Better Than Saturday Morning Cartoons

Better Than Saturday Morning Cartoons

We had a great Q school led by Posse & Goodfella yesterday at Cutherbertson Middle School. We started talking about how to do a disclaimer and talk safety at the beginning of each workout following the DiCCS format. 1. I am not a professional. 2. Modify as needed. 3. Don’t sue me, F3, or the location. 4. You’re here at your own risk. 5. Safety: make sure someone has a cell phone on their person. Make sure someone knows CPR. Assume cars and buses don’t see you, etc.

Next we learned how to call out an exercise, start it, do the counting, and finish. I forgot how to count to 10 in my head and didn’t raise my voice on my 10th Mountain Climber even though that was going to be my last one. So I had to start over and do it again. This time I did Merkins and got it right. We went around the circle and everyone chose their own exercise and led the group the same way. I wasn’t the only one who had to repeat their turn. I think we all found out it’s a lot harder to count and think when you’re in front of a group of Pax.

Next Goodfella took off running like a bolt and we were trying to catch him. It was an example of how NOT to lead the group to a different location because we want to try to keep everyone together as much as possible. Lot’s of talk about circling back for the Six and never leaving anyone behind.

Then we learned about how to use the surroundings of the site to create exercise routines. We used light poles to stop and do Merkins while running around the parking lot. We discussed visiting the site before you Q to see what’s there, how far away areas are from each other, and planning your workout. A visit is much better than just looking online on Google maps.

We talked about partner exercises and how to use them. Some exercises require partners to be of equal fitness levels (like pushing each other, something like a horn lock drill). Some exercises require a faster and a slower person to be partnered up to keep the group together more and finishing at the same time.

We discussed other exercise structures like triple nickle, the Beast, and Jackpot. Triple nickle is where you pick three exercises and do 5 reps of each, 5 sets. The Beast would be 6 reps of each, 6 sets. Jackpot would be 7 reps of each, 7 sets. has an Exicon, a list of tons of exercise ideas you can use, and formats/structures to do them in. It’s ok to make some notes for your workout as you plan it out to help you stay on track. It’s also good to plan more than you’ll have time for, much better than running out of things to do before time is up.

Finally we talked about how to end with the workout. Q gets in the middle of the COT, everyone counts off in the number-rama and the Q gets the names down on his phone since no one could remember all those names. Do announcements if there are any. Name the FNG’s. And then someone takes us out with either a thought, story, or a prayer.

I thought it was a great Q school training. Well done Posse and Goodfella!

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