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The Count is 100 (thankfully we had Ti81 calculator with us)

A few days ago I lost my weapon of Math instruction… my trusty pocket calculator.

Ten men did the right thing and took the DRP to Get Right on Friday. It was a good day starting with a grand entrance by Blueberry Mint and ending with debate on whether it was better to see boobs on a slide ruler or a Ti81. After a thorough disclaimer by YHC, we got after it

The Thang:

COP with SSH x4 (Purple Haze refusnik caused me to shut it down quickly), Mtn Climbers X14, Squats X11, Appollo Ono’s X10, and Merkins X10 with a few burpees thrown in for good measure.

Grab 2 pavers and take off on Centurion mile (up to Carmel, right to 51, back down to school, and up short ramps to level 4). Merkins until the 6 gets in and does 20 Merkins.

With pavers, run down to level 1, up the long ramp to level 3, down to other end, up short ramp to level 4. Wall sits with push presses waiting on the six.

Without pavers, down to level 1 and then take short ramps back up to level 4. Plank while we wait on the six.

6MOM while holding pavers behind your head – flutter, dolly, box cutters, and LBC’s

Mosey down to level 1 for ramp sprints up to level 3 and mosey back to 1. Goal is to elevate heart rate on sprint up and then recover (walk or slow mosey) on the way down. We ran it 3 times (not 100 as I threatened).

Mosey out to fence around football field. Four corners sans pavers with 10 dragon kicks at first corner, 10 pull ups at 2nd, 10 merkins at 3rd and 10 burpees at 4th.

With pavers, run around football field and back to the parking lot to finish with a few minutes of Mary


Exciting start as Brilleuax was on time and Blueberry Mint (ie vape flavor) comes rolling in on an powered scooter. Purple Haze knew what was coming and he posted anyway. I use the pavers in attempt to slow the rabbits down but it didn’t work as they still beat me on the 1 mile run. The pavers make the run both mentally and physically challenging.

Several times I encouraged the PAX to expect the count to be 100. I got 9 blank stares each time I said this so had to explain in COT why I was saying it. The idea is that you should always expect the count to be 100 so you push hard until the Q calls halt instead of trying to anticipate the count and slacking off early.

Mistakenly thought PH was criticizing my form on one exercise (no one ever does that) but it was actually a self critique.

Long discussion on the evolution of calculators from counting on 10 fingers to abacus, to slide rule, and then eventually Ti81 Inspire (Why didn’t the PAX include Inspire when they named him Ti81). As usual, Prohibition added thought provoking dialogue by noting he figured out how to spell “boob” on his calculator in high school (or was that last week at work?).

Good mix of young and old out this week from several Hate Hates to WD Snooka.


YHC recommended the PAX read the Q Source ( ) as it is great source of information for personal development. The four quadrants are Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, and Leave Right. Very practical with good examples and thought provoking discussion.

Revolution and Revolution 2.0 on Saturday morning are great opportunities for 3rd F. Revolution 2.0 is at 11am on Saturday at Stratford YMCA on West Blvd and information on Revolution is at 7am at Revolution Park

Thanks to Margo for taking us out

The Streak lives!!

Zinfandel and I are both resting up for the Spartan race this Saturday so we both were absent at the Floater. Many Pax thought for sure the streak was ending…not so fast! Kid Rock came through and the stream lives!! I only messaged him 18 times and threatened his life twice. His words below.

Damn you boys at Floater are pretty serious about these back blasts! Well, let’s get to it.YHC has gone through some personal struggles including injury and some 30+lb weight fluctuation over the course of a couple of months. I felt pretty set back since about September of last year. Needless to say, I’ve been feeling back on track and wanted to do my first Q in over a year. I reached out to Damascus who contacted Deadwood who gave me the nod. (Hindsight I realized it was only because he never planned on joining us in the first place. He said he needed more beauty rest for the weekend) Either way, I wanted to get a good Q in. The idea was a cardio circuit- Disclaimer was given and YHC gave some information and suggestions for the moleskin. Heart Rate focused training- no stopping and no downtime. Keep the mosey easy and the stations hard. Modify rep count if needed… And we were off.

The Thang:

1/4 mile group jog to stop sign

  • 1 Alternating wall step-upsDipsDerkins
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 2BurpeesSide straddle SquatsMountain climbers
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 3Sqaut hold to jump squatMerkinsSki abs1/4 mile group jog to stop 4People’s chair with overhead pressMike Tyson’sDonkey Kicks
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 5Carolina Dry docksMary Katherine lungesLow Plank Obliques
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 6LBCs Flutter kicks American Hammer1/4 mile group jog to stop 7 People’s chair alternating legs lift (while passing the well-placed rock)Balls to the wall
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 8Parker Peter MerkinsSupine press Picnic table jump-ups
  • 1/4 mile jog to stop 9Plank Jack’sFreddy Mercury’sSuicide Jumps
  • 1/8 mile group jog to stop 10
  • Jailbreak to finish

The Moleskine:

All in all- good workout and the PAX did a nice job of keeping the six close and staying on task. We got to see about 2.5 scenic miles of downtown Waxhaw utilizing any objects we could. I appreciate the opportunity to lead some great HIMs today and look forward to the next.


Speed for Need race coming up

Ragnar team signups- message YHC for details

Good luck in Asheville this weekend to those taking on the Super!

Touched for the Very First Time

Rebel Yell was the tryst location for Teleporter’s VQ. He was joined by 15 South Charlotte Brothers. To heighten the experience, we were joined by Imp (a Cousin Eddie from Cary, NC).

The Q eased into the situation with the old standbys of a capri run, the windmill, and the side straddle hop. Perhaps feeling a little too frisky, the Q then made a rookie mistake by moving on to the Finkle Swing. Although the FS is an F3 exercise, the move was foreign to all (or most) of the 16 other Pax, who appeared to be taken aback by the freakish maneuver.

But soon thereafter, the action heated up with the group moving to a more secluded area of Stonecrest. The Q sensed the time was right to introduce speed bumps into the dalliance from which we performed merkins (in three different positions), LBCs, carioca, and lunges.

Perhaps seeking absolution in a medieval kind of way, the Q enticed the group to follow his lead to the parking lot of St. Matthew Church, whereupon we commenced to lifting rocks and sprinting (in a very loose sense of that term).  As that exercise was nearing its climax, the Q attempted to introduce a superman move with arms moving in a swimming motion. Let’s just say that portion of the exercise ended awkwardly and prematurely.

After making our way back on campus, we did some wall sitting and extended our enjoyment with  à trois of hill climbs, merkins/burpees (Pax choice) and LSSs. Bucky then took the lead on Marys until the Q could dive back in. In hindsight, the Q should have stayed out because the combination of sweet, exhaustion, and scents (namely coming from the dumpster) overcame the Q to the point he forgot how to do the Dolly. No worries though, playing the role of Corrector, Billy Goat set the Q straight by screaming (gently of course) “what are you doing” with a possible expletive thrown in. Appreciative of the supportive nudge from Billy Goat, the Q changed positions and brought the workout to its unforgettable conclusion.

The Q wants to publicly thank all of the brothers who helped him through various points of the Q. A special thanks goes to Kirby who took some time after the workout to empathize with, encourage, and challenge the Q on his life journey.

The Playlist

Intro: A little foreshadowing never hurts. In other words, if you know what is coming, it helps you to prepare your mind. I don’t believe that the PAX had a magic 8 ball, but most could feel that the board of pain was on the horizon. It may have even ended up on twitter. They must have read my mind. However, no one new what the background music/ PLAYLIST would be….

A couple of new faces this morning. Therefore a very caring disclaimer was given.

The Thang:

20xsidestraddle hop

10xgood morning nashville

20xemperial walker

Mosey to the front doors of South Charlotte Middle and right there behind the trash can was the board. Mind you, the playlist of pain (a list of 12 exercises, you do 20 of each and run a lap. Oh, just use your imagination), was not new – but the beats were.

Moleskin: I knew there was trouble when Dollywood exclaimed that his dad would love my playlist, which was Classic Rock Drive from Spotify. Grant it the bands were: REO Speedwagon, Boston, the Boss, Leonard Skynard, and many more… However, I think it was Journey’s song from Caddy Shack that left the biggest mark. Puddin’ could barely contain himself (Puddin’ is quite a golfer – ya know). It was about 6am when it came on. I noticed that Chin Music had checked out. I am sure it was because Bryan Adams had not played yet. But also, Dollywood had split.

I was concerned about the PAX leaving early. So, I gave DW a text to make sure he wasn’t injured. Maybe he had to leave for daddy duty. The response was “opposite… it made me want to have a baby… had to get out there to take care of business.” In the words of Journey, “any way you want it, that’s the way you need it. Anyway you want it.” Well played Dollywood. Well played!

Thanks to Tulip for the prayer. I thought we were going to take up a collection or have communion afterwards. Some great missional thoughts about grace and living a life of worship that brings the kingdom!

Crape Myrtle 11’s

19 PAX showed up as the lights were turned out at The Maul. There’s an analogy in that somewhere. This was my first Q off campus and was much different due to it. But thanks to my previous posts at The Maul, and Google Earth, I was able to build a solid Wienke.

Disclaimer delivered and we’re off.


Mosey to Michael’s parking lot for a simple warmup.

  • Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 20 IC
  • Flutter x 20 IC
  • Hillbilly x 20 IC

The Thang

Mosey to Firebirds where there’s a nice knee-high wall and long parking lot. After a little more explanation than YHC hoped for, PAX partnered up to take turns running laps in the parking lot.

  • Partner A took laps through increasingly distanced sidewalk pull-throughs (Where cars can drive through, I don’t know if that’s really what they’re called or not but I’m going with it) and did 10x of an exercise in the pull through, a different exercise for each of 5 laps:
    • Plank Jack
    • Carolina Dry Dock
    • Diamond Merkin
    • Jump Squat
    • LBC
  • Partner B performed dips until Partner A finished each lap, then flapjack.

Mosey to the Regal’s parking lot for 11’s with Burpees and Merkins. Use the 11 crape myrtles lining the lot, which curve in as you progress so there’s less running (recovery) and more exercises. PAX finished up and with the stone’s throw mosey to launch, time expired.

COT & Announcements


  • PAX looked great out there. I know those burpees aren’t possible for all, but solid modifications were made. Nice job men.
  • This might have been the best weather in the gloom in a while. It felt great out there.
  • Thanks Toolbag for giving me the chance to Q, and reviewing my Wienke.
  • The rest of my moleskine is about my Q and lessons. It’s my 3rd Q so I’m enjoying it and it’s mostly what’s on my mind. Deal with it.
  • This was my first Q at one of the concrete jungle AOs. I selfishly avoided one of the best attributes of said AO, the Murderhorn, because YHC is preparing for the Crane in a couple of days and wanted to keep it to flat concrete.
  • Keep it simple is totally the key. The more explaining that’s necessary, the more time you lose, and the more chance you lose the PAX. My new guideline will be if I can’t explain the routine to my 2-year-old, I’m scratching it. While it wasn’t debilitating for this workout, it could have gone smoother.
  • Acronyms. If you have a list of exercises to perform, try to make it an acronym so everyone can easily remember it. PCDJL is not helpful.
  • Gotta remember to grab my phone to record the name-o-rama and announcements. Thanks Fire Hazard, Toolbag, Wingman, and War Eagle for helping me reconstruct that list.
  • Kudos to everyone who came out and supported my first Q in NC!

Chiseled – The Return of THUNDERSTRUCK

The PAX: Fuse Box, Old MacDonald (R), Tupperware, Recalculating, Schneider, Brutus, Chain Saw (R), Banjo, Iron Horn, Spike, Xerox, Wedding Singer, Rockwell

A couple years ago I introduced an exercise called Thunderstruck and swore I would never attempt that again!  I guess time heals all wounds because today we brought it back!  But this workout wasn’t only about doing push-ups while rocking out to AC/DC.  Google says that Planks help improve core strength and stability and that Bear Crawls involve nearly all your muscle groups including the ones in your lower body, upper body and core.  Uh ok, let’s do a lot of that!  And some other stuff too…

Here’s what went down:

Warm Up Lap up to Cuthbertson Rd and back

Circle Up

              SSHs x 20

              Imperial Walkers x 20

              Mountain Climbers x 20

Plank Jacks x 20

Partner up and report to a station

Stations are:

              Tire Flips

              25lb Kettlebell swings

              20lb Slam ball

              25lb Sand Bag Presses

              25lb Dumb Bell Curls

              Man Makers w/ 10lb Dumb Bells

              Hair Burners w/ 45lb Plate

Partner 1 works while partner 2 runs a lap around Mt Chiseled.  Bear Crawl at opposite ends of the Mt Chiseled loop.  Runner relieves partner.

After each partner does 1 round, hold Plank waiting for the Six.  Once Six arrives, rotate stations.

Mosey back to parking lot and circle up. 


              Pax holds Plank while AC/DC Thunderstruck plays. 

Every time you hear the word Thunderstruck, do a Merkin.

Back COT


A few key highlights from the morning: 

  • It was perfect weather with cooler temperatures! 
  • Special thanks to Fuse Box for assisting with the set up and thanks to all the Pax that helped with clean up. 
  • Good to see Tupperware back in the mix after taking some time off! 
  • How about Spike!  As one of our newer members he has been posting consistently and is getting stronger every day.  Nice work… keep it up! 
  • Old MacDonald mentioned slitting my tires when Thunderstruck was mentioned and I appreciate him not following through on the threat. 
  • Recalculating was using his top-notch counting skills announcing that each Bear Crawl station was exactly “25 hands” long.  He also loudly counted each Merkin during Thunderstruck which helped to keep me energized!

Great push by everyone!  I always enjoy the comradery and working out with such a great group of guys!

Thanks to Old MacDonald for taking us out!


F3 Dads Saturday at 9:00 am at Dogwood Park

One Q challenge for the month of August.  Great time to lead a workout if you have never done it or if you have not led in a while.  If you are not signed up to Q in August reach out to site Q’s to see what is available.

My legs are supposed to go where?


Devotion on Self-Discipline


(each stretch held between 20 and 60 secs)

Arm Swing – 10x each arm forward and backward

Neck Stretch – Each side pulling head with hand to shoulder and then chin to chest

Shoulder Stretches – elbow up with hand pushed down over shoulder and then arm across chest – both shoulders

Forearms – arm straight out with palm up and then palm down – other hand pulling – both sides

Camel – Open the chest

Prone twist – stretch the chest – both sides


Hamstrings – laying on the back, pulling each leg up to chest 

Lower back stretch

– Both legs pulled to chest – rocking side to side

– Both legs over head with palms flat on ground (plenty of groans here)

Gluteal stretches – on ground with one leg crossed over the other but both shoulders flat on ground 

Posterior chain – leg across other leg at 90 degree angle pushed by bottom leg and pulled by hands


Malasana (AKA Third World Squat)

Sun salutation – 1 together, 3 oyo

Table top

Cat/cow – 4 times oyo

Child’s pose – shift left and shift right

Sun salutation into pigeon on both legs


The group did well with only a few stretches causing creaks, groans, and farts from the men in attendance – Camel, Legs over head, Malasana. Thanks for the opportunity to lead the group!


Back from the Southernmost Tip….

Since me tracking my number of Qs is triggering for some of you, here it goes… was my 26th!!

I mistakenly agreed to Q after a bachelor party which was one of the many stupid decisions I’ve ever made. I brought something back from my travels with my southern most tip that I wanted to show them.

Posting yesterday was a mistake as Chicken Little was furious at his shoulders and wanted to rip everyone’s off. I was there holding on by a thread sweating margaritas and Coronas from my golden tan skin while hating every ounce of cold delicious drinks I had consumed. I’m praying that’s the last bachelor party ever…

So late last night while watching a movie with my kids I found the strength to create my workout. I was going to run and avoid using my arms in as little ways as possible. Keep it moving, allow gazelles to gallop and allow Clydesdales to stomp around. I think we did just that….

DiCCS given by me Dana because I was coming in hot. No Mary requested at each station and asked PAX to circle back for the 6. Let’s roll….


Let’s Mosey each lane of the parking lot, stopping at each end for a group exercise:

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC

3. 10 x Morroccan Night Club IC

4. 10 x Merkins IC

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

7. 20 x Deep Slow Squats IC

8. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC

Mosey down road to small lot for 4 corners, 20 x Speedskaters and 10 x Bomb Jacks (2 rounds).

Mosey to straightaway. Up 2 lights, back 1. On the Up 10 x Bobby Hurley’s and on the back 2 burpees. Finish at the globe.

Mosey to next lot for ab workout. 1 Big Boy Sit Up, 4 LBCs, 2 x Mike Tyson’s between each round. Ab portion up to 10 and 40. Swapped out LBCs for other abs because we thought we might die.

Mosey over to Lunch benches. 50 x dips CC. 10 x Derkins CC. 20 x Inclined Merkins CC.

Mosey back to start, asked Centerfold to knock out a round of heels to Heaven and one round of 6″ plank jacks. And that’s time…. COT.


I’ve run out of brain cells to type much here but I appreciate Dana having faith in me enough to Q this site. Meanwhile Goodfella calls me a Fartknocker, which I semi appreciate, but I stand by the opinion that he is the worst at burpees.

I appreciate all of those that posted this morning and several new faces for me. It’s a great campus with a lot of asphalt to workout on. Thanks for following me into the gloom brothers.

Thanks to Mad Dog for taking us out!


  • The Floater will be led by Kid Rock tomorrow!
  • F3 Dad’s this Saturday at 9am
  • Bushwood, our newest site, will make its flaccid Premier next Tuesday morning. More details to come soon….

Beards are high maintenance

Quick disclaimer and acknowledgement that I gave bad directions to a PAX joining us for the first time at Hawksnest #thanksgoogle

Mosey down the hill for everyone to grab a running rock and continue the mosey up to the Lax field.

Circle up for 15x SSH, 15x MC, 15x IW, and 10x Lion King’s

Mosey to the line for full field suicides with the rock and 5 merkins at each line

Indian run around the Latin Lake back side trail up to the field house.

Partner up for modified Dora 1-2-3’s:

  • P1 runs w/ rock down the hill to the bridge and back
  • P2 starts on the below exercises to be accomplished as a pair
    • 100x Derkins
    • 200x Dips
    • 300x Step Ups (per leg)

The extraordinary number of Step Ups (or Jumps Ups for those scoring extra credit) seemed to cause the most complaint….

Some groups finished and time was flying by so we collected our running rocks and continued the Indian Run to the track (placing our rocks back where we found them @hops).

We did one Bojangles Biscuit lap (mosey corners, sprint straights) and finished at the bleachers for a single file snake up and down all the stairs to run out the clock.

From there we kept pace with the fast twitch shirtless runners back to COT


@scratchandwin asked how @huggiebear was doing, and @spackler confirmed he was doing well.

Crosby was welcomed as a new Area 51 transfer from Greenville SC. Despite the poor directions, he powered through and joined us just after moving to town over the weekend.

Mumble Chatter:

@puddin-pop warned that dark gravel roads are dangerous for runners that only shuffle their feet

@scratchandwin was asked by@revlon why he shaved his beard after returning to America from a 10 day trip through the beautiful country of Italy, and his response: “it was high maintenance”

@spackler caught YHC shifting the running rock in order to check our time on the uphill return and assumed I had stopped to walk, so he shouted “IF YOU CANT DO IT, DONT Q IT” #hatersgonnahate

@marge commented on the lack of ice cream parties that UofSC will be having in the near future #GoTigers

Thanks to @hops for allowing me to Q (and likely surpass his 3 mile limit) while he is on vacation somewhere not exercising

Shoulder day with a Chicken

The New site at New Town is still bring out great numbers for a Tuesday and I had the pleasure to have a good fashion shoulder day with a group of 18 men and one was a FNG- Little Drummer Boy ( Another Briarcrestian, Bammmmmm).


Cellphone, CPR, and do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed

The Warm Up

Mosey around school past the fields and playground to the bus lot for some light warm ups ..

15 low slow squats

15 imperial walkers

Calf Stretch

and we are off…..

The Thang

Mosey from bus lot up to the road and down the sidewalk – ending at the long road in front of the school for a Bear -crawl/Dry dock kind of day

40 bear-crawls- 1 dry dock, 36 bear crawls- 2 dry docks ect.. reverse order Jack Webb– yikes

Mosey to starting point and circle up for some ab work while we recover from the horrible bear crawl/dry dock idea…..

Members of the PAX call out a quick hit ab workout for 10-15 reps- did 7-9 different exercises.

Plank up on the curb for some merkins slide overs– hands on curb in a incline position then do a merkin and slide over on curb ( 10 times right then 10 times left)

Mosey to backside of school near the track from some wall work

1- Mike Tyson and 4 air presses- 10/40 pushing air was hard today

Hit the track for a light jog but at every turn a pain station was on the menu

2 laps around track

corner 1 and 3 – 10 bombjacks

corners 2 and 4- 5 burpees

Back to the wall for more wall work in the squat postion

25 air jabs , 100 air presses, 50 air jabs and 50 airpresses

Inverted imperial walkers- handstand on wall and do 15 imperial walkers in cadence ( OUCH)… SHOULDERS not real happy right now…

Mosey to starting point for some more merkins on the curb- 10 to the left and 10 to the right

Finish with some ab work for last 4 minutes

10 big boy sit ups, 25 crunches, 5 big boy sit ups, 15 crunches, 5 big boy sit ups, 10 crunches and rise feet off ground 6 inches and hold for 30 seconds.. DONE…


Today I wanted to push myself and the PAX to keep moving while throwing in some fast hitting shoulder work.. Yikes I think the goal was accomplished as Shake n Bake and Zinfandel seemed not to pleased with the Chicken today- Although Shake n Bake was wearing a 20 lbs. vest and Zinfandel was not feeling his best, wonder why??? Overall everyone even the new FNG pushed themselves hard today and hopefully you have nothing planned tomorrow that you will need your shoulders for,, haha


F3 days- Saturday 9am- Dogwood park kids ages 3 and up

FNG- Kevin Luke- aka Little Drummer Boy– hahah Bread bowl came up with that in like 1/2 of a second– awesome work young man

Thanks to Blue Screen for taking us out

Dromedary- Zinfandel on Q

Chiseled- Rockwell on Q