All Star Game

All Star Game

18 pax decided to workout the morning of the all star game. Does anyone still watch the all star game? Used to be cool before the inter-league play started many years ago, but not anymore. Boring.

Anyway, got the morning started with the anthem of the 80’s “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”. Quick note for all you pop trivia nerds…did you know that the song was originally given to Billy Idol to record? True story. He sat on it forever, then the writer gave it to a small band out of Scotland named Simple Minds. The rest is history. You are welcome.

Got to the lot with time to spare, and there was already a good gaggle of dudes awaiting this train wreck. Got a text from Hammer and Hops about four days into a 10 day vacation that Hammer needed a substi-Q this morning. Umm, sure thing guys, what could go wrong? Besides me either A) spewing merlot all over Latin, or B) dying. Met Blue Hen for the first time as he was originally EH’d by Floor Slapper. Good thing he knows his buddy never shows for a disclaimer or pre-weinke crap talk.

Disclaimer given, off we went. Umm, passed Hops as he was running the other way with the shovel flag, took the pax on a 180 to grab him as he was planting. We were there, in front of Old Glory, a few days after July 4th, so we all said the Pledge of Allegiance. I later told Thunder Road that I wanted to weed out any non-Americans from this workout. Everyone seemed (even though Spackler looks Croatian with really short hair) to be American, so we left for the track.

Took a hot lap, Geraldo or Gloss (can’t remember) noted the Q juice that I was carrying early, and ended up back at middle of front stretch for COP.






Partner up

P1 runs one way on track and up around the ramp to the middle part behind the home bleachers, P2 runs the other way, meet up top for called exercise, then keep running around to the middle part of track, and do called exercise again.

R1 15 hand-slap merkins

R2 20 LBCs

That sucked, mosey from track to lacrosse/field hockey/soccer turf field. Get back with your partner.

P1 does called exercise on 18 yard box line (merkins/CDDs/dollys)

P2 runs down to end line and back

Regroup, mosey up to hot box, partner back up

P1 does called exercise in hot box (little hazes/dips/decline or incline merkins)

P2 runs down to first speed hump and back

Get out from under hot box (Gloss) for open air, for a little Mary


Mosey down to the bridge for two rounds of wall sits and 50 civilian count air presses.

Go out to road, lay down, then jail break up to launch



I am/was spent. And I would say after all the loud breathing of the pax after the track and hot box circuits, I wasn’t the only one.

Vacations are good for two things, eating and drinking. Vacations are not good for two things, working out and working out. I knew this one would be a little tough, and I almost spewed on a few occasions.

It was great meeting Blue Hen for the first time, and great seeing Motorboat out again. Motorboat apparently met up with Gloss and fam down at Folly where they mass-consumed vodka last week. Same boat, different beach there buddy.

Hops apparently got bitten by fire ants while planting the shovel flag, that is full dedication right there. I saw where some dude from another F3 faction called out all sites on twitter to get there sh!t together with having a shovel flag at each AO. I’d say that Hops has HN covered.

Geraldo had us at 2.6 today for all you counting at home.

We were spread out for a lot of the day, so I probably missed some of the good chatter, and I’m tired, so that is all.

Thanks to Hops and Hopper (and I guess Hammer) for the opportunity to lead today.

Thanks to Sprockets for the take out prayer


There were 40 total pax with Hawks Nest and Fast Twitch combined, Hops thought that might be a record. I’m not so sure.

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HopsPosted on3:40 pm - Jul 9, 2019

Solid Q, Puddin’. Blue Hen may be the best cadence counter in all of Area51, which comes in handy when I lose count or can’t hear over mumble chatter from the likes of Gloss or Pop Tart. Good to see the ageless wonder that is Snowflake back at the Nest…if I can do anything we did this morning when I’m 58…I will give much thanks.
Great call on the impromptu Pledge of Allegiance…..may consult with my co site Q Hopper to make that a staple of Hawks Nest. Can’t let the pax of Horsey have all the fun in that regard. No neon green lighting though…that would get us kicked off Latin’s campus.
Ant bites are starting to fester nicely….part of my penance for arriving after Floor Slapper.
Motorboat – the name still makes me giggle every time….nickname gold.

HopperPosted on2:11 am - Jul 10, 2019

“Don’t You Forget About Me”…..theme song to The Breakfast Club. A brain, an athlete, a princess, a basket case and a criminal. I think I saw all of those in the pax today! PP, your bottomless 80’s trivia knowledge is only paralleled by your weinke creativity. You kept us working this A.M., Pud’! Epic! I also almost lost it under the hot box returning from one of those speed bump boomerang runs. I think I did 2 incline merkins (maybe) on that round.

I also enjoyed the Pledge! Patriotic touch. Hops, I think you’re on to something!

Ok, anyone else notice this is the second time in three weeks we return up the asphalt hill to the parking lot of Latin and Gummy is standing there alone in a towel? Can anyone else at FT even verify he ran today? Beginning to wonder if he doesn’t just pull into the lot at 6:10 with towel already wrapped around himself. I’m saying it, but you all thought it!!

Thanks PP for a solid lead!

GummyPosted on11:43 am - Jul 10, 2019

Hopper, I remember when you used to be in good enough shape to do Fast Twitch – back in your 40s. Hairball and his fast friends ran the Raintree hill a couple of times, starting at 6:10. Madison, Utah and I folded and headed back to the cars. I require a lot of cool down time.

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