No to No Sox

No to No Sox

Boys, the calendar turned to August this morning. After reading FSU’s brilliant (and since deleted) tweet earlier this week, I knew that August means football season is upon us…some time in the next 15 or 4 or 154 days or something like that. Apparently my internal clock knew that too as I woke up shortly after midnight. But I was reminded of the Alabama football facility which has a wall that reads “No Excuses.” 18 PAX including 1 FNG were counting on me to lead them in a football-esque workout this morning so I knew I had to suck it up.

After a quick disclaimer and waiver signing by our FNG, we took a quick mosey to the freshly paved bus parking lot at Olde Providence. I’ll tell you what – Sprockets and Gummy have really taken action since becoming site Q’s here. Sprockets even had his face molded into the new pavement Michael Scott-style.

The Thang 

  • Side straddle hop x10
  • low slow squat x10
  • Peter Parker x10
  • Parker Peter x10

Mosey to football field, partner up at the 50 for ALL IN

  • American Hammer x 50 per group
  • Lunges x 50 (each leg) per group
  • LBC x 50 per group
  • Imperial Walker x 50 per group
  • Nolan Ryan x 50 per group

Then we’d perform partner carries where partner 1 carried partner 2 from the 50 to end zone, flapjack back to 50, flapjack to the other end zone, and flapjack back to the 50. This was followed by one more round of ALL IN and partner carries.

Count off by 4 – corner 1 does 16 merkins, 2 does 16 LBCs, 3 does 16 Carolina dry docks, 4 does 16 squat jumps. After each corner, you’re meeting at the 50 for 10 burpees. Run Stopper led us on some planks while we waited on the 6. Mosey through the hidden trail to intersection of Foxworth and Windyrush. Inside voices were not used.

Catch me if you can – Partner 1 does 10 merkins and sprints to Partner 2 who has been running backwards. Flapjack. Do this all the way to Rea Rd and then mosey to the Wesley UMC parking lot.

At the church, we did some rock workouts with our partners 110% may or may not have been given. Partner 1 runs to corner of the parking lot and does 16 merkins, while partner 2 does rock curls. Flapjack. Next rotation – P1 runs to corner and does 16 Carolina dry docks, while P2 does overhead press. Flapjack. One more rotation of merkins/curls before a mosey to the starting point for some mary (Freddie Mercury, Heels to Heaven, planks).


Welcome to FNG Foghorn. A Boston native who recently moved from Chicago and is a friend of Sprockets. Queen suggested “No Sox” as a name, which Sprockets quickly nixed for some reason.

Speaking of names, Run Stopper may need a name change to Fun Stopper after a brutal blow to the midsection by the gate at the bus loop.

Queen took on Proehl in a last minute sprint at the starting point. He lost, but apparently covered the spread.

Lots of questions about the 16 references including several by Hannibal who was in a group with YHC, Lewinsky, and Deep Dish at one point. There’s several answers including a certain quarterback competing for the starting job in August camp.

Good to see site FNG Crosby this morning. Another Clemson grad added to the Area 51 PAX, which will be met with mixed emotions.

Thanks to Sprockets for the strong close out. And one last big shout out to he and Gummy for the opportunity to Q at #F3Hydra. Always an honor.

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GummyPosted on1:56 pm - Aug 1, 2019

Solid Q, Revlon. It’s a good thing Jet Fuel wasn’t there – he would’ve been very uncomfortable with all of the explicit and implicit references to our national champions.

Other highlights:
– Hopper had to go home and read the manual for his fancy watch – the light would not go off. Ask one of your teenagers to fix it for you.
– Hopper also was the champion gas passer this morning. Good volume and duration. Risky at his age though.
– Puddin’ Pop reported that his pregame routine made him a couple of minutes late, but you can’t rush greatness.
– Hannibal and I reenacted a great partner carry scene from 4-5 years ago at Muthaship, only this time when I jumped on his back he fell all the way to the ground. I look a lot lighter than I am.
– Crosby is going to be a good addition to the Area 51 PAX. He just moved up from Greenville, SC. Fast dude – BRR teams pay attention. And his mumblechatter game is strong which is good. He definitely woke up the neighbors when we gathered at the end of the trail.
– I enjoyed watching Cheese Curd try to keep up with Proehl all morning. He didn’t.
– I watched The Big Short on a recent flight, so I was anxious to check in with our resident economy-wrecker, Deep Dish, about how things are different now and that won’t happen again, right? His answers didn’t comfort me. Get liquid.
– HIPAA is on the schedule next week – we’ll see if we can get him down off the mountain.

SpacklerPosted on5:49 pm - Aug 1, 2019

Wow 2 backblasts for one workout? Would one of you please write mine from Meathead this morning? Lovely. #preesh

HopperPosted on11:24 pm - Aug 1, 2019

I also had to ask Hannibal if my activity was set to “run” before we got started because I couldn’t see the font. I was legitimately and literally a mess this morning. I dare say my M will not be pleased with the laundry work she has ahead of her! Strong Q Revlon! I like the Catch Me with a backward run twist.….running up Windy Rush that way was more daunting than I thought it would be!

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