Beards are high maintenance

Beards are high maintenance

Quick disclaimer and acknowledgement that I gave bad directions to a PAX joining us for the first time at Hawksnest #thanksgoogle

Mosey down the hill for everyone to grab a running rock and continue the mosey up to the Lax field.

Circle up for 15x SSH, 15x MC, 15x IW, and 10x Lion King’s

Mosey to the line for full field suicides with the rock and 5 merkins at each line

Indian run around the Latin Lake back side trail up to the field house.

Partner up for modified Dora 1-2-3’s:

  • P1 runs w/ rock down the hill to the bridge and back
  • P2 starts on the below exercises to be accomplished as a pair
    • 100x Derkins
    • 200x Dips
    • 300x Step Ups (per leg)

The extraordinary number of Step Ups (or Jumps Ups for those scoring extra credit) seemed to cause the most complaint….

Some groups finished and time was flying by so we collected our running rocks and continued the Indian Run to the track (placing our rocks back where we found them @hops).

We did one Bojangles Biscuit lap (mosey corners, sprint straights) and finished at the bleachers for a single file snake up and down all the stairs to run out the clock.

From there we kept pace with the fast twitch shirtless runners back to COT


@scratchandwin asked how @huggiebear was doing, and @spackler confirmed he was doing well.

Crosby was welcomed as a new Area 51 transfer from Greenville SC. Despite the poor directions, he powered through and joined us just after moving to town over the weekend.

Mumble Chatter:

@puddin-pop warned that dark gravel roads are dangerous for runners that only shuffle their feet

@scratchandwin was asked by@revlon why he shaved his beard after returning to America from a 10 day trip through the beautiful country of Italy, and his response: “it was high maintenance”

@spackler caught YHC shifting the running rock in order to check our time on the uphill return and assumed I had stopped to walk, so he shouted “IF YOU CANT DO IT, DONT Q IT” #hatersgonnahate

@marge commented on the lack of ice cream parties that UofSC will be having in the near future #GoTigers

Thanks to @hops for allowing me to Q (and likely surpass his 3 mile limit) while he is on vacation somewhere not exercising

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