DB you got Q tomorrow still right? Who me??

DB you got Q tomorrow still right? Who me??

Like any good Site Q, Rubbermaid, shot me a reminder late yesterday afternoon. “You still good to Q tomorrow?” “Who me?” F@#$ Of course I got this man!! So planning commenced immediately.

Tossing and turning all night. Many thoughts raced through my head. Would everyone still be to sore from the 4th of July beatdown? Would the storms hold off long enough to get the work out in? Would DW actually post after giving me a few sample weinkes? I wonder how much weight Zin has gained at the beach this week? Does Frack really workout 8hrs a day with flawless form? So many things raced through my head till the alarm buzzed at 530. I got ready and was out the door. Pulled into the lot at 6 sharp to set out cones. Holy Sh!t I mean hello deer. I literally had to check myself as they hurdled the fence. All was set up, now I just had to see who posts.

11 others others decided to join me in a morning of pain served with a side of Humidity. I mean seriously, I may have reached a new level of wet t-shirt today.


We moseyed up the the school to Circle up

A little jimmy dugan and avoid the clap/heels to heaven x20/american hammers x20-the comments began.”Didn’t we say our abs were sore from the 4th?” I must have missed that, or did I just not care?”

5-star general-start in the middle for 10 speedskaters. Then hit the point of the star for 20 reps only to return to the middle each time before heading out again. you had to complete the star twice. Points of the star were:Peter Parker/Parker Peters/Mountain Climbers, Monkey Humpers, and Flutters

Grab some wall at the school for a Squat Kick web. 1 low slow squat and then 4 donkey kicks. Increase by 1 squat and 4 donkey kicks until we hit 10 and 40. That was Brutal.

After short recovery, we did a hot lap around the school stopping a 4 stations along the way. Walking lunge with a full side twist x10/20 calf raises/20 dips/ and 10 bobby hurleys. We would do two laps hitting each station. circle back for the six.

Short mosey out to the rear entrance of the school to run down to the flag but not before you stop at each tree. Alternating trees, you did 5 high knee slaps and 5 squats all the way to the flag. circle back for the six. About 3/4 of the way through is when I heard a strange sound from Carb Load. Was it a sh!t? Was it a fart? I don’t know what the heck it was but he left behind a small puddle on the walk and pushed through it. Honestly, I didn’t go back to check. We will leave that alone.

We circled up around the flag for circle of death. Each man called out an exercise then ran to the port a jon on the right and back. When they got back the next man went. I do believe Honey comb would still be running if we didn’t tell him to turnaround and he just passed the port a jon on the right. He may be home in the mirror as we speak making L’s with his fingers on his forehead to tell his right from his left. This took us to about the end.

We moseyed back to the beginning to finish up the way we started. A little Jimmy Dugan without the clap.


Fracks house tonight

F3 dads event at Dogwood Park

Don’t leave things bottled up. Share with us. You don’t know who may be going through the same thing.

Popeye took us out.

All in all it was a tough workout and thanks for letting lead you bunch of hill billies I mean men.

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