What is up with the counting today?!?!?!?!?!

What is up with the counting today?!?!?!?!?!

What do you do when coming back from a 2-week beach vacation? I mean doesn’t everyone Q? I will say that I did do two workouts on the grandstrand and had planned to do more but I was taken out by a body surfer and tweaked my knee a bit. The person will remain anonymous (Schneider). Plus vacation took hold, so I really needed this today. 16 other men decided to join me in a 12’s workout today at The WatchTower.

Yours truly drove a clown car this morning. I knew it was going to be a glorious day when I opened my garage door to find Banjo and Juiced waiting for me to come out. We picked up Zin and we were off. Pulled into the lot, put it in park. Zin bolted out of the truck as if he was a wanted fugitve for a quick run. I guess he needed to loosen up after the Spartan race. In case anyone missed it, Zin and DW did a Spartan race this past weekend in Asheville. Way to represent boys. The PAX exchanged pleasantries, DICCS were given, and we were off.


Mosey around school to main road and circle around the flags.

calf stretch and jimmy dugans avoiding the clap. This was for our spartan warriors.

Merkins x12 Peter Parkers x12 Parker Peters x12 and Mountain Climbersx12

Mosey to the school buses. Alternating buses Jump Squatsx12 and Jump Lunges x12. At least till we got to the opposite side. Who knew there were so many dang buses. We audibled to every other bus. Pretty sure legs were screaming.

Mosey to light post by bus exit. Hit every light post on the perimeter of parking lot ending at main entrance to school. Alternating lights Monkey Humpers x12 and Speedskaters x12. Circle back for the 6. By now the PAX was really wondering what was up with the counting. Everyones legs were on fire and I know Zin enjoyed it as he said, “What did someone tell you that your legs were fat at the beach?” No sir they did not.

Mosey over to Basketball court. Partner up or in our case 3. One partner runs a series of 4 sprints the length of the court while the other holds the plank. “How many times did you say?” “Till I say stop” It was fun.

Mosey over to rear of school to grab some wall. I heard some rumblings. “I think we are going to that donkey kick thing again.” The thought had crossed my mind but not this time. Started with 45 second seated wall squat. 36 donkey kicks on your own. Then a “hot lap” around the track. pick up the 6. back to wall big boy sit ups x24 with a lap. pick up the six. back to the wall. no exercise just a hot lap. we were out of time and made it back a minute passed time or as many said on Hooch time.

Everyone pushed really hard today. We had the usual suspects with DW, Zin, and Blue Screen leading the pack. Schneider has gotten progressively faster over the last couple months. Can’t wait to hear from you when you reach 5 miles non-stop. Plus he will have a VQ at the end of August. Juiced had never worked out really ever in his life. He is now running two miles with us at workouts in about a month worth of workouts. Everyone coming out today got a good sweat going.

So 51 weeks ago I got a text from my B of the C brethren about this workout called “F3”. My first question was how much? I said this because I knew Banjo loved squandering his money on crossfit. They said it was free. My response was free was me. Boy I didn’t know what I was in store for when I showed up at my first workout 1 year or 12 months ago today. I thought I was going to fall over by the end but I came back. I came back over and over again. Honestly, I love this band of misfits. Yes I am in better shape than I have been in probably 20 years but it is really the bond of brotherhood that makes this whole thing special. I know for a fact that I am a better leader, father, and man thanks to my brothers. So THANK YOU!


See Zin or DW for next Spartan opportunity in October

Posse posted link for Waxhaw Elementary clean up. Lets have a strong F3 presence

Zin procured us an adopt a road in downtown waxhaw near water tower. He will lead the charge on first clean up.

DB starts new job on 8/5. Thanks for the prayers and help. He is also still collecting shampoos.

August is a different Q month. Only 1 Q per person for the month of August. Deadwood is still crying about this one.

Bushwood CountryClub officically opens up next Tuesday!!

Thanks Blue Screen for taking us out.

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