Short Course

Short Course

10 men enjoyed the horsey half pipe today, using only half of the official course.

The Thang

Launch, sprint to the bottom of Blue Ridge.

Warmup, 10 SSH. Ladder on first hill, merkins at bottom, burpees at top. 2,4,6,8,10 reps per round.

Mosey up to top of Blue Ridge to middle of “half pipe” and partner up for the main event.

Partner one goes right to bottom of largest hill, 2 burpees

Partner two goes left to Wilby and down to Sardis, two burpees

Both return and do hand-slap merkins when they meet.

Switch and repeat. Start with 10 hand slap merkins, and go up by two to 20 and then return back down to 10 for 11 rounds.

Return to flagpole at 6:10. Mosey back to start.


Total mileage ~6.25mi


  • Decided to keep it short today, just using the back side of the course in a half pipe style format.
  • Overall strong crowd, eager to get onto the main event. I think some missed part of the instructions and did extra burpees. That’s ok since they made up for those who did no burpees (HH). It all evens out at the end
  • Good mix of A51 and Metro – strong crowd. Tweetsie and Jello looking strong, keeping up with the fast guys.
  • Stinger looking strong (though a bit winded at the halfway point)
  • Thanks for the opportunity to Q Horsehead – always a pleasure to grab the horse by the reins – even if I feel like puking afterwards


note: missed a couple: Taps, Chechel?

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JelloPosted on10:40 am - Jul 16, 2019

Wouldn’t say that I’m keeping up with the fast guys, but I’m out there with the fast guys and better for it.

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