which made things intersting.

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