2nd Hand Smokers Teeth

2nd Hand Smokers Teeth

Current Status:

  • Hops: Vigorously refreshing browser to see when BB is posted
  • Header: Furiously writing last 7 backblasts
  • TR: Indubitably watching WHAM videos on YouTube
  • Turkey Leg: Suspiciously Supergluing newly formed calluses back on
  • Chin Music: Regrettably remembering those double snatches
  • VooDoo: Unfortunately realizing that this morning was his fault
  • Hoover: Likely still doubled over laughing
  • Victoria: Seriously wondering what just happened
  • Baracus: Definitely not running (hang in there buddy)
  • Horsehead: Painfully realizing that I don’t normally do this much of the workout


  • Warmup without kettlebells, that some people skipped completely.
  • (10 merkins + 20 swings) * (5 sets)
  • 1-10 Ladder – Row, Swing, Goblet, Thruster
  • 30 Swings
  • 1-10 Ladder – 1H Swing, Clean, High Pull, Snatch
  • 30 Swings
  • Clean & Press Ladder
  • Snatch to Clean to Racked Squat Ladder
  • 30 Swings
  • RDLs
  • Sweat Ladder
  • Shakes


Despite my best efforts, today eventually landed upon us and now we are all wondering what really happened out there this morning. I’m still not completely sure, but here are a few nuggets:

  • Hops made his annual MeatHead trip for the purposes of shovelflag shaming and complaining about his injuries pre, during, and post workout. He’s always looking for that one quote to bring it home, and I think he keeps a journal of the dumb things that I allegedly say. Somehow, 2nd Hand Smokers Teeth came into play this morning. I’m not exactly sure what the context was, but it may have to do with TR’s self-proclaimed buttery whites.
  • The 80’s movie soundtrack was a huge hit, and the pax demonstrated some freakish knowledge of accompanying cultural references. Andrew Ridgeley being the 2nd member of WHAM! was likely the crown jewel of this inutile knowledge. Thanks TR. I’m glad I watched that YouTube video also.
  • Hoover seemed skeptical when I suggested the medical benefits of SuperGlue for chemically suturing wounds. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t trust me for your medical needs, after all we’ve been through together, but you have to make those decisions yourself.
  • Turkey Leg, on the other hand, just texted me and has somehow superglued himself to, well . . . himself. It’s complicated and a bit embarrassing. Somebody needs to call somebody to do something after we get some photos.
  • Nobody complained that Werewolves of London was technically a late 70’s tune that somehow got added to the list.
  • It’s nice that they just repaved the parking lot. It’s almost as if somebody has been pushing farming implements around on the asphalt. Suspicious.
  • My hands are still shaking a bit. Feels like I just hit an extra large range bucket of Dunlop DDHs with some Spalding blades.

If you know someone going through a tough time, don’t ask them if there is anything you can do. That’s a thoughtless gift card that never gets cashed in. You need to show up and serve them somehow, even it it means getting treated like a servant.

P.S. Here’s the playlist:

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AlfPosted on4:45 pm - Jul 18, 2019

Rick-rolled at Meathead. Almost sorry to miss it.

HopsPosted on5:28 pm - Jul 18, 2019

took you long enough for bb!
Firstly, to give myself and others credit for the pre-run (rare for me but weekly for the other four): TR, Header, Chin Music and Voodoo. They were all kind to not dust me. That could well be the first time I’ve ever pre-run a workout….perhaps 2nd.
Hadn’t been to Meathead in years….and I think that was part of Southern Discomfort when High Tide Q’d that stop, but didn’t do any of the rest of the Discomfort.
I couldn’t hear everything due to the awful 80’s music, Q mumbling, and my position deep in the pain cave; but the funniest portion of commentary (other than 2nd hand smokers teeth) was when Horsehead was describing some friend, relative or associate that was 400 pounds, had a colostomy bag and grew his own habanero peppers. That may have been when Hoover might have wet himself laughing.
The 2nd funniest comment was when Baracus rightly noted that “Second hand smokers teeth” is an automatic edition to the “Horsehead Backblast Coffee Table Book”. That would honestly be a huge seller and we could use the proceeds for a charity on behalf of Area51. I would buy 2 or 3. I’m serious. Seriously.
That’s enough commentary for now other than to say I’m surprised I did the pre-run and KB workout…Header said the exact same thing when he saw me standing in the parking lot at 0455.

VoodooPosted on9:04 pm - Jul 18, 2019

I knew I chose wisely when putting you on the Q rotation, Horsehead. The workout was solid (although I skipped some of those excessive reps), the mumblechatter was exceptional, and the backblast superb. You painted such a vivid picture of your Uncle Carl I almost felt like I was in the room, smelling his Winstons and the after-effects of the habanero peppers coursing through his colostomy bag. Add to that TR’s musical trivia class taking place to my right and it was really something else. I wish I could return the favor when I Q Horsey next week, but I already know I’ll fall far short. I used up all my good mojo on a SOFAWIB backblast almost 4 years ago http://f3southcharlotte.com/2015/09/22/the-intimidator-intimidates/).

One thing that wasn’t mentioned was the fact that Header was shirtless for the workout. I typically wouldn’t care, but we were standing in a circle, looking at each other. It just seemed wrong. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how this “internet thing” works, so he’ll never see this comment.

Thanks for joining us, Hops, and strong work on the pre-run and main event.

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