The Fat Man Runeth

The Fat Man Runeth

It seemed a lot of guys figured they could ease into the week by attending a running workout led by a fat guy. But, if you know me, I like to ensure 2 things happen when I Q – 1) I do something that is unexpected, and 2) I do something that I hate. I theorized that everyone would expect me to play to my strength – shorter distance with more pain stations. Hence, I went the opposite direction and opting for high mileage with a few pain stations to keep us honest – giving us a record breaking 6 miles for Clydesdales like me, and a whopping 7 miles for some of the Gazelles!


  • Mosey around the Middle School and along the road to the Lawson entrance by Five Forks.
  • Some quick stretching
  • Active warmup down Five Forks
    • High knees to the 1st light
    • Jog to the 2nd light
    • Butt kicks to the 3rd light
    • Jog to the 4th light
    • B-skips to the stop sign

The Thang

  1. Run to the end of Great Rd
    • 5 burpees at Pawpaw Ln
    • 5 burpees at cul-de-sac
    • Gazelles circle back for the 6
  2. Run back down Pawpaw Ln / Right on Surveyor General / run to the end
    • 5 burpees at Pawpaw Ln
    • 5 burpees at Great Rd
    • 5 burpees at cul-de-sac
    • Gazelles circle back for the 6
  3. Run down Surveyor General to Trading Path Ln
    • 2 burpees at every light on the right
    • Gazelles circle back for the 6 at Pawpaw / Pool / End
  4. Recovery Mosey back down Five Forks / along frontage trail / down Brough Hall / Left on River Bank / End on Lawson Dr
  5. Paula Abdul to the end of Lawson
    • Run to 1st stop sign / run back to start
    • Run to 2nd stop sign / run back to 1st
    • Run to 3rd stop sign / run back to 2nd
    • …..
  6. Fast Mosey back to the start

Great push by everyone this morning! Thank you for allowing me to lead this morning. I love to joke and bust chops, but it is truly an honor to post along side you guys.


  • Pray for families impacted by this weekend’s shootings. Talk to your kids (age appropriate) as they have questions and concerns, even if they are not coming to you about them…
  • Damascus looking for a few REAL MEN who will run the Ragnar (10/5-10/6) – DM for details.
  • Boys and possible 2.0s can see Deadwood or Zin for the Atlanta Spartan.
  • Swimmers looking to finalize his team for the Prostate Awareness 5k – 9/14 and it’s a Speed for Need event.
  • Welcome to 4 FNGs (see the Flash BB for details as they all posted there).

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