Shoulder day with a Chicken

Shoulder day with a Chicken

The New site at New Town is still bring out great numbers for a Tuesday and I had the pleasure to have a good fashion shoulder day with a group of 18 men and one was a FNG- Little Drummer Boy ( Another Briarcrestian, Bammmmmm).


Cellphone, CPR, and do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed

The Warm Up

Mosey around school past the fields and playground to the bus lot for some light warm ups ..

15 low slow squats

15 imperial walkers

Calf Stretch

and we are off…..

The Thang

Mosey from bus lot up to the road and down the sidewalk – ending at the long road in front of the school for a Bear -crawl/Dry dock kind of day

40 bear-crawls- 1 dry dock, 36 bear crawls- 2 dry docks ect.. reverse order Jack Webb– yikes

Mosey to starting point and circle up for some ab work while we recover from the horrible bear crawl/dry dock idea…..

Members of the PAX call out a quick hit ab workout for 10-15 reps- did 7-9 different exercises.

Plank up on the curb for some merkins slide overs– hands on curb in a incline position then do a merkin and slide over on curb ( 10 times right then 10 times left)

Mosey to backside of school near the track from some wall work

1- Mike Tyson and 4 air presses- 10/40 pushing air was hard today

Hit the track for a light jog but at every turn a pain station was on the menu

2 laps around track

corner 1 and 3 – 10 bombjacks

corners 2 and 4- 5 burpees

Back to the wall for more wall work in the squat postion

25 air jabs , 100 air presses, 50 air jabs and 50 airpresses

Inverted imperial walkers- handstand on wall and do 15 imperial walkers in cadence ( OUCH)… SHOULDERS not real happy right now…

Mosey to starting point for some more merkins on the curb- 10 to the left and 10 to the right

Finish with some ab work for last 4 minutes

10 big boy sit ups, 25 crunches, 5 big boy sit ups, 15 crunches, 5 big boy sit ups, 10 crunches and rise feet off ground 6 inches and hold for 30 seconds.. DONE…


Today I wanted to push myself and the PAX to keep moving while throwing in some fast hitting shoulder work.. Yikes I think the goal was accomplished as Shake n Bake and Zinfandel seemed not to pleased with the Chicken today- Although Shake n Bake was wearing a 20 lbs. vest and Zinfandel was not feeling his best, wonder why??? Overall everyone even the new FNG pushed themselves hard today and hopefully you have nothing planned tomorrow that you will need your shoulders for,, haha


F3 days- Saturday 9am- Dogwood park kids ages 3 and up

FNG- Kevin Luke- aka Little Drummer Boy– hahah Bread bowl came up with that in like 1/2 of a second– awesome work young man

Thanks to Blue Screen for taking us out

Dromedary- Zinfandel on Q

Chiseled- Rockwell on Q


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