Fine Farewell

Fine Farewell

Well, the long goodbye has come to a close. Took a job 2 months ago that would ultimately take us away. That day came for me on Monday, July 8th. Thanks to Rockwell and Gator Cub for giving me a chance at a last hurrah.

DiCCS issued (Disclaimer/Cell/CPR/Safety) – Bottlecap in Pineapple Chapstick in the off chance he gets to apply his CPR certification.

Warm up mosey as Jingles settles into the circle at 5:29:55. Two slow laps (I got calf problems and braces to prove it!)

SSH x 20 // Merkins OMD x 20 // Jimmy Dugans // Enough

Head towards Trail that leads to Rudy’s other Golden Dome, the hole formerly known as Transporter’s Shed.


Lots of Burpees was the idea. Two months of calf issues and hotel living don’t often equate to peak physical conditioning. I figured a healthy dose of burpees with running interludes might keep the group relatively close.

The first burpee station was to be just short of the first little access road on the trail. Run there and do 10. Then run to end and do 10, Return to mid-station 10, up until 100. After the first 30 YHC completed, it was clear 100 wasn’t happening. Quick audible/gasp to the lead group. Make it 50 and pick up the six. Gather and mosey on.

Mosey to the bus loop. 9 months out of the year this area is the Chernobyl of the Cuthbertson Middle/High complex. 30 buses idling for 1 hour pumping into the lungs whilst running hills or doing push-ups ain’t exactly a selling point to the site, amirite!?

No buses idling meant we could do a little handslapping. Partner up. Partner one runs up the hill and around the top of the bus loop. Partner 2 runs opposite. Meet in the middle and exchange 10 hand slap merkins. Do twice.

Mosey to steps. Partner 1 does 20 single count American Hammers while partner 2 does squats at the top of the steps. 300 squats as a team.

Mosey to front of school to benches. 200 dips and a mini hot lap as a team.

Mosey back to parking area for the UC famous MB closer…the suicide. Down/back/down/back/down/back and we’re done.

Circle up.


I typed a lot two months ago when I took the job. It’s still not real to me. To have so many men stand around me and lay hands on me and pray for me and my family on Monday meant the world. I needed a couple days to digest all of it. It took all I had not to break down Monday with all of you around. I cry easy so I mean…it took a lot to hold it together.

Here’s the last of my emotional pleas: Don’t take this for granted. Don’t waste your time showing up and not trying your best to show out. Push yourself to be a better man, husband, father, sibling, family member, citizen, employee, friend. Maybe consider using F3 for what I learned to use it for. Use it to develop life-long bonds. It is with unbelievable excitement and expectation we head off to Johnson City. I’ll have a new set of brothers. Most likely they’ll have more interesting hair cuts and fewer teeth, but at least their accents will sound like home! My commitment to you is I’ll do my best to represent us in a manner that would make each and every one of you proud. I may be joining a new area, but I’ll always be a Playhouse offending, #slacksux evangelizing, sign-hanging, Floater boat captaining, streak perpetuating, Lawson loving sort of guy. You guys, and by extension F3, made my time in Charlotte worth every single minute.

It’s not goodbye. It’s farewell. I’ll see you all soon. Until then, thank you.


F3 Dads- Gerber leads. Don’t plan on a real workout unless you have insane alpha children who call out burpees on the 2nd warm up exercise. (sorry about that Gerber)

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