A (day late) Keg Party for Freedom

A (day late) Keg Party for Freedom

4 pax made it to Joust looking to continue the festivities of freedom from the day before.  It was humid, it was early, and the beer consumed by YHC the day before starting to stink the parking lot up.  After a brief disclaimer about safety and YHCs potentially deadly gas leaks, we were off.

The Thang:

Run to the far end of the parking lot on Sardis Rd.

IW x 20

Like a pack of stray dogs, we saw a car pull in and decided to go chase after the late pax.  Mosey back to the cars then down behind the school and to the field.  No sight of anyone so we stopped for:

Merkins x 10

Shoulder Taps x 10

Peter Parkers x 10

Mosey back to the cars, to find Mr. Brady running across the parking lot looking for us.  YHC took the opportunity to pull out the party favors for the day’s festivities. Party favors included a large stick-like item and an empty 1/2 barrel keg.

Line up in the parking lot leading to the football field.  Split into 2
teams (3 on one team and 2 on the other).  First pax from each team picks up the coupon and runs with it 2 spaces, sets it down and returns. Next pax runs to the coupon and brings it back.  Rinse and repeat going 4 spaces, 8, then 16.  Flapjack and bring the coupon back.

Head up the hill (by what YHC assumes is the cafeteria) and use the picnic tables there.

20 dips, 10 step ups each leg

15 dips, 7 step ups each leg

10 dips, 5 step ups each leg

Return to the coupons, rotate coupons, and rerun the coupon suicides.

Staying in the parking lot, one pax from each group does a called exercise and the others ran to the end of the parking lot and back.  Exercises included coupon OH press and coupon curls.

Line up on the wall under the “Upper School” letters and get into People’s Chair.  Grab the keg and pass it up and down the line.  First rotation with 0 OH presses, second rotation with 1 OH press each time the keg was passed to you, third rotation with 2 OH presses for each keg pass.  Take a break, go into balls to the wall for a solid 10 count.

Then down to the parking lot for some Mary including: Heels 2 Heaven, LBC’s, Freddie Mercury

At this point, Mr. Brady commented that we should do some more running and even mumbled something about the first hill at Horsey.  YHC had 0 desire to hit that hill and was sure the pax, excluding Mr. Brady, would mutiny so we did the next best thing.  We moseyed to the football field for some sprints.  This was almost met with a refusenik from Mr. Brady, Jet Fuel called him on how HE WANTED to run, go figure. Anyway, sprint from the goal line to the 20 and back, then the 40, then the opposite 40, opposite 20, and finally opposite goal line. By then we were out of time and returned to the cars for COT.

The Keg-Toss Moleskine:

More than a month ago, YHC volunteered to Q this date.  It had been too long since YHC’s last visit to Joust and with the change in Site Q management and the ultimate frisbee craze, YHC had to check in to see if the wheels were falling off.  In mentioning the Q to an unnamed pax two days before, a comment was elicited that it would be a rough day to Q. It’s the day after the 4th, a large convergence in the morning the day before, cookouts and fireworks, no one will want to get up and we’ll all be exhausted. When YHC showed up at 5:26 AM, one car was slowly circling the parking lot, and two others came in hot.  Not a total washout but close.

Good effort by the pax today, YHC was feeling the effects of celebrating so much freedom the day before and either the pax were sympathetic and let YHC run a little slower or were also feeling the effects and were OK with the pace.  Hammer and Heartbreaker might have said three words total during the whole workout but pulled the silent assassin card. Mr. Brady maintained his usual upbeat persona at the early hour.  YHC was surprised to hear that he wanted to run to Horsey when we had 8 minutes to go but wasn’t so hot on sprints on the field.  Jet Fuel, like YHC, hadn’t been to Joust in a long time either but left it all on the field and the parking lot.  He is also travelling overseas next week for work, have a safe trip bother.

Thanks to Ductwork for the opportunity to lead and thanks to Hammer for the takeout.

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