The Streak lives!!

The Streak lives!!

Zinfandel and I are both resting up for the Spartan race this Saturday so we both were absent at the Floater. Many Pax thought for sure the streak was ending…not so fast! Kid Rock came through and the stream lives!! I only messaged him 18 times and threatened his life twice. His words below.

Damn you boys at Floater are pretty serious about these back blasts! Well, let’s get to it.YHC has gone through some personal struggles including injury and some 30+lb weight fluctuation over the course of a couple of months. I felt pretty set back since about September of last year. Needless to say, I’ve been feeling back on track and wanted to do my first Q in over a year. I reached out to Damascus who contacted Deadwood who gave me the nod. (Hindsight I realized it was only because he never planned on joining us in the first place. He said he needed more beauty rest for the weekend) Either way, I wanted to get a good Q in. The idea was a cardio circuit- Disclaimer was given and YHC gave some information and suggestions for the moleskin. Heart Rate focused training- no stopping and no downtime. Keep the mosey easy and the stations hard. Modify rep count if needed… And we were off.

The Thang:

1/4 mile group jog to stop sign

  • 1 Alternating wall step-upsDipsDerkins
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 2BurpeesSide straddle SquatsMountain climbers
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 3Sqaut hold to jump squatMerkinsSki abs1/4 mile group jog to stop 4People’s chair with overhead pressMike Tyson’sDonkey Kicks
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 5Carolina Dry docksMary Katherine lungesLow Plank Obliques
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 6LBCs Flutter kicks American Hammer1/4 mile group jog to stop 7 People’s chair alternating legs lift (while passing the well-placed rock)Balls to the wall
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 8Parker Peter MerkinsSupine press Picnic table jump-ups
  • 1/4 mile jog to stop 9Plank Jack’sFreddy Mercury’sSuicide Jumps
  • 1/8 mile group jog to stop 10
  • Jailbreak to finish

The Moleskine:

All in all- good workout and the PAX did a nice job of keeping the six close and staying on task. We got to see about 2.5 scenic miles of downtown Waxhaw utilizing any objects we could. I appreciate the opportunity to lead some great HIMs today and look forward to the next.


Speed for Need race coming up

Ragnar team signups- message YHC for details

Good luck in Asheville this weekend to those taking on the Super!

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