TGI “muggy” F

TGI “muggy” F

Just a classic summer boot camp. I had to get myself psyched up for this Q knowing it’s been tougher to get up lately. That being said, I pulled into Covenant Day with a few minutes to spare and catch up with a few PAX before we began. A thorough disclaimer and off we went.

A quick stroll around campus to the basketball court which is now visible from the road since they cut down all the trees for some stupid reason. SSH and IW x20 Merkins x15 and Mtn Climbers x20 for a nice warm up to get the froth started.

Mosey’d off-campus across 51 for 7s up and down Reid Hall; Monkey Humpers at the bottom, Merkins at the top. Back across 51 to the rock pile. Overhead Press, Curls, Tricep Extensions x20 with a run down Pleasant Hill Dr. in between. All that through two cycles.

And with a few minutes to spare, we ventured back to the main church lot for a dash across the parking lots to the top of the hill then back with LBC x20 in between. We got two passes through before the mutiny began. So back to launch and done.

Again, nothing new and creative, old school bootcamp. Turkey Leg shared we got in 3.5 miles approx., not bad. It was hot and sticky. Thanks to Horsehead for the takout prayer. And thoughts and prayers to Orange Whip as he works out some health issues.

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