Chiseled – The Return of THUNDERSTRUCK

  • When:07/24/2019
  • QIC: Rockwell

Chiseled – The Return of THUNDERSTRUCK

The PAX: Fuse Box, Old MacDonald (R), Tupperware, Recalculating, Schneider, Brutus, Chain Saw (R), Banjo, Iron Horn, Spike, Xerox, Wedding Singer, Rockwell

A couple years ago I introduced an exercise called Thunderstruck and swore I would never attempt that again!  I guess time heals all wounds because today we brought it back!  But this workout wasn’t only about doing push-ups while rocking out to AC/DC.  Google says that Planks help improve core strength and stability and that Bear Crawls involve nearly all your muscle groups including the ones in your lower body, upper body and core.  Uh ok, let’s do a lot of that!  And some other stuff too…

Here’s what went down:

Warm Up Lap up to Cuthbertson Rd and back

Circle Up

              SSHs x 20

              Imperial Walkers x 20

              Mountain Climbers x 20

Plank Jacks x 20

Partner up and report to a station

Stations are:

              Tire Flips

              25lb Kettlebell swings

              20lb Slam ball

              25lb Sand Bag Presses

              25lb Dumb Bell Curls

              Man Makers w/ 10lb Dumb Bells

              Hair Burners w/ 45lb Plate

Partner 1 works while partner 2 runs a lap around Mt Chiseled.  Bear Crawl at opposite ends of the Mt Chiseled loop.  Runner relieves partner.

After each partner does 1 round, hold Plank waiting for the Six.  Once Six arrives, rotate stations.

Mosey back to parking lot and circle up. 


              Pax holds Plank while AC/DC Thunderstruck plays. 

Every time you hear the word Thunderstruck, do a Merkin.

Back COT


A few key highlights from the morning: 

  • It was perfect weather with cooler temperatures! 
  • Special thanks to Fuse Box for assisting with the set up and thanks to all the Pax that helped with clean up. 
  • Good to see Tupperware back in the mix after taking some time off! 
  • How about Spike!  As one of our newer members he has been posting consistently and is getting stronger every day.  Nice work… keep it up! 
  • Old MacDonald mentioned slitting my tires when Thunderstruck was mentioned and I appreciate him not following through on the threat. 
  • Recalculating was using his top-notch counting skills announcing that each Bear Crawl station was exactly “25 hands” long.  He also loudly counted each Merkin during Thunderstruck which helped to keep me energized!

Great push by everyone!  I always enjoy the comradery and working out with such a great group of guys!

Thanks to Old MacDonald for taking us out!


F3 Dads Saturday at 9:00 am at Dogwood Park

One Q challenge for the month of August.  Great time to lead a workout if you have never done it or if you have not led in a while.  If you are not signed up to Q in August reach out to site Q’s to see what is available.

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