When I graduated from first grade, all my dad did was tell me to get a job.

When I graduated from first grade, all my dad did was tell me to get a job.

Although I’ve already had the honor of Q’ing a couple gloomy mornings, it was still a great lesson that gave me some good takeaways this morning at Cuthbertson Middle. DiCCS were given and discussed in detail (heh).


After a quick lap around the parking lot to get the blood flowing, PAX circled up and learned a core concept of Q’ing – how to count. One by one the PAX entered the circle to lead the rest in cadence. The next exercise is …, in position, move, in cadence, exercise, 1, 2, 3. If you didn’t get it right the first time, try again. It’s surprising how easy it is to forget such a simple routine when you’re out of breath and in front of a group of men. The actual exercises were unimportant because we were practicing the framework, but were mostly simple – side straddle hops, merkins, imperial walkers and YHC led some windmills. Stuff like that.

The Thang

A super quick takeoff from launch led to a game of pursuit of Goodfella to demonstrate the incorrect way to lead the PAX. After a sprint to the flagpole in front of the school we broke down exactly why Goodfellas lightning bolt across campus was incorrect Q behavior. Circle for the 6, try to keep everyone together, and/or plank it up. We then proceeded to learn a few different routines, by acting them out, that a Q could use for a good workout.

  • Jacob’s ladder around the pickup lane stopping at each streetlight for incline merkins
  • Triple Nickle with burpees, merkins & rosalita + discussion of variants – the beast & jackpot
  • Partner work – longhorns
  • Partner work – collective 100 step ups while partner b ran a half lap of pickup lane

We wrapped up the last 10 minutes of the workout with a few examples of what you can do in the last 10 minutes of a workout and then actually doing one of those, a jack webb.

Everyone then met up at the local coffeeteria, a Chic-Fil-A, to go over some incredibly in-depth documentation put together by Posse. After a good overview of it all, we wrapped it up and committed to going out there and showing what we learned in a Q soon.


  • Huge kudos to Posse for putting all this documentation and planning together, and Goodfella for being so damn helpful.
  • Goodfella had some great tips and tricks at Chic-Fil-A that I tried to capture
    • Do a nice long warmup, to really get everyone going and chew in to the start of workout
    • An AMRAP workout is a nice lazy man’s Q that can be a good one for someone nervous about timing
    • Set a 5-minute warning on your watch to make sure to get everyone back to launch on time
    • Put your weinke on your phone, and if your concerned about people poking fun at you about it you can hide it by playing music

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