Get Over The Hump

Get Over The Hump

Alright time to get things started again from traveling away from F3 for a week. As I planed the Winke I soon realized the food and beverage consumption was a bad idea on top of Shakes Q from Watchtower. I hesitated to plan to early as I did not know which muscles would be sore. But as it came time to plan it did not matter they all were. With around a 20 Pax average how can we keep everyone engaged and together, yep bring on the partner work.

As 530 rolled around 20 Pax joined me in the gloom to get things done. DICCS were given and we were off.


  1. Mosey ½ way around the lot
  2. 20 SSH
  3. 20 Merkins
  4. 20 Imperial Walker
  5. 20 Mountain Climbers


  • Mosey to the north east corner of the parking lot
    • Partner 1 grab a rock or boulder, while partner 2 completes Burpees till they return.
    • While partner 1 runs to the top completes a Burpee and back the other Pax works to complete
      • 100 Curls
      • 100 Triceps
  • Mosey to parking lot past the globe.
    • Partner 1 runs to the speed bump (longer than I thought sorry about that) the other partner works to complete
      • 150 American Hammers
      • 200 LBC
  • Mosey to Middle School Entrance
    • Partner 1 runs ½ lap while other works to complete
      • 100 Derkins
      • 200 Squats
  • Back to the rocks which were not returned,
    • Partner 1 runs to the top for a Burpee while the other completes
      • 100 Overhead Presses (time called before we could get to Supines)

Had a great time leading the Pax around the campus this morning, thank you to all that attended. A special thanks to Hollywood for grabbing a boulder. We almost had a decapitation but that was quickly averted with the help of Dancing Bear and Zinfandel.


  • Sight Q School this Saturday 7/13 Cuthbertson Middle 530am contact Posse
  • Q School Saturday 7/20 Cuthbertson Middle Contact Posse
  • Continue to collect the soaps while traveling for Dancing Bear
  • September 14 Prostate Cancer 5K contact Swimmers putting Speed for Need together, pushers needed
  • Crane Relay last weekend in July, need about 3 more people Friday 9am to Saturday 6am.

Goodfella took us out

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