3-2-1 Converge

3-2-1 Converge

The Thang

DiCC’s given, 21 of us went for a mosey, stretch …

So, entire workout built around a Fartlek.

3 min easy run, 2 min medium run, 1 min hard. And then we converged for bootcamp workout. Thanks DW and Popeye for your contributions.

Lots of hard work & sweat, proof was Dana’s shoes as we headed back to the COT … I heard squish, squish, squish from his shoes (been there dude, good work!)

We were all impressed by Lantzer (Rudy’s 2.0) and Lucas (Carb Loads 2.0). Lucas was our FNG. We all hope to see you guys again soon!


FNG news first! Carb Load’s son Lucas Atkins (13) joined us today. Lots of good names suggested, and since he dislikes the Lakers, we went with “Magic”. Go figure, Welcome “Magic”!!!

Waxhaw Elementary School cleanup is this morning. Bunch of PAX going. Posse recruiting us hard.

Dad’s camp also later this morning, contact Fusebox for details. I think its every Saturday and for the 2.0’s and dad.

Thanks for taking us out Shop Dawg!

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