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Record Low mileage

Recently I pulled my calf muscle and was a little skeptical of my upcoming Q. What would I do to prevent myself from further injury? Could I still provide the Pax with a solid Q? Would Pax think it was a trick and not show up? Well, I think it was a success! I didn’t injure myself, the Pax got smoked and today’s mileage was a record low for all of my 39 Q’s.. 1.06. Mission accomplished!! Heres how it went down.


Mosey to the bus parking lot – Circle up!

  • 20 LSS – IC
  • 5 Merkin – IC
  • 6” Hold
  • Calf Stretch
  • 11 IW – I forgot to stop at ten


The Thang:

  • Captain Therkin to 10/40
    • 1 SU/4 American Hammers/4 Merkins
  • MT’s/Squats Web to 10/40
    • 1 MT/4 Squats
  • Donkey Kick Offs/Squats
    • 10 Kicks/10 sec/ 10squts – 9/9/9
  • Partner up – Ladder – Knee Ups/Squats
    • 25 Kneeups/25 Squats – Switch
    • 4 Rounds
  • Partner Up –11’s Merkin/Pullup Ladder
    • 10 Pullups/1 Merkin
  • Wave of Merkins
    • 10ish rounds
    • 3-4 rounds 6”
    • 2 Burpees OYO

Coming into this I knew it would be a smoker but man… I’m spent! I would love to call out Pax individually and congratulate but there was zero mumble chatter except for Zinfandel when I called out squats again! You’re welcome. All pax were pushed to their limits today and did very well. Dough Boy did give his 2.0 a hard time during the pull-ups. “Come on Bread Bowl, don’t just stand there, DO SOMETHING!!” Rudy didn’t have to do any paperwork and made it through the entire workout. Bread Bowl, however… As we were running back to COT, we see him standing in the middle of the road with napkins all around him on the ground…its still a mystery as to what went down.

Rough numbers: 87 Merkins, 55 Mike Tysons, 100 Kneeups, 375 squats, and should have been 55 pullups but somehow we started dropping by 2 but time was short and we were spent so I’m good with that. One audible called during the knee-ups I changed from squats to speed skaters. Again, nice job guys way to push!! I’ll see you on Saturday at Commitment!!


F3 Dads Saturday at Dogwood Park – 9:00 am

September 14 prostate run with Need for Speed

Brutus on for VQ tomorrow at Chiseled

Short Course

10 men enjoyed the horsey half pipe today, using only half of the official course.

The Thang

Launch, sprint to the bottom of Blue Ridge.

Warmup, 10 SSH. Ladder on first hill, merkins at bottom, burpees at top. 2,4,6,8,10 reps per round.

Mosey up to top of Blue Ridge to middle of “half pipe” and partner up for the main event.

Partner one goes right to bottom of largest hill, 2 burpees

Partner two goes left to Wilby and down to Sardis, two burpees

Both return and do hand-slap merkins when they meet.

Switch and repeat. Start with 10 hand slap merkins, and go up by two to 20 and then return back down to 10 for 11 rounds.

Return to flagpole at 6:10. Mosey back to start.


Total mileage ~6.25mi


  • Decided to keep it short today, just using the back side of the course in a half pipe style format.
  • Overall strong crowd, eager to get onto the main event. I think some missed part of the instructions and did extra burpees. That’s ok since they made up for those who did no burpees (HH). It all evens out at the end
  • Good mix of A51 and Metro – strong crowd. Tweetsie and Jello looking strong, keeping up with the fast guys.
  • Stinger looking strong (though a bit winded at the halfway point)
  • Thanks for the opportunity to Q Horsehead – always a pleasure to grab the horse by the reins – even if I feel like puking afterwards


note: missed a couple: Taps, Chechel?

Happy “Do What You Hate” Monday!

It’s a celebration bitch£s!! It feels like I’ve been working out with you guys for way longer but as of yesterday I’m officially 1 year in the WUC F3 familia!! What a journey it’s been both mentally and physically in those 365 days. Thanks to each and everyone of you for the push to get out of bed every morning. The friendships, the laughter and the daily grind to dig a little bit deeper every post is appreciated.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve posted but I do know today was my 25th Q. What would I have planned? Something fun? Would I chose something new and exciting? Or would I do what I hate….

DiCCS given. Let’s rock….


Long 1 Mile Opening Mosey. I despise running, especially long distances so it would make sense to start with a nice 9 minute mile.

Circle Up at PetSmart

  • 20 x SSH
  • 10 x Imperial Walker
  • 10 x Morroccan Night Club
  • Jimmy Dugan
  • Calf Stretch

Ladder. 1 Merkin, 4 Air Presses until 10 &. 40. IC. I feel like we used to do this a good bit when I first started and it was demoralizing. I couldn’t get through it without several breaks. Now I can crush it.

Mosey to Target. 3 burpees at the center. Each corner, alternate between 10 x Speedskaters and 10 x Bobby Hurleys. Come back to center between rounds for the burpees

40 Bear Crawl & 10 Mike Tyson’s. IC. Working our way down instead of up. Audibled after completing round 7: 28 x BCs & 7 x MTs. Awful. This will absolutely be my new favorite as this combines one thing I used to hate, Bear Crawls, with something I currently hate, MTs.

Mosey over to Hickory Tavern. Partner up. Split 50 x derkins. 100 x step ups. 200 x dips.

Circle up, on your 6 and go around the horn doing an ab workout of your choice. Everyone got in an exercise. And that’s time….

Complete. COT.


I’m probably, no promises, done talking about my personal journey. It’s had it’s up and downs, trials and tribulations and I’ve been more than open about it. My new focus is going to be on activities/discussion to assist others get on their own new path and to push through personal barriers. Finding new guys to drag to their 1st post is one thing I already love but I’ve found a new motivation recently with Shake n Bakes words of encouragement. Reading a few comments in his BBs but then seeing him in action at the Floater and Watchtower last week verbally helping guys push has a renewed focus for me.

“Why are you out here?” is not an easy question to throw at your brother while they are struggling to complete an exercise. It’s moments like that though that I’ve found myself pushing through a current mental/physical plateau. My most memorable are being rescued by DW and Moneyball, Doughboy offering a “good work” or any number of you that provide a helping hand of any kind.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m happy to announce I’m going to be F3 WUC’s (self appointed) Head Cheerleader. This will include even more words of encouragement, circling back for the 6 more often and I’ll be looking to make more personal connections with the hope’s that we create more F3 Lifers.

Great work by everyone that posted today and thanks for the support! It’s great to see so many legacy posters and new PAX. Keep up the good work boys!

Thanks to Swimmers for taking us out? I think it was you. Too damn humid and I forget.


  • Q School this Saturday!!! See Posse for more information but if you have Q’d between zero and 5 times then this class is for you!!
  • Speed For Need 5k Run, Aug 14, see Swimmers for more info.

Amazon’s Showroom

I don’t get down to DaVinci often but always a good crew, I had to remind Deep Dish he infact knew where it was despite his claim “I had to ask my wife where Blakeney was”. As the PAX gather I let them know we would not be traveling very far but we would be running quite a way. A terrible disclaimer was given and we were off… great to see Paper Clip setting a STRONG pace early (I had to call out where to turn next because he was so far ahead).

Mosey around the outside of the Best Buy shopping center parking lot (“a lap” going forward) back to PetsMart for some warm up:

15 SSHs (felt death stares already for the long mosey – it would only get worse), 15 IWs, 15 Mountain Climbers, 10/10/10 arm circles/seal claps/overhead claps

Short mosey over to YHC’s truck to find a “choose your own adventure” on a lamp post and rocks in the bed. 4 rounds as follows (do in any order, at your own pace):

Round 1 – 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 25 American Hammers, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 20 squats, 2 laps

Round 2 – 10 burpees, 20 wide-arm merkins, 10 pistol cruches (each leg), 20 shoulder press (w/ rock), 20 Sister Mary Cathrines, 2 laps

Round 3 – 10 burpees, 20 diamond merkins, 20 WWII situps, 20 tri-extensions (w/ rock), 10 single leg dead lifts (each leg), 2 laps

Round 4 – 10 burpees, 20 hand-release merkins, 25 LBCs, 20 curls (w/ rock), 20 jump squats, 2 laps

with the warm-up lap, completing all 4 rounds (with a proper lap) would be ~3.8 miles plus exercises… Excellent work by all PAX as each man pushed themselves hard but tclaps to Ocho Cinco – he completed 5 rounds!!!!

Announcements –
signup for the pool party after Crane Relay

The Brixham Egg

10 men laid a Brixham Egg at Stonehenge.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • LSS x 20 IC
  • Merkin x 10 IC
  • MC x 20 IC
  • Flutter x 20 IC


Mosey to fountain in middle of Brixham Green and partner up.

  • Step 1: Partners run to opposite buildings, perform 10 hip slappers and then return to fountain
  • 10 hand-slap merkins
  • Repeat step 1
  • 10 hand-slap merkins, 10 leg throws
  • Repeat step 1
  • 10 hand-slap merkins, 10 leg throws, 10 partner derkins

Brixham Egg

There are six buildings situated around Brixham Green in an egg shape. Run clockwise, from building to building, stopping at each one for exercises. One full loop is 0.6 miles.

Loop 1:

  • At 1st building perform 3 burpees and 6 box cutters.
  • At each subsequent building add 3 burpees and 6 box cutters. Grand total is 63 burpees and and 126 box cutters.

Loop 2:

  • Same as round 1, but with jumping lunges and LBC’s

Mosey to retaining wall near Tony’s Pizza.

  • Set 1: 1 pull up, 2 merkins, 3 squats
  • On each subsequent set, add 1 pull up, 2 merkins and 3 squats
  • 5 total rounds. Grand total of 15 merkins, 30 merkins and 45 squats.

Mosey to parking lot next to Einstein’s.

  • Circle up, on your 6
  • 1 pax calls a mary exercise, then he bear crawls around the outside of the pax circle while everyone else performs the exercise
  • Take turns until everyone has had a turn

Back to launch and plank for remaining 45 seconds until time.


  • Kobayashi was out yet again and is getting noticeably stronger
  • 9 other guys were there too and each one is special and unique
  • Thank you to Wild T for the opportunity to lead, and for taking us out


7 high impact leaders and leaders in training skipped the fartsack, got up early on a Saturday, and posted at a pre-site-q-school-workout. No one (except maybe Posse) knew what to expect. 30 seconds to go and Posse drops a “Oh no, the QIC didn’t show!” scenario on us. Centerfold, The Knish, and Old MacDonald get assigned the 3 way Site Q responsibility of picking up the Q. 15 minutes each. Chastain in charge of backblast. Fusebox in charge of timing. Centerfold, you’re up!

Q1 – Centerfold: Long mosey from the parking lot around to the back of the school. We’re all beginning to think Centerfold’s entire improvised weinke is going to be to run laps around the school but finally we get to some picnic tables and circle up for some warm up.

  • 15 SSH IC
  • 10 Imperial Walkers IC (fastest ever)
  • Maybe something else?
  • Calf Stretches

Mosey back to the front of the school for some bench work:

  • 20 Dips
  • Run a half lap around the lot
  • 20 Step Ups
  • Run a half lap around the lot
  • Repeato

Centerfold, your 15 minutes of fame are over. Next up, The Knish!

Q2 – The Knish: Back to the starting lot and down the back driveway. Alternate light poles with 10 Merkins and 20 Squats until the end of the driveway. Up to the top roundabout for 20 LBCs, down to the bottom for 20 Heels to Heaven, then repeato. Typed out that doesn’t sound like 15 minutes, but it sure felt longer in action.

Q3 – Old MacDonald: Last but never least, Old MacDonald finished off the last Q section with a quick jog to an out building where we found some wall and did some O-Line drills: Hands on the wall, knees bent, press hard for 30 seconds. Next up, repeato, this time chop your feet and keep on your toes. Once more and done. Sounds easy, but it ain’t. Pretty sure we were close to knocking down the building so we called that one. Next up, a Lunge walk (or a Bear Crawl, which YHC will take any day) to the football field. Once there, we decided to get wet with liquids not of our own making by rolling around in the dew-soaked grass. YHC can’t remember what this one was called but fortunately was able to capture it on video for posterity:

Too late to ask if anyone is allergic to grass. Nothing to do but run it off. Heading back to the starting parking lot by alternating light poles with running and then a karaoke. Finish up with some PAX called exercises, including Burpees, Dying Cockroaches, and some other things that escape the mind…

Moleskin: An out of the ordinary workout with out of the ordinary PAX. It was awesome seeing how easily all three guys quickly adapted to being thrown into the fire and gave us a great Saturday morning workout. Anyone would have thought those weinkes were planned in advance.

Announcement: F3 Dads started this morning at Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel @ 0900. Boys and girls ages 3 and up are welcome. Bring a squirt gun if you have it. Talk to Fusebox or Gerber if you’re willing to step up and help. They need some future Qs.

YHC took us out in prayer then we headed to McDonald’s for some 2nd F and Site Q School. Much thanks to Posse for all his effort in organizing, documenting, and leading the training. It was much needed for myself and others too, I’m sure.

Cumulative BLIMPS

10 PAX showed up on an extra hot and muggy day for my 2nd Q at The Arsenal. My Wienke turned out to be a pretty nasty beat down that I think everyone is glad that they didn’t fartsack.


Mosey behind the school for a warmup. It was the first time I noticed the basketball courts. Does anybody use those for anything? Probably not because there were no lights and it was pitch black. Maybe I’ll check it out in the future, but back to the warmup.

  • Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
  • Seal Clap x 10 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 20 IC
  • Potato Picker x 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the playground for BLIMPS with a lap between each exercise. The kicker – the BLIMPS are cumulative.

  • 1 lap, 5 burpees
  • 1 lap, 5 burpees, 10 lunges
  • … continue until
  • 1 lap, 5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 imperial walkers, 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks, 30 squats

This brings us to a grand total of 6 laps (a little less than ¾ of a mile), 30 burpees, 50 lunges, 60 IW’s, 60 merkins, 50 plank jacks, and 30 squats in about 20-25 minutes. I just noticed the pyramid the numbers make; I like it even more now.

Next, I planned on taking us to the large student lot behind the football field but read my watch wrong, thought we were running low on time, and audibled to take us back toward launch to climb the wall in front of the school. Over the wall’s zigs and zags, with a burpee on each landing. It wasn’t until the end of this that I realized we actually had plenty more time, about 20 minutes!

Well, maybe I can get this back on track. There are nicely spaced no parking signs that we’ve used before, not quite as large spaces as the student lot’s planters but will do in a pinch.

PAX partnered up, there was one group of 3 that I was in, but that really didn’t matter because the distance was short enough to keep everyone together. While partner 1 runs to each no parking sign, partner 2 performs an exercise, AMRAP.

  • First sign, Mike Tysons
  • Second sign, high jump knee to chest
  • Third sign, Peter Parkers
  • Fourth sign, Parker Peters

At this point we had about 7 minutes left and were already by launch, so we finished the mosey to launch and finished with a full round of Mary that every PAX got to call an exercise.

COT & Announcements

A single announcement from Soft Pretzel – Sandbox project was moved to August 3 from 9 – 12ish. Sounds like a really great opportunity to help a family in need of it.


  • I took some inspiration from my recent post at Baywatch in Wilmington, we just don’t have a surf to dive in to. Maybe someone should consider taking PAX to Sugar Creek or the Catawba to make up for this.
  • I have un-enthusiastic disclaimer delivery, but truthfully, I was just trying to remember everything.
  • Jumping over walls and doing exercises laying down on each side isn’t a great idea. 10 ft of wall allows for about 3 PAX to comfortably go over at once. If they then lay down to do an exercise like a burpee with 7 other PAX trying to get over without being able to see them, disaster can ensue. Thanks Fire Hazard for your experience and making this apparent to everyone before even the first wall. To thank you, I kicked you on a burpee.
  • I was sure I wasn’t going to get through my whole Wienke and when I read my watch wrong, it really screwed me up. Luckily, we were able to recover and still deliver a solid beat down, we just had a little more Mary than I had planned.
  • It was really hot. I think it was Atlas or Happy Meal wringing out their shirts and head bands and it sounded like a bucket of water was being tossed.
  • Cumulative BLIMPS were a big success. The format was simple and strong, and they left you feeling ready for a mosey to recover.
  • During the final no parking sign runs I didn’t make it clear that the exercise was changing each round, so after the first round the first runners started to take off again and I shouted for them to wait because the next exercise was different. This was a mistake because I broke their flow and I could have just told the group that was now doing the 2nd exercise and it would have been apparent when the running group returned that the exercise had changed. Good lesson for future Q’s.
  • Based on a few of these observations I’ll be attending Q school later this month. I’m hoping to get some good tips and tricks and things to look out for in future Q’s

Everyone Loves Donkey Kicks

Well it was another soggy Humid morning and 18 men decided on join me for todays workout. So lets do this thang.

Mosey around parking lot twice for a circle up. Instead of doing a couple of exercises, I decided to stretch out the legs a little. Jimmie Duggan avoiding the clap. Left, Right, and Middle and then a calf stretch. We are off

Mosey to the front of the Middle School. 20 hands free flutters, 20 American Hammers, and 20 Heels to Heaven with a speed lap around the lot in between. Gazelles catch the six when done.

Mosey Nope!! Grab some wall for a Squat kick web. 1 Low slow squat then 4 donkey kicks. add 1 squat and 4 donkey kicks until we hit 10 and 40.

Mosey Nope!! This time 20 Incline Merkins, 20 Dips, and 20 Decline Merkins with a speed lap in between. Gazelles catch the six when done.

Mosey Nope!! Back to the Wall!! I think everyone was a little surprised on this one. Sit up position with toes touching the wall. 1 Big Boy Sit up and 4 air jabs. Adding 1 sit up and 4 air jabs till we hit 10 and 40.

Ok lets Mosey over to the school bus awning area and grab some wall WHAT?!?!?!?!? 20 seated air presses then a lap while bearcrawling the awning. Then back 30 air presses and bearcrawl. One more lap of 40 air presses with a bear crawl.

Mosey back to COT but before we end we broke into teams of 3 for some sprints. 2 pax held plank position while the other sprinted down to tag the pax team member. We did this non stop for the last 5 minutes. What a great way to end a workout right!!


F3 dads at Dogwood Park 9am Fuse is leading. Bring water guns of any size. Not sure where he is getting water but I am sure he thought of that.

Site Q school with Posse this saturday. Link is already on the playhouse.

I gave an update on my work situation and things are looking good.

Old McDonald-Thanks for taking us out.

I will be at the beach for the next two weeks. So thanks for letting me lead and I will see everyone when I return.

TGI “muggy” F

Just a classic summer boot camp. I had to get myself psyched up for this Q knowing it’s been tougher to get up lately. That being said, I pulled into Covenant Day with a few minutes to spare and catch up with a few PAX before we began. A thorough disclaimer and off we went.

A quick stroll around campus to the basketball court which is now visible from the road since they cut down all the trees for some stupid reason. SSH and IW x20 Merkins x15 and Mtn Climbers x20 for a nice warm up to get the froth started.

Mosey’d off-campus across 51 for 7s up and down Reid Hall; Monkey Humpers at the bottom, Merkins at the top. Back across 51 to the rock pile. Overhead Press, Curls, Tricep Extensions x20 with a run down Pleasant Hill Dr. in between. All that through two cycles.

And with a few minutes to spare, we ventured back to the main church lot for a dash across the parking lots to the top of the hill then back with LBC x20 in between. We got two passes through before the mutiny began. So back to launch and done.

Again, nothing new and creative, old school bootcamp. Turkey Leg shared we got in 3.5 miles approx., not bad. It was hot and sticky. Thanks to Horsehead for the takout prayer. And thoughts and prayers to Orange Whip as he works out some health issues.

Long time, no see

8 pax posted at Death Valley yesterday in the soupy gloom. Methinks they were there to see if I knew where the AO was, but they were kind enough to stick around for the workout.


Mosey around the parking lot with a little carioca. This was a spur-of-the-moment call that almost backfired when YHC’s feet got tangled up. That would have been a record early Q fail.

Circle up at the start point for the usual:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 15 IC
  • Low, slow merkins x 10
  • Low, slow squats x 10

The Thang:

Mosey to Davie Park and plank it up for the six. Lo and behold, Spackler and his merry band of Anvil pax show up as well. [If you want a more interesting backblast, head over to his Anvil post here.]

Partner up by AO. Partner 1 heads to the playground for 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, and 20 split squats (10 per leg) while partner 2 runs to the fence, stopping at each light post (on the way out and back) for 5 merkins (35 per round). Flapjack and repeato until each partner does both parts of the workout 3 times.

We then moseyed up to the lush soccer field (it’s so nice I’m going to have to say it’s better than the Charge) for Four Corners with 15 heels to heaven at each corner.

We bid adieu to the Anvil pax and moseyed back to SCMS. Plank for the 6 at Strawberry and 51 and again at the launch. We might have done some Mary, but I can’t remember at this point.

COT – thank you for the take-out, Smokey.


  • Sign up for the pool party on 7/27 or Mighty Mite will beat you up. Link is here.
  • BRR is coming up in less than 2 months. If you like running or hanging out in a van with sweaty, smelly pax, raise your hand as an alternate. Injuries always come up between now and race day. On second thought, if you like hanging out in a van with sweaty, smelly pax, you probably have deeper issues.


  • Thanks to Dollywood for reaching out about the Q. Wednesdays tend to be a lazy day for me. I’ve been trying to get better about posting, but it doesn’t always work out. When I do, it’s usually to Donut Run for some miles (see BRR comment above). It was good to get out to a site I haven’t been to in a while. The last DV workout I remember was Q’d by Stagecoach, which tells you how long ago it was.
  • Thanks to Spackler for agreeing to team up at Davie Park. It was good to get together with some familiar faces from Anvil and it saved me from having to try to be witty in my backblast.
  • Thanks to the pax for coming out and pushing hard on an unpleasantly humid morning.