From 10 to 65 years old: ALL men are welcome at F3 Outland

From 10 to 65 years old: ALL men are welcome at F3 Outland

3rd F:
If you all have ever read one of Horseheads backblast then you know he has the gift of gab with words to make you want to read it even if you have not post to a beatdown in 12 months…and if you have posted to an AO when he Qs you know he does not say much and moseys off in random directions mumbling things.. but what you may not know is how up lifting he is in COT when he is taking us out in prayer. Thank you Horsehead for leading us on the prayer.
~TAP for multiple pax as they heal themselves to join us back in the gloom

2nd F:
SOB is hosting a Speed for need event on 9/14: Swimmer on Q for this one
Zero Prostate Cancer 5K

Happy 10th Birthday Gump.. you killed out there today. Great job

Great showing at the Coffeteria this morning with 10 pax as we found how small the world is when Swimmers and Double E discovered the house E is living in was sold to him by Swimmers, Cams hair is crazy, super humans exist and run 50 iron man in 50 days, and that Horsehead and Boondock LOVES butter on there bagels…. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of butter.

1st F:
6am launch of 1st 3 mile pre-run: Fault Line, Horsehead, Boondock, Gypsy, Double E
6:30 am launch of 2nd 3 mile pre-run: Fault Line, Horsehead, Gypsy, Chastain, Double E
7 am Disclaimer given and brief description of the beatdown today and waters offered out. Its gonna be hot and YHC knows we are about to put in some work

The Thang: The Ole’ Glory
YHC’s favorite WIB. A high intensity workout that covers upper body, core, and lower body in 40 mins bookended by a 1 mile shovel flag run.

  • 1 mile run finishing at Small track
  • 2 x 400 relay (Partner up)
    • Partner 1 runs a lap while partner 2 is doing called exercise then swap perform last called exercise until the 6 is in.
      • Sumo Squats
      • Lunges
      • Bomb Jacks
    • Rinse and repeat
  • Mosey to basketball court
    • Star Fish (2 Burpees in the middle) LBC for the 6
      • Corner 1
        • 20 Wide Arm Merkins
      • Corner 2
        • 20 Dry Docks
      • Corner 3 
        • 20 Ranger Merkins
      • Corner 4
        • 20 Hand Release
    • Rinse and repeat but with 10 for each vs 20
  • Mosey to AO launch
    • F3 Suicides Sprint across the Parking lot and do called exercise. 
      Sprint backward to starting line with American Hammers for the 6
      • Called exercises
        • 25 WW2s
        • 25 Heals to heaven
        • 25 Flutters (count right leg)
  • 1 mile F2 pace run finishing with the Pledge of allegiance

Miles ranged from 3 to 10 miles today from the pax.. The age spread was even more impressive with a 10yr waking up to celebrate his birthday with us and FNG Ah’Stare at 65 joining us from Memphis TN. 14 pax in all joined in on the fun and determined that this morning might have been better if Faultline and Horsehead had left me behind on my FNG day 2 years ago. But I for one and glad they did not. As some of you may know, the day I started F3 is the same day I stopped smoking and I owe my health to this rag tag group of men I now call brothers.

Keep up the great work all and I look forward to seeing you in the Gloom.


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