Burpees & Broga

Burpees & Broga

13 Men decided it was a good idea to run around Downtown Waxhaw, knowing some Burpees and Broga would be on the Weinke due to some creative marketing yesterday by Zinfandel and Deadwood. Seeing the video of a dude break the World Record by doing 4,600 Burpees in 12 hours was inspiring, so Burpees needed to be done today. Deadwood also requested some Yoga, but was a no-show at the start. It had been a while since YHC led at The 87th Best Site in all of Western Union County, but it’s always fun to explore our great little downtown.

The customary playlist was created while preparing the Weinke (for those who are new(er)…music is heard at every one of YHC’s Q’s), but didn’t realize the timing of the songs would work out so perfectly. More to come…

Warmup lap around the Co-Op building, back to the Church area for:

  • (20) x SSH (IC)
  • (20) x IW (IC)
  • (20) x Low Slow Squat (IC)
  • (20) x Peter Parkers (IC)

Hold a plank after PP’s, explain that we would do some basic Yoga/Fluid Stretching moves in honor of no-show Deadwood! Here is what we did:

  • Upward Dog…quick pushup into…
  • Downward Dog…calf stretch, Flap Jack
  • Right Leg up…swing through to Runners Pose
  • Prayer Twist from Runners Pose…back to Plank
  • Repeat sequence on other side…Done!
  • You’re welcome, fellas. We all need stretching!


Mosey over to the Bike Depot wall for a new (to YHC) move simply called “Donkey Derkins”. Pretty self-explanatory, but a 3-part move starting in plank. Part 1 is Donkey Kick…hold in “Balls to the Wall” fashion, Part 2 is the Derkin, Part 3 is the “Reset” back to Plank. YHC had planned to do (20) of these, but after about 4 or 5, it was apparent these were tougher than expected (required some coordination, but in time I think it can be a good move).

Mosey over to Dream Chasers Brewery under the tree. Partner up with someone of opposite strength/speed…at least that was the plan. Everyone in attendance was strong and fast so it quickly turned into the normal partner workout, with 3 different “Ups” on the menu. Here is what we did:

  • P1 (150) Knee-ups / P2 runs to stop sign and back
  • P1 (100) Step-ups / P2 runs to stop sign and back
  • P1 (50) “Get-ups” (standing, then drop down, back rolls on the ground, back to standing position, jump like final step of a Burpee) / P2 runs to stop sign and back.

At about the point of the Step-up portion, in rolls a black pick-up truck (another “Up”), and out jumps Deadwood. Huh? Well…he wasn’t wearing his Yoga Pants so maybe that was the plan all along? Either way, it was good to see him and he joined YHC and Carb Load as the 3-legged stool.

Mosey over to the stop sign next to Dream Chasers and quick direction on what was next. Partners stay together as a team and complete (5) Burpees at each street light for the ~.50 mile run down to the next stop sign. 11 Lights in total or (55) Total Burpees. At the Stop sign, Mary until the Six is in. On the way back, we did (10) Merkins per light for 11 lights total or (110) Merkins total. We will all admit, the humidity was so brutal that we were all gassed during this out and back. Nice work pushing through, fellas!

The 5-minute warning went off so it was time to hustle back to the start. The plan was to do another round of partner work using the Foot Bridge, but it’s not a bad thing to run out of time especially when you’re spent and struggling. Circle back up at the Church, and break out the “Cube of Pain” (a rubber cube my kids bought me from the Dollar Store that has many different exercises on it…roll it and see what happens). We did:

  • (20) Merkins (didn’t we do enough Merkins already?)
  • (15) Jump Lunges
  • 30-second rest…Nope…roll again
  • Water Break…Nope…roll again
  • (20) Burpees…well, nobody was buying what the Q was selling…Time was up!


Great work by the 12 guys who allowed me the privilege of leading today. Thank you to Zinfandel and Deadwood for leading this site and asking me to Q. 3 years into F3, I don’t Q as often as I once did, and I normally run Pursuit in my neighborhood on Thursdays when I can. It was fun today, fellas.

A shout out to Shake & Bake for his encouragement today. Twinkle Toes is relatively new to F3 and called out the fact that Shake really helped him through today’s beating with his encouragement. That’s what it’s all about, fellas. We all need to be built up and supported at F3, and in life, so let’s not forget our Bigger Purpose here. Many of us have been the Sad Clown before (some may have been blessed to never be one) and even though we think our brother is OK, he may not be. Pride is something men struggle with and we know it comes from insecurity. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a brother if you need support, or just ask a brother, “How are you doing?”. The “Whetstone” is real, and we all need to sharpen each other.

Whetstone: (Iron Sharpens Iron!)

On a personal note, I’ve done some soul-searching and introspection lately. F3 has been an incredible organization and part of my life the past 3 years, and it truly has changed my life in many ways. Not only me, but my family.

F3 in Waxhaw has seen TREMENDOUS growth, and it got somewhat overwhelming to me with all the changes and new blood infusing new energy into the group (and new Craziness too…you know who you are!). It was easier for me to fight the change and not fully embrace the Craziness of the Playhouse and GroupMe, and the banter, call-outs, etc. Some time away while working through a hip issue, business with coaching 2 teams from Feb-May, and a trip to Italy for 10 days gave me a lot of time to re-evaluate. I shared this with our brother, Mad Dog, recently when we got together in Raleigh for dinner and an F3 workout the next morning, and he helped me see some things I had not seen.

I’m closer to 50 than I am 30, and it is apparent to me that as a leader I need to embrace the ways and mindsets of “my younger brothers” at F3. Maybe you’re not all “Millenials”, but close to it! At least most of the Pax don’t act like the Millenials we hear about. Most!!! Mad Dog said something that really stuck with me…“You need to meet them where they are” as a leader. Dang! Right between the eyes. He was right, which is why I consider him one of my most trusted brothers in my life right now. He opened my heart and mind up and now I am more at peace with the Craziness of F3 WUC.

I may not engage in all the Playhouse fun as much as others, but I believe our growth happened in spite of guys like me not initially embracing the changes. We still need to keep the core principles of F3 in tact, but what works for other Regions may not work for WUC, and vice-versa. I’m honored to be part of F3, this Region, and to lead however God and the F3 Pax calls me to lead. We all have our individual strengths, and we need to embrace those. Thanks for making me a better leader and man, and for allowing me to share this stuff. I’m a pretty transparent guy, and my hope is that others will share some things with others when it’s on their heart.


  • Site Q School on 7/13/19 at 530am at Cuthberston Middle
  • Q School on 7/20/19 at 530am at Cuthbertson Middle
  • Clyent Dinner tonight with Centerfold on Q
  • F3 Dads on 7/13/19 at Dogwood Park (great job Fuse and Gerber for leading this)
  • Twinkle Toes stepped up and took us out in prayer!

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