Somewhere over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the Rainbow

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Today marked a special day. It marked approximately the end of a 2-year ban from Qing Fast Twitch, maybe. Here’s a look back on history of what was going on the (second to) last time I had the honor:

  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie causes uproar by day at beach during his government’s shutdown of beaches. Can’t remember what he was wearing – as long as it wasn’t as revealing as his celebrity softball uniform, I’ll allow it.
  • North Korea tests first successful intercontinental ballistic missile into Sea of Japan. This happened on July 4th. All depends on how you define “success” and I’m not positive, but I think it was one of those Styrofoam dollar tree toys your kids play with.
  • The Muppets Studio fired Steve Whitmire, the voice of Kermit the Frog for his “unacceptable business conduct” No comment <sips tea>
  • “Depacito” by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee becomes the most streamed song ever, played 4.6 billion times. Duh…total banger
  • 3 live king cobras reported found inside potato chip cans by customs officials in Los Angeles. LA? Or backwoods SC – @horsehead, can you comment on this?

Where were you?

21 guys showed up with an outpouring of eagerness and zeal, ready for what undoubtedly would later be dubbed as a debacle. Here’s what went down:

  • Warmup jog from Latin to 4 Mile Creek. Circle up for 10 merkins, 10 low slow squats
  • Downhill jaunt to Fairway Ridge. Plank up or go back for the six
  • Run up Fairway Ridge to Wedge Ct – 10 HR merkins
  • Backwards run to Eagle Ct – 10 HR merkins
  • Continue up Fairway Ridge to Greenvale Ln – Plank or circle back for six
  • Mosey to Rainbow Forest and partner up with someone of similar speed
  • Partner 1 run up Rainbow Forest to the top of the cul-de-sac. Partner 2 run back down Greenvale to Fairway Ridge intersection. Each partner do 1 burpee at the end and head back to the middle. Meet sorta near the middle and do 5 hand-slap merkins. Swap directions and continue until 5:47.
  • Run back down Fairway Ridge to Eagle Ct – 10 HR merkins
  • Backwards downhill run down to Wedge Ct – 10 HR merkins
  • Continue back down to 4MC – plank or get the six
  • AYG up 4MC to Raintree Ln. “There’s a Strava segment up there somewhere” Once more, ccoop the 6 or plank.
  • Dueling Indian runs back up the gauntlet on RT Lane to Providence.
  • For good measure, down the last “little” hill on RT Ln to the back Latin entrance. Do 5 burpees at the bottom and back up. Repeat.
  • AYG left to back to the lot

Solid crew out there this morning and lots of speed to show. Some notable notes:

@purel asked me to Q a while back and really encouraged me to ensure the morale was high. you know, army tanks, fireworks, bald eagles, the whole nine. not one to let another man down, i agreed. @pro dropped a couple hints about it being Pride Week at FT as we ventured deep into RT towards Rainbow Road. Didn’t hate it. @gummy kept me honest asking for water and breaks along the way – glad to see some things never change. Lotta pressure with @brat in attendance – especially fresh off the article “how to run hills properly” he distributed last night. the TLDR (probably) – lean back when running down hills. Things got weird when we ran backwards downhill. Even the neighborhood dogs were going apeshit. @polly and @golddigger paced the crew all morning. The long stretch from the 2nd flashing light to RT Ln was brutality. Glad some of you believed me about the strava segment “up there somewhere”. Spot the lie. @haze was a know-it-all and tried to spoil the fun on twitter last night, knowing that i’m always good for a throwback FT reboot. @alf made it abundantly clear the track was off limits. i was cool with that cause i’m a rule follower.

satisfaction surveys are in the mail. send yours back to @purel in the self-addressed envelope. remember, only 10’s count, so if you’re unsatisfied in any way, call the FT secretary, @haze and schedule some time for us to meet and hash it out.

@polly’s on Q next week at FT. you know what that means.

Peace and luv, HB

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GummyPosted on11:46 am - Jul 10, 2019

Two mile warmups are my favorite thing about Fast Twitch. I’m doing better than last summer – I had quit Fast Twitch by this point last year. I’m very excited to have excuses to miss the next two Tuesdays though. Mercy.

HopsPosted on1:42 pm - Jul 10, 2019

Great backblast, Hairball. Glad you’re back in the gloom. Don’t stay gone again so long. Of course, I trolled this bb as I don’t run anymore….think I posted at Fast Twitch a time or two years ago…even did Stink n’ Drink this year…not sure why. If any of you see me running by myself ever….pick me up ‘cuz that means somebody’s chasing me.

    HairballPosted on11:26 pm - Jul 10, 2019

    @hops from you, that means a lot. I’m not that gone – we must just “run in different circles”. If you ever see me at a boot camp, give me some creatine, cuz that means spring break’s just around the corner

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